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September 12, 2016
Primus Ecumenicum by Julian-Faylona: an iconic and ingenious illustration of space engineering.
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Primus Ecumenicum


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Maethrillian, also known as the Capital or Ecumene of the Forerunners. The structure consists of world plates arranged in a spiral formation along a central stalk, with the largest world plate at the center, decreasing in size towards both ends. The largest plate is as large as the equatorial diameter of Jupiter. During an attack or emergency situations, the plates can move into a tight formation above one another, so that the entire structure would resemble a giant sphere, and is protected by powerful shields and other defense mechanisms. Each plates hold its own unique environments, as desired and designed by the Forerunners. It houses their central government, military, scientific, socioeconomic, cultural, and other aspects that define the Forerunner civilization.


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CaptnObviousFTW's avatar

This must be how flat-earthers think the world was made.

Jokes aside, a sweet mind boggling concept.