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red by rod-n
 You - Wallpaper by pincel3d
1.086 - seeing red by testdrive  
Deep Red Cactus by switch-sgfx  Red is red by MissUmlaut  orange by i-shadow
.:orange:. by efeline
 Orange grunge by darkrose42-stock  Xenoccia-orange- by xenokurisu

Orange Sherbert by Pandemoniumswings  Orange savannah by dukacia  Orange by ntpdang
Pure Orange by armene  yellow by Dimrosta87

5w-m2 by Jayantara  
pure yellow by miezeTatze  Shy by Callu  219 oOOo again by viedymin
Just a Daisy by Alliec
green by suiluj  Green by ClefairyKid
Soft Green by MarcoHeisler  Blue and Yellow by x-a-e
Yellow by JeanFan  The Pursuit by iNeedChemicalX  Teal by HalfGeniusHalfWit
baah by moussee  Foggy stroll by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
blue by forgottenx
blue by opaque-studios  Blue by ninazdesign  Indigo by SachaKalis
 Indigo Soul by Lilyas
Violet by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY  Lake Indigo by CoWin  Into The Violet. by OrchidFeehan
Violet by modigio
Violet Universe by StacyD  violet by tea-pot

A big thank you to all the artists for sharing their wonderful work!

Oh. My. Gosh. This took me so long! I don't know how many thousands of deviations I scrolled through. I wish some of the transitions were a bit smoother, but overall I'm really happy with it and I found some really awesome work! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I think I'll continue with theme and do a spread on each color. What do you think?

Until Next time
- Jules

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Guten Abend Devlings!
I'm pretty sure most of you know about Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales project since it popped up in the contests in my inbox. I've been following it since Neil was asking questions on Twitter. I love the whole project idea and how interactive and collaborative it is. I'm hoping to submit some artwork to the project (assuming I can get it done in the next 14 days! Ahh!!) and drew up some concept sketches. I posted them on my blog tonight, so I thought I'd share them over here. You can read the full blog entry here.

February Tale

July Tale

Both are concepts for sculpture. The sky-whale is going to be a needle felt wool sculpture and the bear will be papier-mâché. I also want to build a little igloo out of mini handmade books. We'll see what I can get done in 14 days though!

Are you planning to submit anything to the project? If so, comment with a link so I can check out your work! I'd love to see it.

Toodle pip!
- Jullese

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Hello Devlings!
Today I'm featuring some of the work on dA that really inspires me. Each piece really makes me want to go *do* something with my own artwork and gives me something to aspire to. Of course, inspiration and aspiration can be a double edge sword because sometimes I end up battling my inner critic when I look at all the wonderful work and I despair that I'll ever be "that good" or "good enough".

I used to let those thoughts get to me and keep me from my art, especially because I struggled with thinking that art wasn't really something I could do by way of a career. I thought I had to find some sort of "real job", so I floundered around trying to find something else I could stand and never really being able to whole heartedly enjoy it. I kept believing my dreams and desires weren't important or good enough, but much too slowly I've realized they are important and I can be who I want to and make art. Now I am doing my best not to let those doubtful voices get to me and to look at inspiration as a way to spur me forward.

Digital Art

Into Light                                    Forest Secret
by Saimain

Okay, Into Light is really traditional art, but it is tied for my all time favorite piece of her's with Forest Secret, so I couldn't just leave it out.

I don't think I could pick just one favorite artist on dA, but if I had to narrow it down to 3-5, Saimain would be at the top of the list. Her artwork never ceases to amaze me and her characters are wonderful. These two particular pieces are great inspiration to me, not only in the general area of drawing portraits, but also for my desire to paint the portraits of my own stories' characters. I revel in the fantasy portrayed in her work and it gives me motivation to continue working with my own worlds and characters.

Wool sculpture is probably my most favorite medium to work with and dragons are one of my favorite critters to felt. I had a whole series of felted dragons planned, but when I was almost done with my third, the neck became over felted and my dragon got beheaded. I was devastated and it took me a long time to return to felting and I have yet to restart my dragon series. tallydragon's little green dragon gave me back the desire to start working on my own dragons again. Not to mention that it's just plain adorable!

I love the emotions expressed in this piece, the style, the colors, everything. It's also another piece that gives me the inspiration to get back to something. I've been journaling practically everyday for around a decade now and last year I discovered art journaling. However, this past Nov-Jan the monster of depression took over and for the first time in years.... I stopped journaling. Now, I've started again, but have not started the art journaling aspect of it again. Finding this piece re-awoke my interest and motivation to art journaling again.

Traditional Art

by paulrichardjames

This piece was one of the first things that made my "top favorites" on dA. I was instantly in love with it and almost cried when I found out it had already been sold. I don't think I've ever wanted to purchase a piece of art quite as much as I did this one before. I love the style and the medium (encaustic!) and the scene itself. It's one of the types of things I've always wanted to portray in my work, but since I grew up with nudity being rather taboo, I found myself afraid of what my family and friends would think were I to include any in my work. Some unhelpful comments when I dared try also did me no good. Every time I look at this piece I find myself getting some of the courage I need to say "who cares what they think" and start making the type of art that I want to.

This image so perfectly displays the sense of whimsy I want to bring into my photography and other artwork. I graduated photography school and have been very focused on taking nice pictures. I had a bit of a style, but I also struggled for years with thinking I had to become a portrait or studio photographer even though I really didn't want to. Now, I am finally done with warring against myself and am pursuing my artistic dreams, so I am focusing on discovering my style and what I want to portray. Whimsy is high up on the list.

I would love to hear about what or see any pieces that inspire you and encourage you, so if there's a special piece or artist you'd like to share let me know in the comments!

Well, I hope you love these talented artists' works as much as I do and I hope you will feel inspired and encouraged to pursue your own artistic dreams!
- Jules

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Have a raven... or he'll have your heart!

His name is Poeykeats. You can read his story on the deviation page or on my blog if you're interested.

All my love,
- Jules
ps. My apologies if you've seen this come up in your inbox multiple times, but dA broke my journal it seems and I've given up trying to figure it out, so I'll just wait and see if they unbreak it soon!

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Aloha Devlings!
Just wanted to talk a little bit about my latest uploads, since it's one of my most favorite things I've made; a felted Stitch! (From Disney's Lilo & Stitch if you are unfamiliar.)

Isn't he adorable? Mind, he likes to tie knots in my yarn, but still, you can't help but love him. Making him was a lot of fun, though all those fingers and claws got a bit tedious! He's 100% wool, no wire or filler, and very firm. I also gave him all his proper appendages. It's pretty rare to find a Stitch stuffie with his 6 arms and all the antennae, but that's my favorite form, so of course I felted him that way. Here are some detail views:

He started off as a gift for a friend, but I couldn't bear to part with him, so I ended up making a twin for my friend. You can read more about that on my blog. There's a picture of the twin and even a picture of the two felties hugging, awww, so go check it out!

Well, I hope you adore him just as much as I do.
- Jools

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