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The Thaumaturgist

"Wherefore do we call upon winds of the Southwest,
or the light of Zerioth yonder to the Northern firmaments,
if not to beckon the powers and principalities to our aid in these dire times.
We offer these sacrifices.
Make us whole again..."

- Codex of Rites - Treatise of Negation - Chapter 8 - Verse 45 -

Impressions of the Waning Void


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Intriguing head shape..... I had a dream once, of a strange being with a head in just this shape, was totally up front, yet in grey with geometric symbols around. It looked like an antropomorphized mantis with a larger head plate. Wasn't scared by it through and through. An Ecco of the path. Wish I could have talked to it.

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this is amazing looking i love the details and the colors amazing job

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I love this! I love sigils and sacred geometries. I probably would join if he has a cult group.
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Make us whole, Isaac!
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Thaumaturgy reminds me of SCP, I like this!

TheRoamer13's avatar
Yes, I can see the Sarkic vibe from this drawing.
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"'s a strange concept: always growing and branching in every direction onwards as if it were an endless tree, it is far too abstract for our feeble minds to understand and we cannot help ourselves but to limit it's nature to mere material outcomes in order to label it as "good or bad", in this foolish endeavor do we call for the help of the Thaumaturgist, the Miracle-Worker, for He DOES understand the meaning of fate, he sees the tree as a whole, and knows it's not his place to teach us, but to listen to our foolish cries and grant us it's disguised misery: by pruning off all those branches in our fate, all those "possibilities" and leaving behind only those aligned to our wishes, he keeps his subjects happy, the garden that its their flock of believers in order, and who indeed knows what uses can be made from the liberated branches of fate once they no longer belong to anyone but the Thaumaturgist himself?"

Love the piece, specially the arrow and infinity symbol, had to research the meaning of thaumaturgist since i wasn't sure, and while a miracle-worker sounds like something awesome i cannot help but want to give it a more dark tune as if instead of granting wishes magically it simply cuts down your fate so it goes into the route "closest to your wish" and while you may have what you wanted, you lost all the other chances fate had in store for you with different things, maybe worse but also maybe better with the rewards lying at it's end, who knows? maybe you could've become something greater than a human, but not anymore, that fate's not yours anymore, it's the Thaumaturgist's now, and he'll see that no "branch from the tree of fate" goes to waste, i mean: What BETTER twist for someone symbolizing "Infinite Possibilities" than to steal that infinite potential away from others~?
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One of the key things I want to establish in this universe is that Humans certainly do not exist here. This is a literal "Hellscape", only that it's not Hell as in the place of suffering where souls go in many religious traditions. Think of this universe as far removed from our reality much like how Stephen King's IT creature came from a void outside of our universe. It's certainly not a place you'd want to end up in.

The denizens of this world ascribe to concepts of morality and rationality that we humans can never comprehend. What they consider as "good" wouldn't even fit in our concept of good and evil. And if that is the case, then the Umbra they are fighting against is not "evil" as how we understand the concept of Evil. It is something else entirely. Utterly unknowable to us. Amoral wouldn't even begin to describe it.
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I understand the concept now, and i'll be sure to rectify in following lorebits to the Red series, if anything that only gives more freedom for really screwed up stuff, nice~!
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