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X Men: First Class Meme

By juliahiddles
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My first original meme =D
I don't know about you, but First Class just became one of my favorite movies. I just had to do a meme. And, of course, I can't wait to fll it =D, but only after school endes TT^TT

If you fill the meme, don't forget to comment so I can see it! Seriously, I can wait to see what you do :dummy:
And don't forget to tag lots of people ^^

Almost 1000 views in just a week?? This is awsome :D
We certanly are the First Class army now ;)

Finally did mine :D ---->
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im sorry i think its overrated
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im doing it YAAAAY love dis movie
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I finally finished mine !…
Thanks for creating it, it's a great meme :D
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I wanna do this meme so bad but i can't... Art
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My friend did it, but could not link you herself. She says that it was an epic meme!
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thats mine: [link]
it was lot of fun thanks ^^
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Gonna fill it too :)
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May I fill out your blank meme? I'll give you credit for making the questions and designing it. :)
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Please do! And don't forget to leave a comment when you post it, I cannot wait to see it!
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I absolutely love this movie!
Thanks for making this!

Here's my finished meme: [link]
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Absolutely loved it!
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I did it! [link]
Thanks so much! It was fun~
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I completely adored it! One of my favorites for sure!!!
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