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More megastructures in space.

Manipulating entire gas giants for purposes I can't seem to describe.


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Terrific work Jiulian!

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So cool and unique! Loving your sci-fi work dude!
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A Dysons sphere protoype maybe?

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Reminds me of the Gigastructural Engineering mega structure Substellar Compressor from Stellaris.

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thought this was tres2b at first.
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now this is the kind of sci-fi that i like! 
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Well, gas giants are mostly hydrogen and maybe some hydrogen/oxygen/carbon compounds.

So, if you have nanotechnology you need a simple building material for all the busy nanites to construct your dream gown out of.

What simpler building material could there be than hydrogen?

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Very cool. Nice work! :w00t:

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fantastic work, the structure seems quite imposing. Love it!
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I love these incredible megastructures from other dimensions, it's just so great
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You're welcome :D
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The funny thing is that after watching Isaac Arthus video on shell worlds and orbital rings, this does not seem far fetched. Immersive in its realistic depiction of something actually feasible.

Love the scale and color that depicts its vast scale.
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I love watching Isaac Arthur's channel. I get tons of inspirations from there.
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