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Copyright infringement is stealing; please do not steal my work.

Copyright Notice:
All works posted are © Copyright Julia Grace unless otherwise noted. All characters portrayed in my work whether written or visual are of my own creation unless otherwise noted. My work is not public-domain and cannot be reproduced, traced, copied, altered, printed, or saved without my explicit permission.

Sharing, Features, & Blogging
Please share my work anywhere that provides attribution. Pin it, share it on your Facebook wall, tweet it, go crazy! Please make sure there is a link back to the image or my website.

I would love for you to feature my work within dA, so feel free! Please use a linked image or thumb and include my name an a link to my dA profile.

Please feel free to blog my work on your personal blog, but you must post my name with a link to my website, by the image or in a noticable manner. Also, the image should link back to it's page on dA and leave a comment on the image linking to your blog entry.

If you would like to use an image for a commercial blog, design, or without credit please visit the Commissions & Services page or email me for licensing information.

Using for Tracing & Manipulation:
Thank you for your interest! I'm flattered. If you want to trace or draw an exact replica of my work please send me a note, post it in the Fan Art category, and place a credit and link in the description. If you would like to use my work for a manipulation please email me. I will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Purchasing Work:
If you are interested in purchasing a print or product please visit my store. If you would like to license an image or commission me please see the Commissions & Services page.

Found My Image?
If you come across an image of mine on any website or application, etc. etc. Please let me know! It is impossible to search the whole internet to find unauthorized uses of my images and I appreciate anyone letting me know. Websites like & routinely steal images and I encourage any artist to check for their images or images they recognize and alert the artists.

Some people may find all this silly and unnecessary, but there is too much art theft out there and I am doing everything I can to protect my work. I encourage all artists to do the same and appreciate your understanding.

© 2009 - 2023 JuliaGraceArts
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