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The Unbending Filaments, also known as Star Roads from the Halo Forerunner Saga, among the most impressive of Precursor constructs, was something I had trouble wrapping my mind around for sometime. Different people have different notions of what they are. At least in my interpretation of how the novels described them, they're like these massive planetary scale tendrils or even tentacles, that stretched across planets, star systems, even galaxies, effectively linking them in one continuous unbreaking network. In truth there's really no accurate way of describing them since they are not explored in detail in the books, even the Forerunner's later encounters with them when the Flood took control of the Star Roads, and what these structures were capable of doing only makes it more difficult to comprehend. It only further proves the abstract nature of these structures. It's as if they're higher dimensional or Slipspace objects made solid and tangible within the confines of our reality.

The Precursors, at least in my opinion, were beings that were so insanely advanced, so alien, that the vast reaches of their technology far transcends even the extreme limits of Forerunner science and philosophy. It would be like cavemen trying to replicate a Forerunner Keyship with stone tools and wooden materials. They were effectively Lovecraftian in nature, with a hint of Giger-ism about them. They are an eldritch anomaly, and they are not meant to be fully understood by beings bound in this universe. Even the novels claim that some Forerunners succumbed to insanity when they came into contact with certain Precursor artifacts.

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Wow, this is awesome looking!
I love your interpretation of the precursor structures, it makes it look very exotic!
I'm hoping to have things on this scale in my stories!
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well the previous people have said most of what needs to be said about the pic, I especially agree with the Giger-ism to it, personally I get the feeling to burn it with fire, it just feels wrong.
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You know it's incomprehensibly advanced technology when it drives Forerunners insane
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Waaaooowww. 0.0
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Hot damn, this is gorgeous! Your interpretation is actually larger than what I visualized them as in the books, definitely more unique and lovecraftian. Interesting to think that Ancient Humanity actually managed to reverse engineer some of this stuff ("stuff"being Precursor technology) in their millennia-ling war against the Flood and Forerunners. The Iso-Didact described the Human cities and fortifications as being "vines growing on the trunks of great trees", with the "trees" being the Precursor Unbending filaments which you have so beautifully envisioned here.
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Wow, this is mind bendingly awesome. This should be made into a movie and a book and the cover of that book.
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Wow! I never read the books set in the Halo universe, but your portrait of the Unbending Filaments is something from out of this world. :o
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I imagined the Star Roads as beautiful, metallic structures, simplistic in their design; yet complex and Eldritch with the use of Neural Physics.

I also imagined when the Flood began to use them as weapons, they appeared like massive steel wool, a tangled mess from hell. :P

Your imagining of the Star Roads is equally spectacular. It makes the Forerunner Trilogy more alive! Keep it up! :)
This artwork is gorgeous!!! But also, wasn't it stated in Halo:Cryptum, that Precursor tech was crystalline in nature to an extent or at least crystalline in appearance? I think it was mentioned in the section where the devastation of Charum Hakkor was described in detail. I'm not not trying to insult your artwork, but it instead makes me think of something the B5 Vorlons would have hypothetically made if they were advanced enough.
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Spectacular. I don't know if I'd like the books, but I love the illustration.
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Awesome illustration. :) When reading descriptions of Star Roads on Halopedian I was also struggling to visualize them. This is now my reference image.
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You're welcome.
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