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Natural Disasters Finale by GL-Gloria Natural Disasters Finale :icongl-gloria:GL-Gloria 3,112 809 poison Ivy by KilartDev poison Ivy :iconkilartdev:KilartDev 1,202 20 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by CsanikaInferna My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy :iconcsanikainferna:CsanikaInferna 148 5 Hurricane Leslie by RafaelTheHurricane Hurricane Leslie :iconrafaelthehurricane:RafaelTheHurricane 1 2 Here come the Typhoons! by GrayLancer18 Here come the Typhoons! :icongraylancer18:GrayLancer18 7 9
Fated Heroes 2: Chapter 1 - The Beginning
It's been 2 years since Vivi, Andy and Wis had their power from a magical alien named Celina.... Celina had a right hand and a trustful person on her side named Cris Wolf... A very mysterious human wolf from Wolfederia.... They fight villians with Celestia... An only child of Celina... She and the others had a great journey and had only one goal it's to defeat... Dusk Dark Emerald... Since... It's a long time ago... they help others using their power... though they know... Evil will rise again.....
Fated Heroes 2
Chapter 1: The beginning
They are getting ready for their first day of school...
On Andy's house...
Andy wake up and clean up her bed...
Nicky: Andy... Breakfast is ready...
Andy: Coming Mother...
Andy went to the kitchen.... she went up to her Mom and hugs her...
Andy: Thank you Mother...
Nicky: Okay... You're welcome my little child... Take a bath and prepare yourself to school...
Andy stop hugging her Mom...
Andy: Yes.. Mother....
Andy start preparing herself....
On Wis hou
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>○Yolanda's POV○<

Confusion and anxiety

Dante and I, together in the recovery room--similar to the hospital ward, ambiguously used as welcome for the new persons known as .... "Cycloneans"-- forces that strongly influence this parallel universe.

As I cry, this adorns a comfy large white bed, three small gray stools near the door, a seemingly strong small square gray spruce cabinet beside this bed I'm lying, above it is the antique flower vase full of new red tulips.

This maze overpowers my emotions that I don't know what's happening in this circle of life.

"I can't accept this..."


>○Ondoy's POV○<

I'm baaaaaaaaccccckkkk....

Ahahahahahahhaah!! Something funny happened behind the recovery room. I was about to prank Vinta again but- Oof, I will tell this first.

I prepared stinky socks and about to throw it on the face...


"Ehehehehheehe... that's epic, truly.."


"Vinta, you're going to wash that socks!"

"Eww, that's disgusting."

"Eh? Then why you even can wash your own clothes?"


Vinta left, disgust on her face. I think this kind of prank's gone wrong.

I've nothing to do something right again; thereafter, I decided to go back to the newbie's position.


Wow, Yolanda and Dante must be something... how sweet!


"Ondoy, did you know that girl? She's really beautiful."

"Oh yes! I know her, Dante. She must be Santi."

"Oh, okay. I'll go talk to her."

"Be careful, she's dangerous."

(Back to chapter)

Dante flirted many of the girls here; especially, Santi. Don't tell me Dante has feelings for Yolanda and not for Santi anymore! She's such a danger yet not that toxic.

Well, back to Yolanda, I think, she's even kinder than that of Santi yet... she seems to be stronger and more intimidating.

Trying to break not the joyful momentum here in Cyclonea...

"Eyyy, Dante! I think you are now flirting with Yolanda there. Yeeee!"

"Shut up, Ondoy. I'm not flirting with anyone anymore."


"Don't you think I'm kidding, huh?"

"Then why is she crying in your arms?"

"She had a terrible nightmare."

But please, please, guys... Don't ever ever judge me..



>○ Dante's POV ○<

Arggh! I'm in a good mood and someone breaks it!

That annoying Ondoy says false claims about me. Shut up the he- out of me! I maybe "flirting" the women here but not that excessive as Ondoy does. Ondoy's THE REAL FLIRT.

