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The Pale Thing

Impressions of the Waning Void

(PS: I actually had a dream -or should I say nightmare- set in the world of this series a couple of nights ago. In that dream, I was watching news on tv as different nations and regions fall into the darkness of the invading alien force (aka. Hierarchy) as they finally make landfall on Earth. Just like a virus, life was as normal as usual until news broke out they finally arrived to my city, everything goes into lockdown as strange apparitions began appearing on the streets, killing people en masse (think of that starting scene in The Bird Box). Skies turn deep red all throughout. Suffice to say it was horrifying. I managed to escaped and took refuge on a remote island where I and some lucky survivors hunkered down for a while. But we knew this refuge would not last long too. The dream was quite intense and scary, yet at the same time so fascinating that I kept going back to sleep in order to continue it. It was intense enough that it felt lucid and had some control of myself in it. The fact that I can still remember details of the dream till now is actually amazing. In the dream I think I caught glimpses of the Hierarchy themselves. But they were always blurry and glitching in my vision. I would very much like to return to that dream.)


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me seeing my naked self in the bathroom mirror lol love this tho

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I hate it when Hell desicedes to invade earth. E1M1 starts playing.

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You can return to your dreams? Mine just end when I wake up and then I wind up dreaming about something stupid like the kids film Open Season or a 5ft wide pizza made by a native american man.

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I can do that sometimes. Especially when I'm semi-conscious that the dream is too interesting. I can muster the will to continue it. But I need to immediately get back to sleep seconds of waking up, while your brain is still in a sub-conscious state, or else it will get lost.

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That. Is. Awesome! I never have interesting dreams. I remember this one dream where I'm stuck in a giant jelly bean

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this is so cool! gr8 art

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Wait!! Is thAt ThE Puebes GUy

for a some reason that kinda reminds me of scp 096 (the shy guy)

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I would very much like to return to that dream.

You do that, I will remain in the nice safe place without them.

That reminds of attack on titan haha
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Welp, time to turn all the lights on in the house forever
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Your dreams are the inspiration for your work? Wow, you have a gifted thought process. Have to say I'm impressed.

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Woah i love thaat

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In an alternative reality 'Alice in Wonderland' was a bit different.

The potion didn't actually shrunk her, but it shrunk her environment.

Thrillingly Stunning

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Dreams are powerful things. I've always suffered from intense night terrors and hyper-realistic dreams that I nearly always remember ever since I was little, and at this point I've come to greatly enjoy them. Like the thought of not dreaming or having nightmares is scarier to me than anything my mind has thus far produced, because all of my best ideas come to me while I am dreaming. They are very precious to me, and I wish that we'd develop technology like what is found in the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within film on how to record dreams and view them as a visual media.

And I am rarely in my dreams as a participant. I am always the audience, watching a cast of characters play out a cohesive story. Whenever I do find myself in the dream, it's always one of three types: It is always either extremely scary and based on something spooky I watched earlier, a dream about my job (a stress dream) or with my significant other doing something dumb and romantic.

But I too often force myself to go back to sleep when I wake up so I can pick up the dream where it left off. And since I lucid dream, if something is too dumb or doesn't make sense, I can adjust things to make it more interesting, and if a dream DOES become too spooky for me to handle, I make myself start screaming in the dream, which will make me wake up IRL. Handy little eject button that I discovered I had when I was getting chased by Dementors shortly after the third Harry Potter book released back in the day and I had spent a whole day reading through it. Woke up screaming 'EXPECTO PATRONUS' and realized I could actually escape when things got too scary for me to handle.

According to my SO and others, I talk and move a LOT in my sleep.

Anyway, long comment is long. Just been thinking about dreams and sleep lately and this made me want to ramble about it.

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Your mind produces horrors untold.

Please continue.

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this should be like the new pan's labyrinth, much more scary

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