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The occurrence

By juliadavis
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Oh my.

More from the shoot:
Arm chairs & oddness
The occurrence II

Model: Bronson
First time in a long time that iv ever been proud of a photo :]
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I looove it XD Everytime I look t the top of the picture, I think "Weeeee!!!" hahha C:
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This is my absolute all-time favourite of your shots.
Idea/execution/after effects are flawless.

Plus it's quirky, which is the epitomy of all creative exploits.

You should whore your talent on the streets - creative prostitution will make you a mint one day!
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hahaha wouldnt get me anywhere :P
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Love this so much! :D
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LOL. great photo!
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haha funnies! Great idea!
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The fact you can't see his head makes me giggle :giggle:
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this is very interesting
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you have been featured!
see it here!

thanks for being inspiring! :heart:
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hehe, this looked like fun to shot :P
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hehehe that looks fun :P
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Where exactly is this at??? Familiar paddocks, familiar even though they all look the same! (I just sang that)
la la la driving lessons? Are you only on your L's? Me too! yippee!! I get my P's in July..blergh. oh well.
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it was at bronsons house :P different paddock
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yus yus. But paddocks all look the same to me. This looks like one I see from my bus!
Julia it is 11:35pm and I am full full of energy!!! Buzz Buzz! I wanted to go bike riding today but my bike is dead! Noes!!
Yay yay! Woot! Woot!
aha ha ha ha ha hahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah *twitch*
So hopefully I can get to sleep, tomorrow is my last ever swimming carnival!! how TRAGIC!! I am a confused blue team person, I have like, a pretty skirt and an umbrella and star glasses and a sheild and a sword and a horn and an Australian flag apron, and I don't know. I am odd. lolololol.
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please. NEVER take drugs.
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lololololol kay, just for you Julia.
That and I think it's quite clear that I don't need them...at all. ;p
ha ha aha aha aha ahahahhahah!!!
The swimming carnival was fun! I'm going to miss taking pedo-bear shots of little boys in their swimming trunks and things,... aha aha ha ah ahahha ha (I totally wasn't kidding.)

lololol...so one guy had these fantastic, like, lycra boke short swimmers on and after one of the races I saw him get out of the pool, covering himself up and pulled another pair of shorts on over the top, he didn't remove the shorts all day either! lol!!! *suggestive eyebrows* yus, you know what went down.
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oh mai :O
your silly
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I sure am.
Ooh and I am going to tag along to the shoot you do with Bridie to be assistant styling editor. Okays? She wants to do this semi Indian thing and so I will bring all the pretty things I have with me!! And by Indian we mean Native American. It shall be le grande!
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sounds awesome to me
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Amazing concept, very well done :)
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Wow, I can see why. This is awesome. :]
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