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Some frolicking beefy centaur dudes, because why not? ;) These were inspired by pictures of big draft horses.  I left this pretty loose; I might clean it up a bit more for a project I'm thinking about for later in the year. 
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BilNeyTHeNAZiSPY0's avatar
This is SO wonderful, thank you for making it!
Sabernode's avatar
You should do more of these, they're really cool and cute!
Arimus79's avatar
Because who exactly is going to tell these guys that wearing flowers isn't "masculine" enough? *LOL* This is beyond awesome!
Fenalith's avatar
Tharshinaa beat me to it since "D'aww" was first thing that came to my mind when I saw this.
This is just to adorable and precious for this world. Huggle! 
Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing <3.
Sapienza's avatar
This is really cute!
adam-ant2's avatar
The centaur on the far right reminds me ox Axton.
Colouren's avatar
tombkkth's avatar
Love it! Gauguin fantasy ! Great job.
GT-Illustrator's avatar
next time i'd like to see a female version :)
unicorn-skydancer08's avatar
Ooooh, brilliant! :excited: Simply brilliant!
CodyNaomiSwire's avatar
Makes me think of the first Fantasia film.  :)
Jsaren's avatar
Your explanation says it all. :XD:
Tharshinaa's avatar
I love your signature! So brilliant!
Jsaren's avatar
Why, thank you! ;)
Greenglassnotes's avatar
These are just... wow.
Sirens-Voice's avatar
I love this on so many levels.
potoperson's avatar
This is just really interesting to me. Like the word centaur often brings up rude and volatile and crass, but this is a whole new side of peaceful and harmony and fraternity. Really quite lovely. Plus I like the very detailed, believable, diverse designs for all the different Centaurs. Great job :)
Shy-Shi's avatar
Party Ponies, there i said it :)
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