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Recently I've been in a high Naruto/Boruto hit, I LOVE those series, those series are the best! I just need new pals to join a huge roleplay community for the series, mostly to roleplay fluff, family dynamics and some actions, OCs and all.

So if you are interested, comment in this journal or send me a note, I'm ALWAYS open for Naruto-RPing!! naruto gif Sasuke  Uchiha 
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  • Watching: My Hero Academia Season 3 EP 4
Describe yourself and I will ship you with an anime character!!!
For fun! Tag others too, get to know each other!

How much do you know your fellow deviant?

1.) What is my name?
2.) How old am I?
3.) Which is my favorite anime?
4.) Which anime character I love the most?
5.) What is my favorite song?
6.) Who is my idol?
7.) What is my favorite color?
8.) What is my favorite food?
9.) Which character I hate with all my heart?
10.) Who is my favorite teacher? (Fandom)
11.) For how many time I have been in DA?
12.) What is my favorite motto?
13.) Where do I live?
14.) How many cats do I have?
15.) Which anime character I stated that I'd marry?
16.) What is my favorite dessert?
17.) Why do I hate that character?
18.) What type of music I like?
19.) How much do you know me?

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(You can do this if you want it's optional. :) )
Okay since I didn't have any entries from my last contest I'm hosting another! This time you can draw either my OC Minako with your OC or a character from BnHA my favorite ones.

List of favorite characters:
Todoroki(Prince from the new ending)
All Might
Gran Torino

Or it can be my OC interacting with the characters in there, you decide! The contest ends September 30th

1st place gets: Free requests for life and 23 points
2nd place gets: A free request, 10 points and a shoutout
3rd place gets: A character drawing and a feature.

Hope I get participants this time! Please enter! Have fun!
I got tagged by: :iconsuperhorse18:


1. Pick one of your OCs

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.

3. Tag others!

I choose: Itsuki Midoriya

1. What is your name?

H-hi, I-I'm Itsuki Midoriya. 

2. Do you know why you were named that?

Since I look a lot like Papa, Mama wanted me to be named similar to him.

3. Single or taken?

Single? I'm just a kid.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Um.... One For All. 

5. Stop being a Mary Sue! 

I-I'm not s-sure what that means...

6. What's your eye color?


7. How about hair color?

Also green but with hints of brown.

8. Have you any family members?
My Papa, Izuku, my Mama, Ochako, my Grandma, Inko and my Grandpa, All Might.

9. Oh? How about pets?

No, too young to take care of them.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you hate.

Being crowded by people. They all are scary with they are around you asking you questions!

11.What are your hobbies?

Hanging out with friends, reading comics, investigating heroes and their names.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?

Y-yes, I-I-I'm so sorry! *tears start forming in his eyes*

13. Ever… killed anyone before?

N-no! If I do, I'd be a criminal and I don't want that since Papa is the hero number 1!

14. What kind of animal are you?

I'm A boy!

15. Name your worst habits.

Let see, muttering aloud(Papa does, guess I inherited that from him)

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Papa! He's awesome! My Papa is the next-! *gets shushed by Midoriya* I'm sorry, I can't tell who he is.

18. Do you go to school?

Yes, I do. Kindergarten is cool!

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

 Too young for thinking on that. Wait until I grow up a little more to ask me that please, Miss or Mister.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

I prefer not to! Too shy and nervous to be around a big amount of people!

21. What are you most afraid of?

Losing my friends, family and people who I love, not being able to be a hero.

22. What do you usually wear? 

I wear a blue shirt with a red cap and red shoes and blue jean shorts. Oh and my Kindergarten uniform.

23. What's one food that tempts you?

Many! But I'll take on ramen.

24. Am I annoying you?

No, of course not, Miss or Mister! I enjoy being asked by you!

25. Well, it's still not over!


26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)

I think that still low.

27. How many friends do you have?

Many! But my best are, Kazuki and Kenta, Dai-chan, and Shoichi!

28. What are your thoughts on pie?


30. Favorite drink?

Bubble tea!

31. What's your favorite place?

Park! You can play on it!

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

Hmmmm... Hmmmm.... *muttering*

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

I can't swim, water in great magnitude it's scary!

