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OC Candy: Style Mix by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha OC Candy: Style Mix :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 2 0 Unnamed antagonistic male character by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha Unnamed antagonistic male character :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0 OC Summer Fun by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha OC Summer Fun :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0 Late 2018 Pride Drawing by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha Late 2018 Pride Drawing :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0 My Sam as Septic Eye Sam by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha My Sam as Septic Eye Sam :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 2 2 Skelly Bear by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha Skelly Bear :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 1 0 Currently Unnamed Magical Character by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha Currently Unnamed Magical Character :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 1 0
My Reasons
There are many reasons to be positive.
Some might overlap with one another.
It doesn't matter how big or small they are.
What really matters is that they make you happy.
They might be very personal for some.
Others wear them on their sleeves.
There is one thing they all have in common;
These things are an important part of our lives.
No need to be embarrassed,
It is perfectly fine to want to keep them your own.
What about me?
Well, I'm going to share with you a few of mine.
There is yummy food and drinks that make my belly happy.
Nothing can match the feeling of a warm cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea on a cold day.
Sweets and sodas are a must to fuel my crazy imagination!
Momma's homemade meals can brighten even the gloomiest of days.
Sometimes nothing more is needed than a hug from someone you love.
Be it friend or blood,
The comfort of family brings an indescribable warmth to my heart.
Sometimes it is just the little things:
Like the gentle tapping of the rain against the windows at nig
:iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 1 0
My Sona's (late) Valentine's Day Gift by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha My Sona's (late) Valentine's Day Gift :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0 Dreamself 2018 by JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha Dreamself 2018 :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 2
Mature content
Intrusive Thoughts :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 1 0
Teenage Life
You cry because you don't have the nicest and newest things.
I cry because I am hurt emotionally by those more fortunate than me.
You care about if you have a certain brand of clothing.
I care about if I have my books, music, and stories/poems.
You listen to Niki Minaj and One Direction.
I listen to Evanescence and Vocaloids.
You fall in love with Channing Tatum or Taylor Launtner.
I fell in love with an anime character.
You're addicted to drugs, alcohol, partying in general.
I'm addicted to anime, manga, reading, writing, music, and love.
$100 gets you a pair of jeans.
$100 gets me a few outfits.
You watch reality celebrity shows.
I watch anime, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Markiplier.
You get tramp stamps.
I get tattoos.
You read for school.
I read for fun.
Your clothes show (too) much of your skin. 
My hair covers my eyes at times.
Your friends like you just because of you possessions and popularity. 
My friends like me because of who I am as a person.
You prefer h
:iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 2 2
OC Profile: Shan Lekki
First name: Lekki
Last name: Shan
Age: 15
Date of Birth: November 17th
Height: 5ft2
Weight: I'm going to say around 135 pounds
Body Type: neat hourglass
Body Proportions: everything is about average length for her body type plus a medium bust size
Hair Color: red-violet (either of the 2 on the right end work)
Hair Length: Somewhere between armpit and bra str
:iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0
Mature content
I Love You Too ch 9 :iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0
An Evening by the Fire
The crackling fire;
Gently glowing,
And giving a feeling of safety.
The snowy night;
And making everything just ever so silent.
Together they create an amazing atmosphere.
One best for curling up with a book,
Or drawing pad,
An a cup of hot coca by your side.
You forget the bad in the world,
Only focusing on then and there.
The smile you can't help grows with each passing moment.
Only one thing can truly describe moments like these.
:iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 0 0
I Love You Too ch 8
*random sounds*
(Julia's POV)
Halloween, the only time of year where it is socially acceptable to go around scaring people. This year, being the fist on my own, I'm kind of more excited than usual. The inside of my apartment is decorated out the ass, especially with more Nightmare Before Christmas stuff than usual. The only things are the outside of my apartment decorated and candy for the kids. Why? Because Alex convinced me to go to a costume party that Nina's brother is hosting.
Speaking of the party, that brings me to now. I'm standing in my bathroom and doing my hair and make up before I put the clothing part of my costume on. I decided to go as a character from one of my favorite anime movies. Currently I am styling my hair that Alex was kind enough to help to help temp dye it with white\silver hair spray before she had to get her costume ready.
I am having a bit of a hard time getting my ha
:iconjuliaabadeer-uchiha:JuliaAbadeer-Uchiha 1 0