He smirked at me closely that our noses touched each other, smells fishy.

"AAH!" Haiyan screamed in terror as that f-boy "taunts" her. Gosh! Her scream's a whistle.

"And you, newbie Haiyan. Never ever trust Dante, he's such a playboy!"

Playboy? How dare he talks about me to that newbie? Such imprudent manner. He's such the real playboy and passes the title to me? Don't me, Ondoy.

I'll prepare the real me.

"He'll only-"

"You are scaring Yolanda more! Step aside before I'll punch you in-your-face down to the floor. Leave us alone!"

"I ain't a playboy!"

"Hahah! Chill down, man. I'm only kidding. I just want everyone to have fun; especially, Haiyan."

"Well, is this you call FUN? You're only creating chaos here."

"Guys." Haiyan uttered, such tender voice ends the rage on me.

"Stop the fight..."

Her voice's still anxious even after the comfort I gave to her. She thought she's cold however when I going near her, I'd never felt as warm as her touch. I feel bad and embarassed.

"I'm sorry about Ondoy, Yolanda. He's just insensitive."

"He's such an onion-skinned bro."

Never ever mess with my personality. That's the way I am.

It's time for a reward.

"SHUT UP! you piece of sh-."

Ketsana, agonizes on the floor as I teach him a lesson--harsh yet helpful.

"You're beautiful, Yolanda. That's all."

Are you serious? You're only escaping the threat. I'm trying my best not to trust the naughty Ketsana at all. Meanwhile, the newbie's face turns red as Ketsana's trapped in my sole.

"Let me go!"

I've set him free.



>○Vinta's POV○<


Ketsana's socks stink as his persona. I should've thrown back to him to impede more.

As I left the room, isolation is the first term, nothing to do practical. All I have to do is wait for the new Cycloneans to enter.

When something fresh appears, I'll be the one who bid to meet them.

I love this season since Yolanda entered. Please, please.. I kinda messed of repetitive thoughts.


Earth date: November 5, 2013

Setting: At the CycloTech-- similar to the forecast media in meteorology but more futuristic and has connection up to any point in the multiverse.

Wilma, whom I'm with to discover more about this place amazed as the connected hologram

"Wow, that hologram's epic. The size's large that it brings massive damage to the target!"

"Yes, Wilma. It's the one will be after you."

"After me? There's someone down there?"

"Uh-huh. Someone holds such kind of that power. Stronger than ever."

(Back to chapter)

Wait! I don't want to be late for the guidance of the rookie one; especially when bulkier than I thought.

I'll go back to Yolanda's place, check for if she's fine.

"Ondoy, Dante. What are you doing in front of Yolanda?"

I wonder if she's hurt. Still weeping Haiyan goes, covering her lips with a blanket

"What happened? Why is she crying? Are you fighting?"

"Ondoy started it.", Dante replied;

"No! You started it." Ondoy then added. "You are the one who start punching me."

Dante punched? I thought there would be no violence in front of the new? That's one of the basic rules that must obey.

"Then why are you scaring Haiyan by taunting? Plus, you're saying false claims about me?"

Yagi and Ketsana, I encounter these boys fighting most of the time since they've met..


At the sports court of Cyclonea....


"Ketsana, you dummy! Bring back my backpack!"

"Catch me if you can, Yagi!"

"Well, then..."


"Ahaha! I've caught you now!"

"No, you can't!"

"I did even touch you, bring back my things, NOW!"

"Marvelous anger, huh?"

(Back to Chapter)

Actually, I just want order to this campus but well, noise is one that we can't escape. Now I am confused with that situation.

"Scaring Yolanda?"

"Vinta, I don't mean to scare her."

"Ketsana, you taunted her?"

"How could I treat a newbie that way, excuse me? At least I tried to make her happy unlike that real douchè-bag Dante who keeps flirting on other Cycloneans out here."

