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Remember how the old 8bit game cartridges always had art on it that doesn't seem to make any sense or even relating to the game itself?


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Reminds me of Halo 2
PanSpec's avatar
As someone who grew up with those pieces of artwork and was immensely inspired by them (although unable to replicate their style), I think you nailed it. John Harris would be proud of it, and it looks like it could have been a cover for Crash:ZX Spectrum, or Zap 64!
Aeter-Link's avatar
Magnificent-looking piece. These, um, gondolae make perfect sense to me!=P (Razz) 
timohuovinen's avatar
Definitely 8bit cartridge art.. xD
Urus-28's avatar
I really like this picture, it reminds me Tron in a more hardware way =)
harlequinhybrid's avatar
Wow I'm continually blown away by your work
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Well, this is certainly impressive work. I really like the fact that it's a mixed medium; 3d with what appears to be a lot of work done in post. Too many artists just produce renders, and while they are technically quite well done, it's the extra work that is needed to make them truly shine that is missing.

Composition, lighting, simply the use of color even, all of this is wonderful. +watch from me, for sure. This is some inspiring work you got in your gallery.
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Smiling-Demon's avatar
Love this, reminds me of the Original Tron quite a bit too. 
IzzuThug's avatar
Amazing artwork! Truly feels retro scifi.
SSSS7777's avatar
Very Cool ! :wow: 
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garryts's avatar
That is great - love the composition and colour palette... There is something about it that reminds me of John Harris and his 'Mass' images.

Great stuff - well done! :-)
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The kinda make me think that they're like city trains
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