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My sister's cat, Mads. He's so damn hard to photograph, but so very lovely.

Hope everyone's having a great Christmas :heart:
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He's beautiful :aww: I know what you mean though, my cat Izzie is impossible to photograph sometimes, she always moves at the last second and the photo comes out blurry
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It's terrible isn't it? I keep wanting to photograph him, but he's too fast for me :giggle: Also, considering he's all black makes it kinda hard too!
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Yea that definitely makes it a bit hard to get a good picture, I have another cat who is all black as well and sometimes when I try to get a good picture of him all that comes out is a black blur with bright green eyes
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I love black cats! :D
This it very beautiful one :aww:
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This photo has been featured here: [link] :love:

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Yaaaayyyyy kittiiiiiessssss
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This little kitty has been featured in my Lucky for some... news article.

:heart: :kitty: :aww:
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Aww! such a lovely detailed pic! very sweet
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He is lovely! And it's an adorable capture.
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I love black cats. He reminds me of my Miss Kitty. I've yet to get a photograph I like of her. :giggle:
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omg, omg post it to apn group!! you have my vote already! :giggle:
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