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Invasion of the Cubeship (Variation 2)

Another variation of a previous work.

Commission for a Youtube channel, which goes by the name of, MrSuicideSheep. Follow the link below and check out some awesome music.…


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IT's the all spark! LOVE THIS!!

Tiparium's avatar

*Screams in Ramiel*

Amidamaru88's avatar
love the details on the city lights and the cube
Mynameisnotchris33's avatar
Hello, Julian!
I've greatly enjoyed your work. 
I have shared your work on… with a linkback to this page. Post will publish on the 25th of this month. 
If you have another site of your own you'd like linked, please let me know so that you get 100% credit for your art. 
Thank you for making beautiful artwork!
Julian-Faylona's avatar
thanks for the feature! :)
SamaHafiz2000's avatar
If this happened in real life... :D!!!
apelaths's avatar
Excellent work!! (y)
templar127's avatar
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
Gorgeous !

I prefer this variation ^^
Master-Sora-King's avatar
You bring a whole new meaning to the words "Armageddon" and "Doomsday." Very cool.
kev-khenry's avatar
this is pretty awesome.
ZGuy0fSci's avatar
*expecting the 1st hundred or so comments to be "We are the Borg, Resistance is Futile" ;p

though 2bh, it actually kinda reminds me more a bit of the 'arron' or whatever from Kid Icarus Uprising ^-^
Very good stuff! /)'
ZGuy0fSci's avatar
^-^  played Uprising yet?
Julian-Faylona's avatar
i've seen it but i've not played it yet. i don't have a console. lol
ZGuy0fSci's avatar
It's for the 3DS handheld system, and quite good.  If you have or get a 3DS at some point I highly recommend it.  Meanwhile there is Cc's really good LP of it:…

Controls to start with are a tad odd and the weapon forging system could have been done a tad better but overall is a great game and a worthy system seller.
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
It looks like that go ornament ice cube from Futurama.
Mynameisblupyro's avatar
Every year, to fight Global Warming, we drop a giant ice cube into the ocean.
This is spectacular. Now I'm getting strong cube from Transformers vibes. genuis picture.
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