Sour Kaito and Akaito + DL by BubblyAisu Sour Kaito and Akaito + DL :iconbubblyaisu:BubblyAisu 35 3
Japan X Reader | The Gift
Alone in his room, a short, Japanese man was packing a suitcase, looking at it with much more focus than he should be. Though, he was not focused on the packing, but instead lost in his own thoughts about his trip.
This man was named Kiku Honda, and he was going to be travelling back to Japan, his home country, for a business trip. However, this would be the first time he would be going on a trip without his precious (Name). (Name) is his girlfriend, the sweetest person he has ever met and the love of his life. He was going to be gone for a month, without her.
She understood of course, so that was not the reason he was so nervous. He has never taken (Name) to Japan before, and he wanted to bring her back something special, but what? He wanted to think of something before he asked her what she wanted. Maybe some cultural figurines or something, as she loved folklore.
Kiku sighed and closed his suitcase.
“I should just ask what she wants then look around for the best thing that fit
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 21 5
Knock-Out | 2p!Germany x Reader | Part 1
The night was breezy and cold, it really set a mood with the full moon out. Lutz lifted the collar of his leather jacket and looked around as he moved down the alley way slowly passing homeless people and stray cats that hissed at him.
He reached a brown door that was lighted by a tiny lamp on top of the door frame. He knocked on it 3 times and a little window frame opened near the top. A pair of dark red eyes looked at Lutz and squinted, "Password." said a deep Russian accent came from the door.
"Victor you know it me, your old friend Lutz!" Lutz said with shrugging and with smirk on his face. Victor rolled his eyes and sighed.
"Look old friend I know we had fights, but they're in the past, You forgive me right?”
Lutz held his hand out to the door waiting for a response. Victor slammed the tiny window closed. "Fine, a simple no would have been okay!" He yelled at the door. Lutz started to walk away until he noticed a group of other men walking near the door as well. When he wait
:iconxxxsweetsugarpiexxx:XxXSweetSugarPieXxX 28 3
Bendy and the Ink Machine Theory

