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Frozen Genderbend Movie Poster

This came out after a suggestion on tumblr , it was pretty fun to make :)
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This looks amazing!
heart8822's avatar
yeah i agree 
cindys-broken-glass7's avatar
I hope you'll make some genderbend art from Frozen 2!!! Your Genderbenders are the best!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
EquestrianWorld's avatar
now the masculine Elsa reminds me of Jack Frost... would be an awesome movie, for sure! 
CrazyYetAdorable's avatar
I ain't no Frozen fan nor stan(and presumably there are lots of Frozen dislikes as me, "surprisingly"), however, I do think that each one of us certainly needs to acknowledge the fact that Frozen does hold a bunch of impressively artistic people with a diverse, colorful artworks which this happens to be one of them!

P.S I would totally pay my dignity just to see a genderbend, hand-drawn animated interpretation/full-version of Frozen. Now just imagine how much artistry and creativity the movie will contain if my demands occurred so! It will totally get me hooked!
Endivie11's avatar
I'm probably late but I absolutely love your Frozen genderbends! They all look so awesome :D
Whes's avatar
There are ways this would have been an even more progressive movie than the one they actually made. :(

Good redesigns.
unicorn-skydancer08's avatar
If they had been designed this way, I would have dubbed them King Elias and Prince Andrew.
CarlottaStudios's avatar
This is amazing!!!!!
Cynthrey's avatar
i just have one thing to say:
A (Alphabets) M Alphabets (Words) A (Alphabets) Z (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) G (Alphabets) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) 
MysticallyArtisticMe's avatar
Awesome! I love gender bends like these!
Tenshineko01's avatar
This looks really cool.
LadyBear80's avatar
I love the male Elsa more. ^^ This looks great by the way!
me1234mh's avatar
This should have been the movie
Ambers-and's avatar
Wow, I'd just love to see more of those *____* Well done!
Caiobella's avatar
interesting, good work
BloodfangTheGreen's avatar
Pretty cool! /puns/
GallantServer's avatar
Lemme guess their names! Kristen- Kristoff, Harriet- Hans, Arnold- Anna, and Edur- Elsa (it means snow)
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