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Sugar cubes

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I just imagine "Hey Boss, you brought them!" -qqq

I used this [link] for reference, because it is really hard to draw horses e.e'

Blackjack and Percy (c) Rick Riordan

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dorkybae02Hobbyist Artist
Their beautiful
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Nice use of the shadows and highlights to make sure Blackjack didn't look flat. Black is the hardest pigment to work with when your trying to make something look 3-D or  2.5-D in your case.

Yes there is such a thing as 2.5-D. The fact that you used outlines (a 2-D effect) and as I mentioned earlier, shadows and highlights (a 3-D effect), proves that
2.5-D exists.

My only suggestion would be to make the wings completely outstretched. I can't tell if they are already folding or are already folded. 
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AngelBellatorHobbyist Artist
¡BLACKJACK! Love Heart Love 
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Kitrei-SirtoHobbyist General Artist
this is sooo much better than the picture i did of these two (fav.me/d757tqv). i really need to redraw mine XD. awesome job :D
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lalicsirenHobbyist Writer
Yo, boss! He capered around his stall, his black wings buffeting the air. Ya bring me some sugar cubes? 
"You know those aren't good for you, Blackjack."
Yeah, so you brought me some, huh?
I smiled and fed him a handful.
~~~~ a little wile later.
Blackjack crunched down his sugar cubes. He shook his mane like he was having a sugar seizure.Whoa! Good stuff! Well, boss, you come to your senses and want to fly somewhere, just give a whistle.Ole Blackjack and his buddies, we'll stampede anybody for ya!
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Jessie827Professional Traditional Artist
Nice, but a little advice… Blackjack is a BOY So try not to do some girly eyes oh and add a little comment… Blackjack: "meh, you see Chiron sleeping in the stables?" Percy: "Um, no…" XDDDD
SMILEYSMILESXDHobbyist Digital Artist
Well in the Sea of Monsters when he was first introduced, Rick Riordan refered to Blackjack as "she" but then for the rest of the series he's a guy haha. 
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CorgiFoxiHobbyist Digital Artist
That is a nice blackjack.  Good Job!
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Wolfygirl465Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BLACKJACK! Yay  I love him so much! You drew him amazingly!
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I love how in all of your pictures of Percy, you always put in his gray streak! People always forget about their gray streaks and I just think they're pretty awesome.
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Why did I think Percy was Leo at first? WHAT ANIMAL HAVE I BECOME?!
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Percy and Blackjack are one of my favorite human/animal teams ever! No one can beat them, they may come close, but Percy and Blackjack always prevail!
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I love Percy and Blackjack. Every hero needs an animal friend in my opinion.
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Percy: Blackjack/Mrs. OLeary
Leo: Festus
Tyson: Rainbow
Hazel: Arion
Jason: Tempest
Nico: Mrs. OLeary
Grover: Every animal
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It did happen wxzhenghoppytruffles.
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wxzhenghoppytrufflesHobbyist General Artist
i know now, my memory is awesome!
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A cara do Blackjack está exatamente como eu imagino!!
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wxzhenghoppytrufflesHobbyist General Artist
i can imagine this....
Blackjack: hey boss! got any sugar cubes?
Percy: you know those are no good for you.
Blackjack: so you got them?
Percy: *sigh* (slips them out) yep. here.
Blackjack: om nom!

i'm pretty sure this happened in the book.
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Actually, you just about word for worded the book there, so yeah xD
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wxzhenghoppytrufflesHobbyist General Artist
*clinks glasses of beer*
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