"Maybe you are the one who was dreamt by Haiyan in her horrid nightmare.", Dante, uttering his words in an angry way, that makes me worse.

What? A nightmare?

Nobody in Cyclonea had ever experienced this kind of reaction when they are new here.

"No, it's you, Dante. YOU ARE her nightmare!"

"Oh no...."

Called it.. these two cyclones destroy the energy..  Indeed, Ketsana and Yagi fight physically, now I wanna do something!


They stopped, staring at me. That action made me trigger as a joke. Most of the Cycloneans I encounter are not serious when they look at me that way.

"Maybe both of you have a crush for Yolanda."

"No way!"

"But you two are skirming, 'no?"

"I already have one, Vinta Krosa!", Ondoy added.

Yes. Ondoy had one. He's in a relationship, I don't know who she is.

"You're INSENSITIVE, Ketsana!"

Fake settlement annoys me.



>○Third Person POV○<

As Vinta exclaimed the two stubborn Cycloneans, they suddenly turned to Yolanda, uttering a nervous, blushy giggle though her tears still visible.

"Haaiiisssstt.." Ondoy and Dante let out a long sigh. Facepalms at each other.

"You're both juvenile; therefore, this is whom Haiyan's laughing at." Vinta added, "Much better if all of us here are helping one another to guide her in the Cyclonea Dimension."

"Guidance?" Ketsana repeated, in an excited way.

"Woah, seems interesting, then?" Dante agreed to Vinta.

"Well, Yolanda Haiyan.." Krosa then said to the rookie, ".. you may now recover from that boring bed and dress daintily for we'll give you a fantastic welcome to the world full of adventures that's full of mysteries and missions to be solved!"

"Ooh! I forgot to legitimately introduce myself to you." She added again "Ahahaha. I am Vinta Krosa and it is a pleasure to see you."

"Oh yes. Ondoy Ketsana's my name and is one of the members of the Pacifica Occidentale administrators.", Then Ketsana introduced himself to the rookie.

"Uhmmm... okay." Haiyan replied nervously yet felt excitement; "It is fantastic to see all of you. Thanks for comfort and some fun earlier."

"Our pleasure." Ketsana and Krosa replied with happiness as they prepare for her first tour.

"What'll be the place outside of this cramped space?"
The Pushover Boys
It is been months since I last uploaded The Force of Nature-Cyclonea storyboard (Previous chapter:… )

Now Dante Yagi's trying to comfort the flustered Yolanda Haiyan who is suffering from the entangled connection between her persona and the surrounding ego. Now that she's from nowhere, she thought that she was just... "brought" from scratch. Will her so called "colleagues" calm her down a little bit more and continue the adventure? Find out this chapter.
Slight hiatus..

Very busy due to the school deadlines and submissions; especially, finishing my Scientific Research Paper.
The Magical Doctor (Elementa Periodica)
Elementa Periodica Iodine

• The Face and The Lifesaver of the Halogens

• Her hair palette can be either plain dark blue violet or a pink-blue-violet-gray color pattern.

• In addition, the hairstyle has a great change from straight to puffy wave inspired.

• In terms of her outfits, she's not the usual doctor you'll met: it was a senshi-ish magical girl healer like those in some popular anime series


(Normal Form)

" It is very hard to get to the other halogens lighter than I am. I am always loyal to the elements I'm with but they negate any of my efforts." 

" Is everything fine, (enter element name) ? Are you hurt? I can heal it with all my will."

"Tassie, will you bring me some of my favorite desserts here in the table? Don't forget the raspberry ice cream!!"

"Fluorine!! You started all these rackets all over again! Now it is time for you to clean up all of these!"

"Well, if you're not listening to your co-members; then, fine! Your decisions are to be obtained, right!?"

"Why, Tassie, why!? Isn't that because I am a wimpy compared to that of Clarissa and Floresca, huh? You said that you are always here for me.... and now, you got along with those two?"

