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Holy Ground



The Coherent Messenger is one of many anomalous relics left behind by an unknown race of extra-dimensional beings that once set foot upon the Earth, hundreds of millions of years even before the arrival of the extra solar race that established a global empire on Earth, including the much fabled Atlanteans, who traveled the cosmos in search of these artifacts scattered across the known universe. They believe that a comprehensive study of these relics will eventually yield the truth about the origins of life, consciousness, and the ultimate answer to the deepest mysteries of creation. Sadly for all their noble efforts, their endeavors only spiraled down into wars with other beings that eventually led to their own destruction, all for the sake of control of these relics.

Each relic has an AI construct bound to it that acts as a custodian. The Atlanteans, having studied these constructs for thousands of years have determined that although each custodial AI are self-aware and do possess their own unique personalities, they are all connected to one another in unison, sharing the same "consciousness" across the entire universe, achieving a sort of omnipresence. Despite all efforts to commune with these AIs to unlock their deepest knowledge, they are known to have a characteristic disdain for lesser beings and is commonly known for its tendency to toy with its subjects by imparting misleading data or information; although it speaks truth at certain times. This has led Atlantean scientists to subject revelations from the AIs to extensive meditation in order to ascertain the truth behind them.

Moses is the only human being to have encountered the Coherent Messenger, albeit by accident. Moses, a being primitive by cosmic standards, could not comprehend what he was seeing, and simply described the AI as a "Burning Bush". The AI, being able to read his inner thoughts decided to make a pact with Moses, by agreeing to help him free his people from tyranny. In return, the AI expressed that it desired to be known as a god in order to challenge the arrogance of the degenerate Egyptian kingdom who claim to be heirs to its Atlantean precursors. The true intention of the AI behind this pact, whether it be out of sincerity or another one of its mischievous devices is speculative at best. The AI, calling the ground as sacred by ordering Moses to go barefoot and prostrate before it is quite indicative of the AI's typical behavior.


My entry for the The Luminarium's 28th Exhibit, with the theme, ILLUMINATE VII.

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you magnificient bastard, that's one way to start a religion, sadly I see a scarecrow in the shape of the structure, hmm it would be hilarious if at the end when all relicts were found, their big reveal would be TROLOLOLOLOL, life is what you make of it bro stop wasting time with this shit and go enjoy life :)