35. What's your type?

I don't know yet.

36. Any fetishes?

 Too young for that.

37. Seme or uke?

Excuse me?

38. Camping or indoors?
I-indoors, forests are scary and dangerous not to mention full of meanie villains!

So I tag

:iconnecropolis-of-cuties: :iconanimelovernrper: :iconautopilotkitty: 
So I wanted to mention my favorite characters from Boku no Hero Academia! Starting Izuku Midoriya!

Izuku Midoriya:
My number one favorite!! Deku is and will always be my number one fave, he's so sweet, brave, kind-hearted and determined to become a hero. Aside from that he's so sensitive since he cries like a lot, but that doesn't make him a wimp at all. Crying is manly and that makes way more cuter. When I first got into the anime, I thought that he was just a cry-baby but now as the show moved on, Deku got into my heart. I love him. He's surely the next All Might!!

Shoto Todoroki:
He's number two in my faves, I love this guy not for being quiet or reserved but for being awesome. I feel sorry when I discovered that his childhood was very tough. He has the worst father ever(I despise Endeavor) I like his mother and I don't blame her for throwing boiling water at her own son, she was traumatized with her husband being a total jerk.
Anyways Todoroki is my fave in second place, he's also very attractive, the burn in his left side makes quite handsome as well as his blue eye, I love blue-eyed guys, his hair is just perfect, I wish I could rub it and hug him, Todoroki deserves more love and understanding. Yeah, Go, Shoto, go!! (I ship him with Yaoyorozu, TodoMomo)

Katsuki Bakugou:
Although he's a total jerk, foul-mouthed and very rude guy, I love him! Kacchan! He has a rivality with Deku but
for what I have watched, Kacchan's not bad, he's caring as for defending Uraraka in the Sports Festival or giving Kirishima money, that's why he occupies #3 in my faves. I also laugh with his reactions, the one with the medal at winning first place and when he was brushing his teeth. "Die F***ing germs!!" XD  He's shown to be sensitive as when he cried when Deku told him all the stuff after the hero training battle. Kacchan my boy! :heart:

All Might:
MY FAVORITE HERO!!! ALL MIGHT!!! I love this piece of cotton, so sweet, heroic, fatherly and sooooo funny! 
I myself adore him and the chemistry between him and Deku as for chosing him to be the next All Might and giving him One For All, there are moments in the anime that are just too adorable, I love him he deserves just the best of the things. He cares for everyone even Kacchan. All Might is awesome in hero and non-hero form I will always adored this great man and hope to see him more frequently with Deku. Plus Ultra!!!

Shota Aizawa:
Pro Hero Eraser Head! My favorite teacher! This man's awesome, though lazy how he sleeps in that sleeping bag. I still wonder what he drank when he first appear, like Deku, Ida and Uraraka got creeped out.
He has a very awesome battle tecnique, I love his scarf! And his Quirk, he's surely strict but a good teacher, he still was able to give class after Nomu almost killed him, he was "Mummie-zawa"(A nickname I gave him) Eraser Head is awesome!
And also a very protective person, he saved Tsuyu when Shigaraki almost squished her face. Go sensei! (Love so much for even making him a family)

Ochaco Uraraka:
I love this sweet girl! And I ship her with Deku(Ochazuku!) She's very nice and caring and tough, I really love her she'sa perfect match for Deku as I love them together. Then is her, Ida and Kacchan but I prefer her with Deku. So sweet with Tsuyu.

Tsuyu Asui:
Asui! I LOVE her! Her hero name Froppy so cute!! (I ship her with my OC Minako)

Tenya Ida:
I like him but not as much as the others. I dunno, for some reason I think he overreacts in his role as class rep/president.

Minoru Mineta:
.... Eh.... 

Denki Kaminari:
I do love him but not when he starts laughing out of nothing.

Eijirou Kirishima:
He's cute but nyah....

I ship her with Todoroki but I love her!! I love her Russian doll quirk!

So that's all, the rest I just don't like them, sorry. :D
Tagged by: :iconsuperhorse18:

Made by: Somebody. 


1. Pick one of your OCs. 

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC. 

