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Water Drop Macro Tutorial

There's nothing new to be found in this tutorial, just thought I'd put one together real quick.

Flash extender:

Post-processing tutorials:
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This is freaking awesome! Your freaking awesome!
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How to change the background color?:D
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Thank you very much! :clap:
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thank you so much! I love macro shooting and this tutorial is just as water for me :aww:
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I have exactly the same apple juice and eye dropper tool at home. :D
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Ha well now that is just PERFECT :D
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it's very relieving to see that other photographers can create beautiful shots without expensive equipment.
I've been looking into alternatives for now until I can buy an external flash, and your juicebox flash extender looks amazing.
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It's really so simple, and helps so much :)
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Can't wait to try this. ^_^ Thank you!
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Your "Do It Yourself" tutorials are so fun and... Cool! Nice work.
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Glad to hear that! :D I hope I can think of a few more things to post.
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A big thank you for the info ;)
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very inspiring tutorial, thanks for sharing ;)
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Glad you find it helpful :D
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Sorry to bother you, but how do you use macro filters on cameras? I understand that they help you get a better macro shot, but where does it actually go?
Great tutorial by the way! :aww:
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You screw them on the top end of your lens. Usually you would then need to auto-focus, but it's easy to get used to that :)
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Apple juice from Lidl by any chance?

Can't wait to try this out too, so glad you put your camera settings up. Its good to know how people go about taking their photos.
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Multivitamin juice :D
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