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Vintage Action Set

Thousands of those have already been done, oh well :lol:

I am very hungry at this point, it's 1.12pm and I haven't had anything to eat so far - choosing names that refer to food doesn't really make it any better.

Anyway, made in Adobe Photoshop 7. These should work in all other versions as well. Awesome stock picture by ~DeAtHBuTtErFly-stock - thank you!

ENJOY! Faves and comments would be greatly appreciated. Also, maybe, show me how you've used this?! :flirty: Pretty please.
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thanks a lot!!!
thank you.......
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I have cs5.5, and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ACTION. But it's not working :/ All I want is to have this action though!!!!
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Oh no, how is it not working? Do you get some kind of error message? You might wanna check this tutorial: [link] I hope that helps a little!
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I just want to let you know, this is by far, one of the best actions sets I've used in a while. It's actually kind of rare to find useful actions here on dA, and I'm glad I fell upon yours. Thanks!
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Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)
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I like your actions! I used one here [link]
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Awesome, thank you :heart: also, yummy! :D
I like it .... thank you so much Jules....
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Hi, I'm trying one of your actions but I'm afraid I've become a little stuck and was wondering if you could help me out?

I'm a little unsure what to do when it says:

Layer styles: Layer styles
Scale: 100%

I don't know what to do when it says this. I hope you can help me out here :D

Thank you very much!
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Hmm I've never actually heard that before. May I ask what version of photoshop you have?
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I'm using CS3. While reading the actions I get to that stage and it says:

Layer styles: Layer styles
Scale: 100%

and I'm not sure what to do?

Here is a link of a screenshot a took of what it looks like:


Hope you can help :)
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Oh, I think I get it now. Are you going through these actions step by step and doing what they say? If so, please don't :lol: There should be a little button at the bottom of your actions palette, well actually there's a few buttons. There should be one that looks like a "Play" button you would find on a CD player or mp3 player.
Simply select one of the actions, e.g. click where it says "Milky Way" and then click the little play button. Photoshop will do the rest for you. I hope this helps!!
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Ah! Thanks so much! That makes a lot more sense ^^; Thank you for replying to me and helping me out :hug:
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Thanks for these great actions. I have used some on these [link] and [link] Love your gallery, its real good.
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Glad you're liking them! :)
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I can't figure out how to use these! Help please? I use PS CS5
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Download the zip file on the right where it says download, then unzip the file and save the .atn file to your desktop or somewhere easy to find. Open photoshop, go to your actions tab and click on the little button in the top right corner. A list should pop up, look for "load actions..." and click on that. Find the .atn file and open it. It should now appear in your actions tab, possibly in a folder. Open a picture you want to use the action on. Select the action and click the little play button at the bottom of the actions tab and it should work just fine.
Hope this helps, if all fails there's a tutorial explaining how to use actions somewhere on deviantart :)
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