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I'll try to make the sea grow

and the sun keeps pouring out
and out and over my eyes. and
i sit on his bed and order one

beautiful sunrise after another.

edit: completely changed the colours, increased contrast, changed the curves, etc. i was just basically playing around with this during uni for a class, and like it better than the original. so, i hope you like it too!
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PENTAX Corporation
Shutter Speed
1/1250 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jan 15, 2009, 7:18:35 PM
© 2009 - 2021 juliatrotti
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Your stock is amazing and it fits perfectly to my concept for this work I'm Awake in the Infinite Cold. This graphic is, of course, just for personal use.

Thanks very much!
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hi, my photography is not stock for people to use. it would have been nice if you asked for permisison first. only things under the "stock" category are stock images to use as you like!
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I see you like to use a sunburst in a lot of your art. It creates a cool radial effect that sucks you into the image. Very nice. I might have to experiment with that myself.
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Ahhh...this is so beautiful *sigh*
Indeed a great shot :D
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This is gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant -- it looks so lively
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this is really beautiful.
esp. with the inner area lighting up whilst the outside is darker.
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That's beautiful too. Where was that shot?
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thank you =] this is a lake near my house (just a minutes walk away)
duckieBUBBLE's avatar
It's nice. Kool!
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I wish the sky looked like this all the time
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so do i, but then again i dont. i think i prefer it to be like this every once in a while, because that just makes it so much more special every time it is.
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thats smart :) can i cange my answer then
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Lovely truly picturesque.
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Iwasonceafairytale's avatar
You're totally welcome!
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I can't keep myself from getting lost in the sky, but as someone else said already it's sad that the picture is so grainy.
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how early did you wake up for this one?
samurai-charger's avatar
this is terrible quality. don't you shoot in RAW? :/
juliatrotti's avatar
yeah i know its terrible quality, its really really killing me, but i can't fix it cos i shot that day in jpg and i wish i didn't.
samurai-charger's avatar
aw :( btw I didn't mean to sound so blunt and rude, I'm so sorry!

I'm getting a Nikon D90 soon. Can't wait be done with my pentax :D
juliatrotti's avatar
oh that's alright =] i thought you were taking it out a little on me, but its okay now that i know you're not :P and omg, a nikon sounds so good. i wanted to buy a canon 5d mark 2, but they're a little expensive. but still, if i change my camera, it can't be anything but upgraded to that one.
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