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October 1, 2013
The Cradle World by ~Julian-Faylona
Featured by Shue13
Suggested by ErikShoemaker
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The Cradle World

Dead Earth, transformed into a massive installation by a highly advanced civilization that came many thousands of years after humanity became extinct, along with all life on Earth. The aliens who took over the planet regard it with much reverence, believing it was the cradle of their civilization. Therefore, along with it a massive disc was built around, where an artificial terrestrial environment was cultivated on its surface for habitation, as well as to facilitate research on the many ruins that are found on the planet surface. The entire installation is capable of moving by its own power and can even travel through hyperspace. Since hyperspacial travels for such a colossal object requires a huge amount of energy, such operation requires the assistance of another ring-like support installation which is stationed around its vicinity.

A big shout out to :iconerikshoemaker: for the suggestion!!! Do check out his awesome gallery as well!


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manati20's avatar
This is absolutely brilliant by the way, I love your art including that Star Engine one and the mobile planet, very evocative and just brilliantly drawn. I'm actually kind of an aspirating author, and I would genuinely get you to do art for my books!

(...if i ever can get anything published lol)
ZanarNaryon's avatar
So was it the origin of their civilization? Were these aliens the Heirs to Humanity's Legacy?
c0rwyn's avatar
fantastic. =D 
CyclonisRose's avatar
We really need more artwork like this along with the descriptions. It's a reminder that there's much more out there than the things that go on in the daily lives of average people.
DeadDancers's avatar
Creative, sad, wonderful.
TheForbiddonFruit's avatar
ZanarNaryon's avatar
That's an interesting idea.
Usually Humanity or other aliens believe ancient aliens are Deity's, but here I assume these "New" aliens think Humanity where special
Thank you again, Julian, for letting me acquire this image for the reprint of my novel REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS. It's a terrific painting. It doesn't represent an actual scene from the book, but it does a great job of presenting a millieu of FTL travel.

All best,
John E. Stith
Julian-Faylona's avatar
You're welcome! Glad to be a part of your work! :)
hornethornet's avatar
Spiral Knights. Please check out Spiral Knights.
Valinakova's avatar
XelfrepuslaX's avatar
Oh wow love it :D.
madmadman01's avatar
daaaamn thats the greatest thing ever
TheUniqueGeek's avatar
I know what this reminds me of! The movie Oblivion!
GeneralThomas03's avatar
Looks like the Reapers advanced their technology a bit. ^_^
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