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Afternoon Walk

This is a new personal piece I did just for fun. An urban dragon wrangler takes her various heritage breed dragons out for their afternoon walk in the park. :)
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I LOVE this! I would love to see feeding time. Having had 7 large dogs who were on various special diets, that was always a fun time. 
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Years after I first favourited it, this popped up on my page and made me smile.  It's still every bit as wonderful.  Thank you. <3
grapeshotmemory's avatar
This is a really cool idea that made me smile.:D (Big Grin) 
Arlene0401's avatar
Such a fun idea! A sunny stroll in the park!
Reminds me of Lady Sybil Ramkin from the Discworld novels.
TimurKivanc's avatar
This is awesome.
Justabe1020's avatar
unbelievably talented.........absolutely ravishing. 
KarmaRae's avatar
I like the whimsy of the dogosaurs the best. 
lugiaXawesome's avatar
Dont look at me. just walking my "dogs"
The hound dog dragons are my favorite
Rosenquartz's avatar
This lady reminds me so, so much of Terry Pratchett's character Lady Sybil Vimes (nee Ramkin)!
adritho's avatar
Very nice univers, i would like to have a walk with you! ;)
Gobba42's avatar
Best day in the park EVER.
BrunoOliver123's avatar
I would like to play a game in this world!!! SO AMAZING!
PoshSingularity's avatar
Great creature designs; though the dog styled ones towards the front are fun, I particularly like the three in the back- the blue trunked one, and the green and orange ones on a line behind the blue one.

I like those because their inspirations are a little more exotic, I think, and hard to guess.

If I would guess- anteater, pelican, and eel?
AguilaMagna's avatar
the iguana its awesome !
PoshSingularity's avatar
I can't find the Iguana. Where is that?

I just see the crocodile, chameleon, and tortoise.
ssjessiechan's avatar
Thank you. Just... thank you.
ClaytonSnow's avatar
You sure JAMMED as many creatures into this as possible! Wow! You have a great sense of spacing! Each one has it's own little space, yet it all fits and it's SO crowded. Very well done. Each little creature is fantastic, like look at the orange dog/dragon, DAMN. Hahah you are very good.
DawiLDanger's avatar
Yeah, playtime for the dragons^^, although some of them seem rather unimpressed.
I really like this picture, especially the choice of colours.
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