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A blushing, squeeing Ky. Because adorable. Also, I like the fact that her ears blush purple. Heck, I just like her ears. Thank you, 2003 reboot, for giving Trollans long bunny ears. You’ve managed to make them even more adorable than they are already.

That said, any expression that relies heavily on visible eyebrows and eyelids can be hard. I already have a lot of practice with Lillian, who has no eyebrows and I have to keep her eyelids a straight line because robot. In an earlier draft I posted to pacify Bozo after Distressrolling her, her eyelids were visibly blue, like in the Filmation iteration, but Bozo and I had been talking about our love of Black Mages and how their eyelids just dissapear into the shadows and that’s how SHE imagined Ky, and I decided to try it out. There’s still shading because I always paint a light bit of blue to suggest the face under thar. 

She originally wasn’t going to have any eyelashes because frankly… I hate Dree Elle’s design. Congrats, you drew Orko in drag, how creative. Well, okay, it’s a time-honoured cartoon tradition for male character's female counterparts to basically be the same except with with female secondary sex characteristics, so I may be a bit harsh. IT DOESN’T MEAN I HAVE TO LIKE IT. 

Also that said, Ky’s a borderline tomboy at least in the fact her traditional hood and veil that female Trollans wear are like, leftovers from before her parents gave up on making her dress properly. SHE HATES THEM, SHE HATES THEM SHE DOES. It takes her forever to find them whenever she has to go somewhere that requires formal attire. I don’t think they made it to Novarus, lol.

That said, I’ve already had her fluttering her eyelashes at people in IC chat so I figured I could pull the toon “eyelashes if necessary” thing. And also in that WIP I posted her eyelashes were blue-purple… that was also a mistake, I forgot to make them match her hair colour. (OHHH, SECRET OUT, WE NOW KNOW HER HAIR COLOUR, but honestly I want to draw some pics of her when she was younger and her parents had her dress in more traditional GURL clothes with a longer haircut, so that was gonna come out anyway.) 

Also yeah, totally going back to my Chuck Jones eyelash phase for that. He predicted wing eyelashes decades before they became a thing.

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What a cutie ^^