Emotion: Discord Emoji - Thinking Mr.Hippo - Thinking Genos Thinking Icon    
Reason: This theory
Sup my deviants, as we all know chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine is out so we can finally see the end but I've been thinking. What have I been thinking? The reason why Bendy chases Henry throughout the studio. Chapter 5 gived us more information on how the real cartoons come to be and... Spoiler warning to those who haven't played the chapter or watched a playthrough so if ya don't want to be spoiled, turn back, how Bendy was a failed attempt due to the one thing he lacked; a soul. Turns out that to make the real life toons, a soul of those who are close to the character, close enough in a way, is used in the ink machine and that causes the real toons to come to be but Bendy was the failed attempt due to his lack of soul. Sure he kn
:icontashahemlock:TashaHemlock 3 0
Mature content
Depressed!France X Reader: Scars :iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 7 12
Japan X Sister!Reader: Harassment
Japan XSister!Reader: Harassment
Warning: As the title implies, there will be a lot of descriptions of sexual and non-sexual harassment, and I wish to warn beforehand, just in case you are sensitive to such topics.
A/N: Any translations are done by Google Translate, so don't need to correct me with grammar or other such errors. I recognize these may be wrong.
 Kiku and (Name) Honda are studying abroad in America together. Neither know English very well--Kiku more so than (Name)--but there are plenty of translators at their classes to help them stay on track. Kiku got a few friends, but (Name) really only had her brother. There was also this guy...Alfred. He kept bugging her.
 He was very up-close and personal in classes they shared. Whenever he tried to talk to them, the translator would get beat faced red, obviously flustered by what he was saying to her. The translator did filter many things. She originally just brushed it off as a different countries, different cultures.
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 9 0
America X Reader: Stood Up
America X Reader: Stood Up
  (Name) has been waiting for her boyfriend of a full year to finally show up to their date. She has been drinking the water the waiter gave her for awhile and, by the time it has been refilled, the waiter is wondering if she should order and maybe her date will be here soon. "N-no, he'll be here." She said and then softer, under her breath. "He promised..." It wasn't the first time she had been stood up by him. He said he would be better about it. Fighting frustrated tears, she checked her phone again. Still no word from him.
 It's been at least an hour by now. Everyone starts to give her the pitiful, knowing look. She got sad, supportive smiles from the girls. Just straight pity from the guys. At this point, she started shaking in both anxiety and rage. How dare he stand her up again. How dare he leave her in a room full of strangers without a word. However, suddenly, she was snapped out of it by a hand on her arm. "Hey, babe. Sorry I'm late. Traf
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 9 4
England X Reader: Something Wrong
England X Reader: Something Wrong
  (Name) was on her date with her boyfriend, Arthur. They had only dated for about two months, but they've known each other for years so it was easy to speed up the process. She was slightly worried lately as her period has been late, which it generally isn't. She has chalked it up to stress, but she might buy a pregnancy test soon.
  "Something wrong, love?" Arthur asked, concerned. It shocked her from her daze. She tried to give him a reassuring smile, but he saw how strained it was.
  "Sorry, just a bit distracted." She said, a little too brightly. Arthur's eyes narrowed suspiciously, but he decided to brush it off and the date continued.
  The next day, while Arthur was at work, she went to the store and bought a test. It was the longest two minutes of her life. She had no idea how she was going to feel with either result. She had always wanted kids, but it's just so soon on their relationship. All of those thoughts evaporated w
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 7 2
BTT XMtF!Depressed!Reader: Makeup
BTT XMtF!Depressed!Reader: Makeup
 (Name) has lately felt trapped in her own body. It suddenly felt very wrong. It felt like (Name), born male, was actually...a female. At first, she thought it was just because of puberty. Everyone felt wrong then. However, she still hasn't felt right for a long time. She hated that she was developing a boyish frame. She wishes she was born a girl, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
 Her best friends recognizes she's been feeling off, but they don't realize why. Gilbert tries to distract her by jokes, Antonio by cooking, and Francis by flirting--with him being bi and all. Still they can't help what they don't know. "How can the awesome me cheer you up, (Name)?" Gilbert asked, armed wrap around her shoulders. She was very uncomfortable today, and it was plain to see to the guys.
 "Would you like to come to my house after school for a home cooked meal, chico?" She flinched at the nickname, involuntarily. Antonio noticed, of course, and bit
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 7 4
!Naga Denmark X Reader - End of the Line
Your feet pounded against the muddy ground, feeling yourself slip against it a few times, but regaining from it quickly as you dashed through the woods.
His laugh echoed through the trees as if he was taunting you, like this was a game to him.
Hearing the crunching behind you, you knew he was close.
"(Y/N), my dear, you can't run forever, I will find you I ssssss-swear." Those words brought a chill up your spine as you continued to run, only to trip over an overgrown root, your body meeting the ground; hard. Though the pain didn't phase you at the moment, the need to outrun this creature fueled you to keep going.
Except, something scaly wrapped around your leg and dragged you through the mud and foliage. Your heartbeat was erratic, breathing increasing as you saw the eyes of your capture, his blonde hair, a crazy mess on top of his head, much like his mind.
"I found you... dear."
"Let me go Mathias! This is insane!" The feeling of his large tail wrapping around your body and squeezing
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 9 0
!Demon Prussia X Reader - Blood Red Love
"Liebe, mein liebe."
Not again. Your eyes snapped open, glancing around the dark room, noting that nothing was out of the ordinary except that voice in your ear. Every night, you'd hear the same phrase being spoke to you saying those same words.
Before you settled into the sheets once more, a pair of blood red eyes startled you to your core as you felt the air leave your body.
There, in the doorway was a tall figure, blood red eyes practically piercing your soul and from what you could make out, a sort of tail with a pointed end that was whipping around.
"S-stop," Your voice faltered as you tried to not show fear, but it was hard.
The being only laughed at your feeble attempt at intimidation and before you could blink it was in front of you, on top of your bed and pinning you down.
"Aww, trying to be intimidating... cute." His hot breath fanned your face as the pointed tail traced up your leg.
"I've been watching you (Y/N)..." Shaking your head, you didn't want to hear this. At all.
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 11 0
!Siren Hungary X Reader - Melody of Death
Come now, my love, to this wonder filled place
Where love is for a lifetime
Don't be in such a haste

