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Beneath the Surface

This was an entry for Helpful Bear Productions' Kaiju Design Challenge. :) 
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Intensely beautiful.

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Creeps from the deep can be freaking up your mind
Creeps from the deep can be feeding off your spine

- Creeping In My Soul, Cryoshell.
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A little bit cramped in the sea of monsters
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Cool idea, well done.
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One of my fears in a picture. Except of the hammerhead, he's cute. No seriously, masterpiece, enough said.
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Being/swimming in any sea waters not knowing what's below, or out there, somewhere... :)
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That fear being...?
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Oh my gosh this is me with water I can't see to the bottom of. D:
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I love this.  Everybody's like look out small sailboat, but from what I see, the monsters are trapped there and I interpret it to them not even being physical, like spirits of the ocean and whatnot.  Really great work, can I order one autographed?
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Your art is going around Facebook.…

I hate it when people post others art without giving credit to the artist. So i gave the link to here in a comment, & a link to your beautiful gallery. :) Your work is phenomenal & i recognize it right away! You inspire me to draw. Keep up the great stuff. ^_^
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I saw that just now, I posted a link to the artist's website in comments :\ all it took was a single google image search and bam. All the info is the and it took less than ten seconds. Glad that's all it took for me to find it, though <: *new fav artist!*
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I think they're gonna need a bigger boat.
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Apparently this piece is used without credit on this creepypasta/horror writing page:…

My understanding is that this page mainly finds inspiration from online photos and pictures, and write up short stories based on them. From what I've seen, by and large they do credit artworks, so this is probably a case of them being unable to find the original source at the time? In any case, I guess you might want to give them a heads up (the page is in Vietnamese, but from what I understand their administrative staffs to take messages in English) 
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Seems a bit crowded in the briny deep.
Nope...not going swimming.
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stay calm and keep Cthulhing, that is frigging creepy yet awesome! XD
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I'm going to faint......I think we're going to need a bigger boat.
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..........Yeaaaaaaaaah, i'm NEVER gonna go swimming in the ocean...never, ever ever.
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The print for this arrived :D I hope it last forever on my wall because I love this painting :D
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Gorgeous, fascinating, and terrifying, all at the same time!
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"Do you want to tell them?"
"No. But SOMEONE has to tell them."
"All right... you tell them."
"No, you tell them."
"You're closest to the surface. You can tell them."
"They creep me out, humans do. You tell them."
"I'm allergic. YOU tell them." :)
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hahahahaha x'D awesome comment, thank you x'D
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