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April 18, 2012
I Don't Belong Here by `Jules1983
Featured by DemonMathiel
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I Don't Belong Here

Just how I've been feeling lately. Ah well, things will get better!

04/18/2012... 4 years on, a DD! Who would've thought! I'm not sure what was going on at the time, but I can assure you I am ok :giggle: Still feeling out of place every now and then, but that's fairly normal isn't it? I'm glad to hear/read that a lot of people can relate though.

Thanks everyone for your comments, faves and continuous support, I appreciate it :heart:
Feel free to check out the rest of my gallery, I can guarantee it's not nearly as depressing as this particular piece :giggle:

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Hassan-Gamal's avatar
Forever Alone xD
Paedora's avatar
Jules1983's avatar
Thank you :heart: Appreciate it!
Rhys1010's avatar
Well, I have ears, if you need to talk. I may not have much else I can offer, but what I can I will
Jules1983's avatar
Too sweet, seriously. Shows that you must have an incredibly big heart. :)

I can assure you though, I am alright. This was taken 4 years ago, it only just now got all this attention :giggle:
Have a great weekend!
Rhys1010's avatar
Same to you, and thanks.
catiche's avatar
From the thumbnail at first I thounght that they were not matches but teeth 0_0

Cool pic!
THX1085's avatar
git on outa here cracka boiii!
FirstSarge's avatar
Well, YEAH. He's shorter than the rest.
bloodyflowerrose's avatar
for some reason i see faces :O_o:
LingisKing's avatar
amidarosa's avatar
he belongs with the swans :)
DarylChin's avatar
:iconidontwanttoliveplz::iconsaysplz: I don't want to live on this planet anymore
SoullessSaphire's avatar
The longer I look at the matches, the more this picture plays with my mind. On the tips of the matches i see faces after i look at them for a while...
StarDancer713's avatar
I know exactly how you feel. I was feeling left out and out of place for a while too (actually only started getting better about a week ago). Just keep thinking positively and know it will get better
fairietaleluver's avatar
Em-Po's avatar
The damn :iconthatsracistplz: icons are pissing me off. Maybe the artist wasn't going for 'I'm the only white in a group of blacks' feel? Maybe, I dunno, that they were going for the 'I'm the only sliver of light in this darkness'? Or just give it that extremely lonely out of place feeling? Sheesh.
Jules1983's avatar
Perfectly on point. Not in the slightest did I mean for this to have any kind of racial connotation, though I guess in a way it could apply to someone else's situation. But yes, thanks for understanding :hug:
Un-HappyEndings's avatar
I took a picture sort of like this once. You know those tiny, fuzzy, colorful bears you find at the checkout counter in stores? There was a big container of purple, pink and blue ones. On top, there's just one lonely little brown bear.
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