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Feedback Effect

Warm-up inkie thing!

I gotta say, I didn't realize why people thought Daleks were scary until I started watching Classic!Who. Okay, yeah, I can understand hiding behind the couch from those.

Honestly, though, they amuse me no matter what, I love how when they get in large groups and get excited they start caterwauling the virtues of extermination in what is the closest they probably ever get to "joy." (That, and as I said on my Twitter, I think they just enjoy hearing themselves talk.)

Anyway, okay, how I got to drawing this? The more I thought about how they seem to love the feedback effect the more they reminded me of pack of wolves howling. Leader starts, the rest join in a chorus that is either beautiful or scary depending on who you ask.

Obviously, this one is probably scary to hear in the middle of the night and not to mention grating on the ears. Or at least Mr. Stereotypical Backwoods Guy thinks so.

Yes, I know I have a stupid brain. But I know you guys love it. X)

Daleks courtesy Terry Nation and the Beeb;
Art copyright 2010 SA Ferrell
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Yeah, Daleks were the scariest thing ever when I was a kid.
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Surely the next logical step is a 3 Dalek Moon shirt, no?
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Oh my goodness. I would so wear that.

Between the fact that so many people just offer up weird pic ideas that I can't resist and that I just find Doctor Who a constant source of hilarity, period, I will never run out of material for these doodles. XD;
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You sir/ma'am are a GENIUS!

Err, are you one of those people who gets offended at someone using the word Ma'am? I mean some people seem to think it implies that they're old. Sorry.
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Yes we do love it!

"Doggone it, those gotta be the weirdest soundin' cah-yotees I evah heard! But dey ain't gettin' mah chickens dis time!"
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I certainly love to hear them talk. 8D
YWYH-s--Morelenmir's avatar
*snicker* A pack of wolves. Perfect! XD
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I really like how they are silhouetted against the big moon here - that's a nice graphical solution!
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Actually it was a lazy one! XD; Detailed boogers. But I'm glad the effect worked.
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You're right. I do love your stupid brain. And this also. Backwoods Guy's expression is absolutely priceless.
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The Daleks are hungry tonight lol
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:iconrosetylerplz: "Doctor! :iconohnoesplz:"
:icondoctorwhoplz: "Right, right, I'm on it! :iconimhappyplz:"
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That is actually a rather perfect depiction of his happy face. Unintentionally, but yes.
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