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September 12, 2016
Primus Ecumenicum by Julian-Faylona: an iconic and ingenious illustration of space engineering.
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Primus Ecumenicum

Maethrillian, also known as the Capital or Ecumene of the Forerunners. The structure consists of world plates arranged in a spiral formation along a central stalk, with the largest world plate at the center, decreasing in size towards both ends. The largest plate is as large as the equatorial diameter of Jupiter. During an attack or emergency situations, the plates can move into a tight formation above one another, so that the entire structure would resemble a giant sphere, and is protected by powerful shields and other defense mechanisms. Each plates hold its own unique environments, as desired and designed by the Forerunners. It houses their central government, military, scientific, socioeconomic, cultural, and other aspects that define the Forerunner civilization.


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Worst-Nightmare's avatar

I wonder what it'd look like from ground level on any of the plates.

antcow's avatar

Ah ha! Found it!

I love this Maethrillian it's much more in character with the forerunners considering what we know about them from the lore both old and new.

Worst-Nightmare's avatar

Yeah, We know the Forerunners are dicks.

no I mean the fact that the can make entire Planetary ecosystems with ease.

DarkOmen94's avatar
A flat-worlder's wet dream right there :)
KreepingSpawn's avatar
How peculiar, and terrifically impractical. ;D but beautiful. 
culdeefan4's avatar
Those civilizations in space really remind me of the Space colonies from the Gundam franchise.
dolynick's avatar

This is very cool. I may have to borrow the idea for a modding project at some point. Hope you don't mind.

Julian-Faylona's avatar
Go ahead. it's from Halo anyways.
FirebirdTransAm68's avatar

I am thinking of making a sci-fi story based on this picture.

Good job on the design. I really appreciate your effort and discipline.

FirebirdTransAm68's avatar
purple10011's avatar
So the earth IS FLAT
NebulousEsperance's avatar
Intriguing story bits around it. I love when artists bring their creations to life :) Great job!
DrawingDudette's avatar
Flat earthers are QUAKING
EVAUnit4A's avatar
Please tell me you followed this up with a full-body view of this planetary marvel...?
Julian-Faylona's avatar
343 already has an official artwork of the full view of the capital. So I won't bother to.
inkoalawetrust's avatar
This must be the real shape of the Earth.
BeakTVArt's avatar
So cool amazing artwork and description :)
BeakTVArt's avatar
You're welcome :)
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