"Will you please, get away for a while, (enter element name)? I am irritated today."

"Oh yes, Tassie. You're the only Alkali that I got to know intimately. No wonder I love just the way you are, even if you're acting gay and feminine."

(Warrior Form)

Overall Encounter Quote (Always used)

"I am the incarnate of element 53 in the periodic table! Assigned as the Face of the Halogens, the most reactive non-metals. I'm not that reactive in that group but I am enough to slay all these enemies! Challenge accepted and be ready, Iodine is coming!!"

Specific encounter quote/ sometimes used:

" Taste the lavish of this purely toxic gas..."

"Hmph! Don't think that you'll win this battle. I accept your challenge!"

"Let's see, show us what you've got, you imposter!"
This OC Meme by MoonOfBrokenHearts is gonna be interesting and I'll choose The Danger Duo aka The HyperCycloneShipping of The Force of Nature--Cyclonea, the two most intense in modern history in terms of wind speed. These two are the equivalent of ElectronegativityShipping in the chemistry series of Scientifica.

This is the other version of this meme:…

1) Pick one or more of your OCs
2) Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC
3) Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz |D


1) What's your name?

The Danger Duo: Patricia "Pat" Amore and Yolanda "Yo" Haiyan

2) Do you know why you were named that? (Btw, they're named after tropical cyclones worldwide)

Patricia: My name means "noble" and I was named due to the naming schemes list but Amore? Idek. Hahahaha!

Yolanda: Same with the naming schemes list. As for me, they usually call me 'Haiyan' w/c later revealed to be a Chinese name that means petrel.

Patricia: Eh?
Yolanda: Uh-huh.
Patricia: What about Yolanda?
Yolanda: "The Violet Flower."
Patricia: Noice. 😁

3) Are you single or taken?

Yolanda: Taken... probably?
Patricia: Proud to be taken! Haha. Just kidding. I'm single.

4) Have any abilities or powers?

Pat: Yes, we have! Holding gusty winds, speed and low pressure here (whooshing her winds)

Yo: (Fled by the winds) AAAAHH!! NOT HERE! NOT HERE!
Pat: Oof.. (stops the winds)
Yo: (crashes; shakes body) Horrid...
Pat: I'm sorry, Yo. It seems fun to have those winds. (Looks at the devastated surroundings) In behalf of Haiyan, she can lift up to 161 tons of boulders unlike any other ones here in our world, that makes any man embarrassed.


Yo: That made me faint 😥

5) Stop being a Mary-sue.

Yo: What's a Mary-sue?
Pat: Idek what that is.

6) Uh... if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think 

Pat: We're at the same time, wrestlers, too. Sounds interesting, 'eh?
Yo: I'd rather .....
Pat: Rather what?
Yo: (thinks)
Pat: Use your powers for impact?
Yo: Don't spoil me, Patricia.
Pat: Shot!

7) Riiiight... Have any family members?

Patricia: I don't have but Yolanda's rumored to have parents here in our world.

8) Oh? How about pets?

Yo: Pets? Those are nice but I don't own any of them.
Pat: Well, I have some... maybe dog-like species.
Yo: Really?
Pat: It's on my private apartment and it's named "Pam".
Yo: Wow! Even this kind of incarnate does love that.
Pat: Ikr?

9) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.

Patricia: I don't like killjoy and boring ones. Just like Yo.

(*Ahahaha* other incarnates laughing on background)

Yolanda: What are you-?
Patricia: AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! JUST KIDDING! But I really don't like killjoy people! I want everyone to be happy. What about you, Yo?

Yolanda: (concealing her triggered state while in facepalm) Injustice... that's all.
Patricia: U okay?
Yo: I don't like being called anything cringy of my name except "Yo".
Pat: I don't like even called "Patty".

10) Something that you do like?

