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Self-Made Flash Extender

:eager: Do it, do it, dooooo iiiiiiittttt!
Any questions? Go ahead and ask!

Might just clear up a few things right here. :giggle: I'm using a Nikon D60 + kit lens (Nikkor 18-55mm).
For my macro shots I use macro filters which are muuuuch cheaper than macro lenses of course (you see I'm all about saving money lol).

Find a cropped and slightly edited version of the example picture here:
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How does this work, exactly? I mean, wouldn't using a reflector be just as good?
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You have macro lens or normal?
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Hey, sorry for the very late reply. I don't have a macro lens, all I have is macro filters (much cheaper, but just as good) :)
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Creative idea ! :squee:
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Thanks for this tutorial, it has been quite useful for me with the last pictures I took.
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Awesooooooooooome :-D that was my reaction ^^
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I'm about to start hyperventilating! =o

Didn't even know this existed!!!!!!!!!
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Haha should you have any questions, just ask! :)
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Hi, I have linked your tutorial in my reverse lens tutorials description, hope that is alright [link] :)
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Absolutely, thank you :)
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You're most welcome :D
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Wow, what an AMAZING idea! Going to try this today! :)
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Hope it worked? :)
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Yes it did! amazing results!
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This is brilliant!
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i have a soft box that i place over my the soft box the same as the flash extender?
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I believe a soft box has just about the same effect, yes :nod:
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