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Happy Valentines! Have a raven... or he'll have your heart.

If you are interested in a print of this image, please email me and I will list one in My Store! I will also create custom products such as greeting cards for you.

I'm not a fan of the commercialism of Valentines... and really it's Singles Awareness Day to me at the moment. Still, I wanted to create something to share with someone, but what? I didn't want to do something pink, cutesy, or kitschy..... in fact, I wanted to do something darker....... then this guy flew into my head! He was very cooperative because he got through my hand and onto the digital page with very little fuss and came out exactly as I envisioned, which is a rare, but extremely pleasant occurrence! When I finished him, and saw the thumbnail on my computer, I even noticed that his overall shape was a heart! Ha! ....Of course I totally meant for that to happen....... subconsciously.

Anyhow, his name is "Poeykeats" as a reflection of what's in the piece. I wanted to mix in my love of writing and some symbolism, so you have The Raven, which is associated with Edgar Allen & with death, representing love (which can be both life and death itself) and painted on a background of Keat's love letters to Fanny Brawne. I chose Keats' letters because they are both wonderful and sad and went well with the overall theme I was trying to portray with the raven as Keat's dies and doesn't "get the girl"... it's also a play on the word Parakeet, but I think he might peck my eyes out if I tell him.

Too cheesy? I hope not.

In case anyone is wondering, I painted the raven in ArtRage and then added him to the background I created in Photoshop. I also uploaded him larger than I usually do so you could really see the detail and read the Keats if you'd like.

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Sweet, I like this!