3. Tag others!

I choose: Minako

1. What is your name? 
Minako Tanaka.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
They want me to have some similarity with my Mom's name. 

3. Single or taken?


4. Have any abilities or powers? 

My Quirk is teleportation and telekinesis!

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

Mary Sue?! What's that?!!

6. What's your eye colour?

Sky blue.

7. How about hair colour? 

Light black almost like gray

8. Have you any family members?

My parents whom are in another country, my younger sister and my Ojiisan. (Grandpa)

9. Oh? What about pets?

I have two rabbits and a cat. 

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like. 

Failing to Aizawa-sensei!! No, I'd rather be hit in the face multiple of times!

11. What are your hobbies?
Training, impressing my teacher and I guess sleeping.

12. Have you hurt anyone in any way? 
I accidentally hurt Kacchan. (I regret doing so... *holds steak to purple eye* Ouch!)

13. Ever... Killed anyone before?

No, NO!!! I'm a hero! And heroes are supposed to save people not kill people!

14. What kind of animal are you?

Uh... I'm a human.

15. Name your worste habit. 

Interrupting class just because I want to impress my teacher.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Aizawa-sensei! My adored teacher!

17. Do you go to school?
Eyup! U.A High.

18. Ever want to marry and have kids someday?
Oh yeah... *heart eyes* Tsuyu... And have many frog kids... :love:

19. Do you have any fangirls or fanboys?
I think so, I'm a bit charming but I usuallly get hurt by other girls.

20. What are you most afraid of? 
Losing my friends, family and MY TEACHER!!! 

21. What do you usually wear? 

My U.A uniform and sometimes a yukata. I'm Japanese.

22. What's one food that tempts you? 

Ice cream.... Sweets... Mitarashi Dango... *in other world while drooling*

23. Am I annoying you? :D (Big Grin) 

Not at all! I'm having fun!!

24. Well, it's not over. 


25. What class are you? (Upper class, middle class lower class)

Middle? I'm in class A of U.A but I guess it's middle.

26. How many friends do you have?

The necessary but my friend Deku it's number one always!!

27. What are your thoughts on pie?
Pie.... PIE!!! *chows down a pie*

28. Favourite drink?

Ochazuke. Mmm.

29. What's your favourite place? 

Whatever place Aizawa-sensei goes it's my favorite.

30. Are you interested in anyone-?

Tsuyu... *heart eyed again*

31. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean? 

I cannot swim... :(

32. What's your type? 

Telekinetic and teleporter.

34. Any fetishes?

35. Seme or uke? 

I don't know.

36. Camping or indoors? 

Camping! Training quirk camping!!

I tag:

:iconsqueakysyrup: :iconkatamariluv: and :icondrawing-count:
1. Close one of your OCs 
2. They should NOT lie
3. Journal called "OC Interview"
4. Once done, tag as many people as you wish
5. Have fun! 

1. What is your real name and nickname?
I am Kyle Alfred Dracula. Er, Darky. But NEVER call me that! 

2. What's your current age?
I actually lose the count... 

3. What's your favourite food?
Guts. Pizza and worms.

4. Favourite drink?
Relevant blood. Not Normal.

5. Who's your love? (If you have one)
Miah Dracula, my wife.

6. What about your childhood?
Wonderful, I had two amazing parents.

7. Who's your favourite author? 
I don't read. That's my last boy son.

8. Now what's your biggest fear?
I DO NOT fear nothing!!

9. Any siblings?
Yeah. My little brother, Noah. He's an easy blank to pester.

10. OK, who's your worst enemy?

11. Huh, alright. Now who's your best friend?
Kai Smith.

12. What would you do if you met your creator?
Rip her brain off and eat her.
(Me: KYLE!!!! *punches his face*)

13. What's your worst nightmare?
Not waking up.

14. What's your lifelong dream?
Well  I want to travel around my world.

15. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Enjoy my life with my family.

16. OK, where's your favourite place to relax?
My casket

17. Last question! What do you do most of the time?
Mostly I do share with my wife and yell at my four sons.

I tag:

:iconkatamariluv: :iconautopilotkitty: 

Requests are always open. Art trades will be opened temporary. Anyone interested? Go ahead and ask! :D