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Lord of the Ascendant Hosts

And thus I heard the mournful braying of the imperial horns, whose sounds instilled me with atavistic dread. Then I felt pain in my eyes as one would look directly at the Sun; I glimpsed upon a form, beautiful and terrible, but a form too abstract for my mortal eyes to comprehend. The cold air became alive with tremendous and overwhelming power as the procession crossed the threshold. All heads bowed in unison upon the One now present in the cavernous nave.

A Sigil of mine began to resonate. The presence of Him saturated the air with unseen rays that pierced all flesh. I felt slightly ill... I raised the power of my Sigil to shield me from His terrible presence. The air around him glowed brilliantly. I saw minute but quick flashes of light in my vision. It was barely enough to protect me. Then in the next moment, I engaged another Sigil to shield my ears from His voice. It felt like entire mountains crashing down. In the absence of sound, waves rippled in the air and distorted space as it moved. Light became distorted and the nave became illuminated at wrong angles in some places.

Behold, it is the Archemperor... the One Most High and eternal will of the Hierarchy. I dare not observe his countenance... for I am not worthy.

-Excerpt from the First Envoy's Journal-

Impressions of the Waning Void


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every time i see this i think of roots of unity from complex analysis

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Two words: "The Void"

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Could be album art for Behemoth =o.

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We would call this a favor to you but truly it is for our own amusement. We offer our services as proofreader.

There are some minor errors in the text which we noticed. We await your response.

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How you depict concepts and world beyond human comprehension, with wrong laws of physics, universe distortion, so weird creatures and worlds, it feels so like not made for us, I love the chronicles of the outer void ! 
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Maybe you'd be interested in Hinterlands by William Gibson. Some of the tropes I used in this series are somewhat inspired from that story. Basically, an encounter with a superior civilization is not something you'd wish even on your worst enemy.

You can listen to the podcast here.
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Wow, thank you very much for sharing !
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All of your images relating to this are amazing. They appeal to me in a way I can feel. I like artwork that makes me feel something, so I just don't nod it off. I look into it more, and imagine things. I think about things with them. This is one of those images. Happy to have seen your artwork on the last 24 hours of DA, because otherwise I may have found you much later.

You create works that make me think. I like it.
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thank you. Glad you feel that way. Because that's exactly the kind of effect I intend to convey. :)
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Powerful image! I can almost hear him saying "We will ascend to the stars!"
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Looks like a depiction of Baal 
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Is this scription from a published book or journal?!  I am looking at this and thinking the notations near the being's hands are part of Enochian Magic (High Alchemy).
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I made it up myself.
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