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I got some feedback recently that I never did landscapes, so I dug through my drafts and found a messy sketch from 2009, and then expanded the image a ton and fixed it up. The original sketch only had the top 1/4 of the image, and it was all just plain hills. This was originally inspired by a part from the book I was reading at the time (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell), and on my repaint I redid a lot of areas and threw in inspiration from the book I’m reading now (The Silmarillion). That said, it's not fan art (it's not anywhere near accurate for it to be fan art, haha), it's more just me pulling bits of pieces of ideas that I liked from different places. :)
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Just gorgeous. I love the dichotomy of the landscapes
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Awesome. I read the Silmarillion a few years back, and thought the imagery was pretty powerful. I think you got the precious jewel feel in there with your colors 
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whoa!!:o (Eek) :D (Big Grin) Clap :happybounce: 
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If you roll all the way down from the top at Level 0, you end up at Level 35.
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I see you have done some work for Magic the Gathering. Wouldn't this make the perfect full art Terramorphic Expanse?
This is amazing. I love it!
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stuff like this is why i follow you

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This is so gorgeous.
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This is beautiful, this is glorious and epic, wondrous and incredible.

I wanna use this in a concept art class, it captures both landscaping as well mood in colour and textures

thank you for this artpiece, keep up the great work
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Awesome perspective!
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Beautiful! Lots of detail! :)
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Not surprised with how beautiful this turned out, I've always loved how you do you backgrounds :)
It's such an inspirational painting. Awsome!
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Darn!! when I looked at the bottom part of this picture I felt like I was falling off my chair and into the lava!! O____o Awesome job!! :D
Wow it's awesome! The perspective's a bit confusing, but I guess it just adds to the drama of the image.
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Epic! And by like book covers I meant more for like children's books. Because that'd be awesome and blow their minds.
I literally said "Wow" when I saw this :D
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Ahhhh you give me hope, been meaning to do some landscape work for a while
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