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I created the most cutest BnHA ocs: I had a dream of them and I didn't want to toss that idea away so... I gave Kacchan two twins! I will upload them later, but to be honest those are cute!! One of them is just like Kacchan and the other's pretty chill, man thank goodness I had that dream the BnHA Next Gen is coming to me and getting extended, now that I've even gave Deku a son, I have an AU. Deku turns into the next All Might and occupies All Might's place then marries Ochako and has  Itsuki(His son) This takes after 10 years.

Man, I really love making anime guys daddies so excuse me for that. Lol! XD ^^;

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katamariluv Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, such a clever idea, lovely sis! :meow:
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