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Kukki Hatake by JulieBnHaLover247 Kukki Hatake :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 6 3
Apples are Apples no Matter What
Apple Trouble, Sasuke Uchiha and Saori Uchiha: A Father Daughter Sweet Moment
Sasuke: *sighing, holding a fussy Saori on his single arm* "Saori... even if the apples are now ruined, we can simply get more. Please don't cry, sweetheart. *he acted a bit more softer to help comfort his crying daughter*
Saori: "Papa!!" *she wrapped her small arms around her father's neck, continuing to cry against him* "Sew apples taste is not the same as t-the... the nice fresh apples from the tree, I wanted those and now they're ruined, waaaaah!" *she bawled against Sasuke*
Sasuke: *he looked around, searching for a possible good apple he could give his last daughter, he wanted to calm her down quick, it was already a mess in there* "Saori, listen to Papa." *he crouched on the ground and lightly moved his arm to disentangle Saori from his neck a bit*
Saori sniffled as she looked at her Papa with tearful green eyes.
Saori: "Papa?"
Sasuke: "Listen, Saori." *he gently wiped away his daughter's tears with hi
:iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 2 3
Uzumaki Twins: Minato and Itachi by JulieBnHaLover247 Uzumaki Twins: Minato and Itachi :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 6 1 Fuyumi Uchiha by JulieBnHaLover247 Fuyumi Uchiha :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 4 1 Naruko Uzumaki by JulieBnHaLover247 Naruko Uzumaki :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 7 1 Saori Uchiha by JulieBnHaLover247 Saori Uchiha :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 7 18 Shared OCs: Henry and Shelly by JulieBnHaLover247 Shared OCs: Henry and Shelly :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 5 2 Uchiha Family: Sarada, Sasuke, Sake and Sakura :3 by JulieBnHaLover247 Uchiha Family: Sarada, Sasuke, Sake and Sakura :3 :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 7 1 My SasuSaku Child: Sake Uchiha(Old OC) by JulieBnHaLover247 My SasuSaku Child: Sake Uchiha(Old OC) :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 8 8 Sushi!! by JulieBnHaLover247 Sushi!! :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 4 8 Don't touch her!!! by JulieBnHaLover247 Don't touch her!!! :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 10 6 Takuya Shigaraki by JulieBnHaLover247 Takuya Shigaraki :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 5 11 Ponyzawa by JulieBnHaLover247 Ponyzawa :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 6 10 Big Brother and Baby Sister by JulieBnHaLover247 Big Brother and Baby Sister :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 6 20 Shohn: Thinking of You by JulieBnHaLover247 Shohn: Thinking of You :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 4 83 Anti-Endeavor Stamp by JulieBnHaLover247 Anti-Endeavor Stamp :iconjuliebnhalover247:JulieBnHaLover247 5 19


Himawari by Simo93Art Himawari :iconsimo93art:Simo93Art 36 1 Uzumaki mother  by Simo93Art Uzumaki mother :iconsimo93art:Simo93Art 37 5 Mama Uzumaki by Simo93Art Mama Uzumaki :iconsimo93art:Simo93Art 48 1 Naruhina family by Simo93Art Naruhina family :iconsimo93art:Simo93Art 80 9 Naruto and Pikachu Family  by senchansart Naruto and Pikachu Family :iconsenchansart:senchansart 42 3 Uzumaki Family by senchansart Uzumaki Family :iconsenchansart:senchansart 127 11 BNHA - EraserMic by TakumixXx BNHA - EraserMic :icontakumixxx:TakumixXx 35 9 Boruto: Naruto Next Generation|Boruto (Baby) by iEnniDESIGN Boruto: Naruto Next Generation|Boruto (Baby) :iconiennidesign:iEnniDESIGN 44 4 Hinata, Boruto y Himawari baby by AiKawaiiChan Hinata, Boruto y Himawari baby :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 138 13 Kai [REDRAW] by superhorse18 Kai [REDRAW] :iconsuperhorse18:superhorse18 10 6 Woo Foo Fighters by Critterz11 Woo Foo Fighters :iconcritterz11:Critterz11 46 14 Art Trade: Goofballs in Kigurumis by Critterz11 Art Trade: Goofballs in Kigurumis :iconcritterz11:Critterz11 11 3 Midorock Leezuku by Critterz11 Midorock Leezuku :iconcritterz11:Critterz11 21 8 Team 7 by Eeni Team 7 :iconeeni:Eeni 63 4



Almost done with the art trades I own you guys! I promise I'll post them over the weekend, thank you for being patient! :aww:
I'll work on the artrades I own this week, sorry for the delay after all what has happened I barely had time to draw, so hope you understand. :aww:
BnHA OC: Tanaka Minako by JulieBnHaLover247Re/designing my OC a bit, he now is paired with Tsuyu Asui and in the future they get married and have a son, Tsun Tanaka, really wanting to give more development to my sweet Minako :D
Welp, I was given to the temporal custody of my closest mentor, the one who has been like a father-figure for me, no more seeing those two women for a long while! Even though those two made a huge drama out of themselves at the police station, I didn't turn my guard down and remained firm, only saying them that if they were different towards me, none of this would have never even happened, then walked away with the nice guards, I thank them for listening to me and helping me escape the hell I've been going through, now I don't wish bad to my mother or sister, but they need to be taught a lesson in temper and behavior, hopelly they will be helped as well, now going in the procedure of retrieving all my belongings from my old home, including my three cats, puppy and bunny.(my goldfish died so he won't be taken in too. RIP Goldy :() and for all of you sweet friends, that have been worrying about me, thank you very much for your support and kindness, you rock and I love you all! Best wishes. :)
Recently I've been in a high Naruto/Boruto hit, I LOVE those series, those series are the best! I just need new pals to join a huge roleplay community for the series, mostly to roleplay fluff, family dynamics and some actions, OCs and all.

So if you are interested, comment in this journal or send me a note, I'm ALWAYS open for Naruto-RPing!! naruto gif Sasuke  Uchiha 
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Sasuke Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Main OC: Sake Uchiha

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...... I'm a crazy adult... :XD:

Izuku Midoriya Fan by JustButtons


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Izuku stared at Bakugou in annoyance. “Piss off Baku”. The boy growled
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Bakugou created an explosion, "Want to fight stupid Deku?"
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Izuku rolled his shoulders. “I’ll break you in two”.
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"I'll burn that stuck-up lil mouth of yours, nerd." Bakugou said tight.
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want roleplay with me something orginal its called "kid and ape" :33 xddd feel free to ingore if it isnt you taste
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