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Simple Picture Editing in PS7

Just a quick tutorial I put together. Hope this is somewhat helpful. :)

Find 5 Star Photo here.
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Thanks!  This is most helpful!
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Glad to hear it! :)
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Your tutorials are fantastic. Worded so simply, yet give so much helpful advice. Thank you so much!!!
Courtuhkneekay's avatar
This tutorial was simple and fantastic! thanks! :D
Jules1983's avatar
Thank you so much, glad you like it :D
BeehiveStudio's avatar
I like it very simple =D
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Nice tutorial.
I never used Selective color so far, but it looks useful :thumbsup:
Jules1983's avatar
It is a pretty helpful tool once you've figured out how to use it! :nod:
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very nice tutorial and a handy little guide :-)
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It's always great to see these things. Of course it is helpful, July Julesy!:D
Thank you!
Jules1983's avatar
Thank you, Damien.. eh. OK I need to come up with something since you always call me July Julesy. I think I'm gonna go with Damn Damien for... umm various reasons. :flirty: :eyes:
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Thank you for this tutorial its really helpful and need all the help i can get :hug:
Jules1983's avatar
Aww but you've got terrific pictures! :heart:
Pjharps's avatar
:hug: Thank you for your kind words but i feel i still have alot to learn i only started taking pics in january of this year never used a camera before and am still trying to learn how to use all the software available so this has really helped me thank you :hug:
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Jules1983's avatar
:aww: No no thank YOU!
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Awesome, awesome, awesome! This'll definitely be helpful for people who are beginners - you've explained things wonderfully. =D
Jules1983's avatar
:aww: I'm glad, I was a little worried I might overcomplicate things! :paranoid:
straightfromcamera's avatar
Tutorials are always awesome :hug:

Thanks for sharing your secrets :)
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You use photoshop 7 as well? :)
Jules1983's avatar
Yes! It's all I have, though I may get CS3 for my birthday :excited:
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