Patricia: (thinks)
Yolanda: At least it's a better topic to discuss. My "family" and considerate friends. Just peace.
Patricia: Awww! So am I. You're so very sweet.
Yolanda: (blushes a bit)
Patricia: I like you the most. 😊 (blushes harder)

(On the background: Ayyyyeeeeeee...)

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Patricia: Yep! We have of the same activities that we want to do: practice, singing, dancing, making such sense of humor, many more!
Yolanda: You've said it all. I've nothing to say.

12) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Yolanda: Unfortunately, yes.
Patricia: Uh-huh.

13) Ever...killed anyone before?

Patricia: I have but not as much as Haiyan does though I'm stronger than her.
Yolanda: (does the same thing as in #9 but to no avail) Not again... but truly, I have and it's disappointing and unintentional.
Patricia: Sorry if I do trigger you that way; however, you had the constant track and progress during your time before you enter in our world.
Yolanda: I believe it's on the wrong time and wrong place. Honestly.
Pat: What?
Yo: My favorable track that time's just like of Lekima (2013).
Pat: If you travel in that track, you'll never be famous compared to what you are now. It's sacrifice, Yo.

14) What kind of animal are you?

Yo: Obviously, humans.

15) Your worst habits

Yolanda: As we've said earlier (13)
Patricia: Constant urging to do something flirty is cringeworthy.

16) Do you look up to anyone at all?

Patricia: Ahahahah! That's too many of them.

17) Gay, straight, or bi?

Yolanda: Straight.
Patricia: Then why you said you like me?
Yolanda: Excuse me? There are many aspects of "likes".
Patricia: No way! You're a lesbian!
Yolanda: Maybe you.
Patricia: Aha! Yes. I'm proud to be a lesbian and (whispers) I love Haiyan!
Yolanda: What?
Patricia: (smirks at Yo, grins flirtingly)
Yolanda: Don't look at me that way next time; otherwise....
Patricia: Okay. I'll cut it out. 😌

18) Do you go to school?

Patricia: Yes. There's a lot of schools in our world to practice and train.
Yolanda: It's vast, too. Pat and I bring the largest responsibility along with the others.
Patricia: Indeed.

(It's because both of them are Category 5 cyclones\shot)

19) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

Patricia: Aha. Same thought again. Yep.

20)Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

Yo: We're not interested in that. We don't even know what that is. 😅

21)What are you most afraid of?

Patricia: (shudders) Anything that surpasses me, kidding. I really fear when my friends stop trusting at me as a leader.
Yolanda: Doing something wrong in any aspect does horrify me.

22)What colour is your hair?

Patricia: Maybe... navy blue?
Yolanda: Simple, plum magenta.

23) Eyes?

Yo: Both of us have the same color of eyes in the nearest distance (multicolor) but I have magenta when in long distance.
Pat: Mine's blue in far distances.

24) What do you usually wear?

Yolanda: Interesting... I usually wear something comfy in random themes, no matter the type.
Patricia: Rock Metal outfits are my bias!

25) What's your religion?

Patricia: We don't have any religions
Yolanda: But we believe in nature.

27) Well, it's still not over.

Patricia: It's okay. Go on! The interview's fun!
Yolanda: (chuckles) Not that fun.
Pat: Why?
Yo: Some of the questions somewhat reveal our privacy.
Pat: No, it's not. (Pats Yo)

28) Anyways, where do you live?

Patricia: Us incarnates live in the planet similar to Earth in another parallel universe called Cyclonea.

29) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?

Yolanda: Middle?
Patricia: We're on the High-class, remember?

30) How many friends do you have?

Patricia: We've a lot more here!
Yolanda: Hmm?
Patricia: So does you, too.

31) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?

