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Elsa Redesign
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Published: January 25, 2015
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because playing with Elsa’s design is always fun
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kdart55Hobbyist Digital Artist
This literally took my breath away!! Sooo gorgeous!!
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Elsa's hair and eyes would not have changed even if she were black.
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AniMagix101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well it's more realistic, since usually only Europeans have platinum blonde hair and blue eyes- her skin, eyes and hair aren't particularly ice features, just European ones. So the darker hair and eyes make perfect sense!
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AristodesHobbyist Digital Artist
A black Elsa? Imagine if they made Mulan, Pocahontas, or Tiana white. There'd be a riot. "But there's a little dragon, a talking tree, and talking animals! Why can't she be white?!" 

I'm not against a black Elsa as long as there's no double-standard against white people. If you want to represent other races, do so in their own stories. Disney gets it. Mulan was in China, Tiana wasn't out of place (the US isn't natively white or black), and Pocahontas was indeed living where her people had lived for many, many years.
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They've done that in plenty of times in movies, such as Avatar where the entire main cast was made of white children except for Prince Zuko who was Indian. Jim Sturgess played the Asian character Hae-Joo Chang in the film Cloud Atlas. Josh Harnett played the lead character originally written as Inuit in 30 days of Night. Johnny Depp playing Tonto in the Lone Ranger and a bizillion other roles where white people were cast in the place of people of color. Don't get me started on Native Americans in old westerns. So it does happen, and often, and still to this day. It does not negate the fact that this artist has the right to portray Elsa however she wishes. I don't think there was anything in this post about white washing or black washing, so why bring it up?
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AristodesHobbyist Digital Artist
Depp was criticized for playing Tonto, as I recall. Just because someone has the legal right to do something doesn't make it morally or ethically sound to do. That's why I bring it up.
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Renegade1765Student General Artist
I agree. I was especially angry when they cast Aisha Jackson to play Anna and another black actor to play Kristoff in the broadway musical. The movie takes place in 19th century Norway and virtually no black people lived in those ares, during that time. I'm not a racist, but changing a character's skin color, sexual orientation or gender won't make the story better, it will only break it.
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Joan-Grace Digital Artist
I like the way you word this. I'm 100% fine with Elsa redesign, but people think it's offensive to redesign Mulan/Tiana as white. A double standard is wrong, and both types of artwork should be appreciated
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galaxymadisonStudent Digital Artist
This is good but I always find it funny when people get offended by “White Washing”
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woah. black Elsa. 
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Gamerz31wHobbyist Artist
Black Elsa nice skin colour.
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I wished i looked like this

but i can't 
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EquestrianWorldHobbyist Digital Artist
so beautiful! 
I just rushed through some of your gallery arts and I LOVE your style! I love how you portray the differences of all skin color, culture, and everything.. 
just had to watch you! :heart: 
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This is amazing ! I love it.
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BrandolaBlueHobbyist Photographer
Her left arm would look better if it matched her right arm
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SpottedTalon7Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, this is glorious!
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Daniel-GleebitsHobbyist Writer
I mean, it makes so sense in terms of the story, but damnit what is a fandom for, I should like to know

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FilllyreportsHobbyist Writer
Redesigns of Elsa are like my favorite thing 
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I'm in love with this!! Ahhh!!
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AntonioAlexisHuertaHobbyist Writer
This is better than the film.
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Ninja1610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the contrast. So pretty!
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DJspark3Hobbyist Digital Artist
dark skin elsa is always good elsa
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