Your body moved on its own, the hypnotic sound of her voice pulling you in. It rang in your ears and as if an invisible string was tugging you along - you followed.
Elizabeta was your friend, you both regularly went to the coffee shop, had long talk together and just enjoyed each other's company, but she wanted more.
She told you that she'd have more, if you wanted to or not.
Forget about the crowds
It's just you and me for now
Just follow my allure
And I can take a bow

Your feet dragged against the sand below, the wind slapping against your face as you followed the sound of her voice.
Every fiber in your being want to run away, but you were in a trance, an unbreakable one and there was nothing you could do and looking up into her face, you knew you were right.
Elizabeta was floating in the water, her top half visible as her enchanting voice filtered through the empty beac
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 7 1
Mature content
!Revenant Russia X Reader - Till Death do us Start :iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 7 0
Mature content
!Poltergeist Canada X Reader - Unseen Love :iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 10 0
2p!America x Reader-Vanilla Ch.1
2p!America x Reader-Vanilla Ch.1
(A/n: Hey, this fanfic will be very sexual so fair warning. It’s similar to Virgin [Another fanfic I wrote] where it’s not to be taken too seriously since it’s meant to be a little stupid and funny. Thanks for reading!)
Another day goes by in the year. College is painful, but was that new? The only thing bugging you right now was how lonely you’ve been letting yourself get. It’s become annoying to see couples walking around on campus. All you needed right now was a rebound. Or something to just get your mind off the fact that you’ve been single for a month now and getting horny. That’s the real reason. You want to get into someone’s pants, but you can’t. Not for any real reason other than your tastes come off a little too strong. These are your struggles. The last boyfriend you had was too vanilla. You wanted to go a little rougher, use costumes, and toys.
The different taste when it came to sex wasn
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 16 7
America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
America x Reader-Soulmate AU Pt.1
Senior year had begun which only meant you were so close to freedom. High school has gotten boring like it usually does. All your friends were great, but even they were burnt out. The plan was to graduate and then go to college! More years of learning. That sounded logical. Either way, you believed it was better than here since you’ve grown sick of most of the people you’ve grown up with. There was also that one part that your soulmate wasn’t here. When you were in middle, you had crossed your fingers to find your soulmate here. The thought of finding them was so exciting and child you was losing patience. Even now you still hoped to turn a corner and your heart would start glowing brightly as well as their’s. But nooo. It seems like you have to find them out of high school.
This was the only pain with the soulmate process. You grow up learning about it and you wait for them since they’re the one! Why wouldn’t you wa
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 19 5



757 deviations
Unnamed antagonistic male character
This is one of 2 times I've drawn any of my male characters. I actually drew this a long time ago while still thinking up one of my stories. The idea was that he was an underling of the main antagonist who later becomes more neutral for reasons I still need to figure out.

I don't even know what I was thinking with his design, but I think I can eventually salvage this mess.
Late 2018 Pride Drawing
I meant to have this up in June, but I suck at time management and just finished this today. Oops. Well, better late than never.

So,this is Georgia. She is one of the secondary main characters in one of the books I'm writing. Specifically, she is the main character's older brother's girlfriend and pretty much another sister to the main character.

This is actually the first time I've drawn her. I think she turned out nice.

Some context for the picture. I had this idea that she was at a formal Pride event and won the blanket she's holding in a silent auction. Also, the PMA on her arm isn't a tattoo, just body paint.

I may have messed up the colors of the flags a bit. Whatever, just rolled with it and kept on drawing.
Nothing big, but I've recently had the idea for a story that takes place during the holiday season. I don't have everything figured out about it yet, I barely have an idea on how to start it, but I know I want the lead character to be pregnant at the begining.

Maybe I could get it published dome day around Christmas time.


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My b-day is July 30th. I like Naruto, Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away, Adventure Time, and a bunch of other stuff. I will mostly post stories here, but I may post a few pics.


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