Yolanda: A one big secret that'll never be told.
Patricia: Ugh!! It's only an interview then you answer it that way? Then, reveal it!
Yo: 😩 Well, does the interviewer know respect?
Pat: Omfg! 😝 Did you have a challenged mind? Of course yes!
Yo: If it's respectful then why it need to reveal a secret from me?
Pat: She'll change her past into something "decent" for her. From catastrophic into the console!
Yolanda: (looks at Patricia at inner rage, face's frowning; thought: The secret's already revealed. I shouldn't trust her in the first place. She's such a- ugh. I don't ever want to say a bad word.;
sarcastic/ironic) That's what not I'd thought of.
Patricia: 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

32) What are your thoughts on pie?

Patricia: Pie? 😋 Sounds delicious!
Yolanda: Truly. Except those pies that have already undesirable tastes; aside from that, vanilla's my least fave of them.
Patricia: Vanilla? I like that, remember? It tastes delicious, too!
Yolanda: I just prefer-
Patricia: (ironic) I hate your taste.


Pat: Hey, sweetie Yo!
Yo: Huh?
Pat: Wilma along with Allen and Tip prepared some cyclone-shaped melon pie for the two of us plus there's extra flavor which is blueberry!
Yo: Wow! Yummy.

(The duo eats up the hot melon pie sweetly with each other.)

Patricia: Well, I'm done. Gotta consume the blueberry all by myself. (Gets the pie plate)
Yolanda: Alright man. (Thought: Oh yeah?; she strikes the plate using her elbow and the pie smashes straightly on Patricia's face!)
Patricia: F*ck off.... HAIYAN!?
(Yo's trying hard to cover the grin in her face)
Patricia: Very funny, Yolanda. (Prepares the fighting stance with the pie) Ngow itzh mah tuorn!! [Now, it's my turn!]

(The duo running around in circles)

33) Alright. What's your favourite food?
(All cleaned up)

Patricia: Mexican Roasters; especially, Roasted Chicken Meat, I think.
Yolanda: As for me, I prefer some sour vegetable soup with fishes on it. (Sinigang in Filipino)
Patricia: Sour dishes? 😝

34) Favourite drink?

Patricia: Omfg! They're so many in "The Surge Wave Cafe" in our world. I prefer the hot matcha cappuchino they serve.

Yolanda: I mostly drink hot water only but honestly, Chocolate drinks are the best; especially, dark chocolate.
Patricia: Chocolate? I prefer Vanilla! Vanilla for life.
Yolanda: Chocolate rocks!
Patricia: Vanilla!

35) What is your favourite place?

Patricia: Mexico on Earth, The Pressure Beach on Cyclonea, they seem like paradise!
Yolanda: I agree with that Pressure Beach; however, I prefer The Great Cyclonea Library.
Patricia: That's because you're one of the 'lawyers' there?
Yolanda: Definitely not the only reason to stay there.
Patricia: (facepalms) What about on Earth?
Yolanda: The Philippines.
Patricia: Wow! Interesting, then. 🤔

36) Least favourite?

Patricia: Hecc.. The School's my least fave; especially in our section. It's almost no time for fun there. I hate those heavy tasks they've given to us. Why did I deserve to be in so called Category 5 class? Plus, they're planning to add a higher sections (Category 6 and up)? Shut the- out of me. 😧 I "envy" Haiyan. She almost got nothing to do even if she's my classmate.

Yolanda: Pat, it's hard, too. Even if I've no least fave places, I feel torture: everyday, every hour, every minute, every second.

Patricia: Huh? 😯 Omg.. poor you. This is anything worse but you're The Peacemaker of the school!

Yolanda: I can settle down their fights, but not of my own. 😔


Patricia: They're like-- "You're the strongest among Cycloneans; therefore, you are worthy to be the leader in every aspect." I can't handle it all by myself! I can be exhausted and dissipated after all the tasks given: to The (Worst) Five, the 2015th Pacifica Orientale season?

Yolanda: As I read about of their laws, it breaks my emotions like it directly falls apart. The Settler, Secretary of the Elder Cycloneans, Entertainment Diva, Assists, Lawyer norms?

