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The 7th Sign: Descent of the Host



By now the Earth has become utterly changed and transformed. It has become eerily familiar. The hellscape that I once recognized as the Hierarchy homeworld is here. The shadow of the heretic god has followed them through the rift, and with it brought decay and degeneracy upon this system. Soon, the disease will spread to nearby star systems, infecting much of the Orion Spur, eventually spreading outwards to the Perseus Arm and the rest of the galaxy. Then it would have gained momentum to go beyond intergalactic space, and bring pestilence to the rest of the cosmos. Another universe, fallen into darkness. 

At this point more than three quarters of the entire human population have been annihilated with the conclusion of the recent attack. The entire world (save for a few regions untouched by the bombardment) is now in ashes, and haunted by all kinds of unspeakable horrors. The weapons used by the Hierarchy ripped thousands of cuts into the very fabric of space, allowing all manner of interdimensional creatures and beings to enter into our reality. Strange biomass have begun infesting ruins of cities and landscapes across the world. The realm of the physical and spiritual are now entangled into a nightmarish limbo. 

When all has come to pass, a final sign appeared from the skies. A colossal black sphere descended. It was crowned in thorns of lightning and malevolent energies. Scarlet rain drenched the earth once more. Thunder roared across the lands, and the winds wailed and howled balefully, as if to extol the coming of a profaned messiah. He is here, and all the creatures of the Earth shall tremble in fear for the Most High is now in our presence. I am no not worthy to observe his divine countenance, for I am no longer anointed with the sight of clarity. Woe be to those who dare look upon him. 

Impressions of the Waning Void

This is an old piece which I have integrated into the series. Yes it's amazing how I could have managed to create a narrative for this old piece that ties it up to the entire series. I wasn't kidding when I said before that some of my older pieces in my Sci-Fi and Dark series are somewhat related to this series.

One of my artworks for Aurora's 2nd Exhibit with the theme: RED

This is one out of two pieces I contributed to the exhibit.

Check out other great works from other artists by visiting the exhibit's page:…


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Dear deviant n thanks a lot please DM cause it be a pleasure too share your work.

just use a blog as “dark diary”/reflection it would match awesome

move on thanks too share

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We believe you may have been a victim of the maddening effects of the crimson cataclysm. We offer to feed on your mind until you are once again at peace.

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Well that person staring is doomed, although doomed any which way so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hopefully their nemesis are right on their heels ready to kick their asses.

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An oldie but goodie.

fromsorrowsvoid's avatar

YES YES. Reusing old art within the story is great

As grim as this has gotten, I still hold out hope that everyone's favorite sentient black hole will show up to destroy the Hierarchy. Yes, that would mean the end of Earth and humanity as we know it, but I'd rather die that way than have my soul ripped from my body and thrust into Limbo. Hopefully all those poor souls would be freed, too.

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This whole series has been such a glorious ride. Thank you for making them. Thank you thriceover for sharing them.

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thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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I love this. absolutely love this.

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Stunning and incredible! I love it. :la:
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Looks like an unholy eclipse O.O ... but at least it's not a red giant which is about to swallow earth. 
Lilithimmaculate6's avatar
I can't stand the perfection of this piece!!! 🖤❤🖤Red and black are my favorite colors and you have executed them exquisitely!
Solidus-Skully's avatar
Getting some major 'Death Metal Album cover' vibes outta this artwork and that is a very good thing dude.

Seriously man the amount of detail you've put in is immaculate and totally twisted.
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I had to love this, because I just uploaded a piece that had a red sky with an eclipse as well. LOL great job!!
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This is the coolest thing! 
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