Patricia: Sh*t. That's a lot. 😣

37) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

Yo: Okay, fine.
Pat: Ugh! I want more questions but it's okay. Haha. Fun, indeed.

38) Well, it's over.

Patricia: (Thought: This is my chance; sneakily smirks and stares at Haiyan)
Yolanda: (Thought: Not again.. Patricia, no!; gasps) Are you sure of what you doin'?
Patricia: Don't worry, Yo. I'll be warm. (Slowly goes closer and closer, almost in front of her) 😏😏
Yolanda: 🤐😓 Uh-oh.. I gotta go, Patricia! (gasps in fear again as she about to leave)
Pat: (Grabs Haiyan's right arm) Wait for a while.
Yo: Let me go! (Suddenly blushes) 😮
Pat: 😊😊
(Haiyan's about to slap Patricia with her left palm but Pat holds it and starts to kiss her straight to the lips sweetly quick, lets go of her.)

(On the background

What the-?

Yo: (on a flushed face, inner cringe, turns away from Pat) Don't me, Patricia! (Then unexpectedly showing a glowing blush 😳) Agh! (Sarcastic) I hate this feeling.

Patricia: Thanks for the interview! (Turns at Yo) U alright, Yolanda?
Yolanda: I'd better go. (Leaves Pat quickly)
Patricia: What a shame.

I'll tag

All Other deviants who are interested in making the meme!! 


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Juliana Marie Artocillo
Artist | Student | Varied
Juliana Artocillo here from the Philippines and is a field of science enthusiastic with the hint of technical and math and music interest.

In addition, She's indeed attracted to complex, intricate, sophisticated and elegant designs.

She often likes fantasy-themed objects such as fairies, witches, dragons and other related to them. She is moreover, not the full gamer but she's a fan of some cool and cute cartoons and animes; specifically, Final Fantasy Series, Pokemon, Phantasy Star, Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Cure and many others.

Project Information: 

Scientifica Dimension Multiverse-- The overall science personification project the user working on today. This consist of 4 subprojects which resemble each of these subprojects portray the properties of each object. They also portray as warriors in fighting all against evil energies and to attain peace.

Subprojects discussion:

Elementa Periodica (ElPe)-- Most conflicted subproject (war). Focuses on Chemistry; specifically, the periodic table of elements personification. Antimatter counterparts and their components are the villains of the series

Patrona Astronomica (PaAs)-- The largest and strongest of Scientifica. Focuses on Astronomy. Portrays Astronomical Objects from small-scale to large-scale celestial bodies. Black holes and Quasars included. The villains are fake celestial objects.

                   Game of The Pole Stars (GTPS)-- the Alternate Universe of Patrona Astronomica in the star sector wherein the main characters act as celestial rulers that simulate the precession of the equinoxes on the Earth's axis.

Taxa's Animalia Phyla Adventures [APA (not to be confused w/ American Psychological Association)] -- Biology and Life Science; Taxonomy and the Point of View is the phyla of Kingdom Animalia. Their focus is the inner conflict of individuals.

The Force of Nature-- Earth Science; all about the seismic waves and their properties. This project also includes cyclones personified. Like APA, they also focus on the inner conflict but they also include the care for the environment.

Spectra Electromagnetica [SpEM] -- Physics personification that mainly focuses on The Electromagnetic Spectrum.

    She's also trying to balance studies and arts. Joyful at times but really unstable. Anyways, she can learn to adapt the environment completely.

She's also able to try her best in order to be motivated in any aspect.

Other websites:

ToyHouse and Tumblr-- JulianaScientifica

ArtFight-- DivinitySpell

Art Status:

Art Trades-- OPEN
Commissions--OPEN (P.S. Send me a note if you want to send those commissions, requests and Art Trades and I am always open for that.)


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Do you take requests?
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I only draw humans, anthros, and humanoids. I don't draw NSFW, ferals, mechas and animals. 😅😅
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I actually do science gijinkas too (well, of geologic eras)
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