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tryp Black Friday by JuleeMClark

details here

Come visit juleemclark design for the largest sale of the year!! 

35% off everything storewide 
Early Friday, November 25
Use promo
ITZBLITZ @ checkout

the count down begins today!!


It's only a week away!! Hope to see you there ^o^


Good afternoon!

Maybe... if your afternoon is anything like mine (being a US citizen with a certain civic duty to fulfill) you're probably-mostly okay, but you might also be stress eating :laughing::crying:
The warmth and unity of the Holidays can't get here soon enough.  For anyone under the gun I may have some music for your ears! 
... And for anyone who likes free goodies you might be excited to hear this too :heart:

I'm doing a store credit Giveaway of $100 @ !!!

The Giveaway will take place December 4, 2016

Visit me @ Blogger for more info :heart:


p.s. and don't forget the "Black Friday Sale" @ is just around the corner!!! Nov. 25 

Hey dA people :) 

So I know I've been neglecting my dA account for the past year or two at least. I'm try to get back to it. If I'm being honest, I'll prbably be at my JuleeMClark Facebook page more, but getting back to my jewelry (and art, hopefully) in general will keep my around dA more often. Hope to be seeing you around. Go check out my latest submission Demeter I've been trying to get that piece completed and posted forever now. Hope you love it ;)

Demeter by JuleeMClark

Hope I see you around! 

P.S. if you're looking for my jewelry for sale, definitely come visit :hug::blowkiss:
Thank you for supporting me at JuleeMClark Designs! The Holidays are fast approaching and that means a very busy time of year for me! If you would like to place an order and have it by Christmas please place your orders no later than November 28th for International orders and no later than December 6th for Domestic orders.  Updates shall continue throughout the season. Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

Banner by JuleeMClark

~ Julee


15%Off Mariah Necklace Selection.
Get the Mariah Necklace for its original list-price that it retailed in 2011, but improved in quality and selection:) #tbt

Mariah Necklace Selection @ Harlequin Romantique
mariah victorian choker by JuleeMClark

Sale ends @ midnight Est. (14hours from the post of this journal:)

To follow up on my last journal...

Spring jewelry will be arriving regularly to Harlequin Romantique
I'm debating whether or not I should begin listing art there, as well.
I would list prints if there were a local business I knew of who could produce good prints;
I suppose the next step is finding that business :)

This is Gilded-bird Cage ©Julee Clark-Drain 2014

BODY-CHAIN by JuleeMClark

Hope your Spring is fabulous so far and, to any in the southern hemisphere, I hope your Fall has been magical♥ 

winter came and is going! i am soooooo excited!
ne'er have i e'er been so ready for spring; i'm also relatively certain this will be the first time, in my life time, that winter has actually turned into spring at the predicted time. it has been a brutal. BRUTAL! winter and, while winter has been known to last well into may, in the past here in michigan, i'm not sure the inhabitants would have held out considering this year's conditions... i think i heard a few white walkers were sighted moving through the woods.

well, today's st. paddy's day, a precursor to the thaw, and the only reason i'm happy for the holiday (not a big fan of the green beers). I will be celebrating by creating more spring time, warm weather-full of life, art and jewelry:D i've actually already been at it. i'm trying to bring my deviantart account back to life; give it a little more attention than i have for the past 6 months. i'm itchy to create so gotta go!

15%OFF your purchase

when you use promo code VALENTINE15


Now - Feb.14. 

(only 5 weeks until the day♥)

Use promo code VALENTINE15 @ the checkout to receive sale price.

plan accordingly to receive your order in time.

for the most up to date info on my jewelry and store

follow me on >>> facebook 


@ Harlequin Romantique




for the most up to date info on my jewelry and store

follow me on >>> facebook 

I'm listing the new jewelry Thursday, Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving day).
The Holiday Sales begin Friday, Nov. 29 (Black Friday). 

On Friday the sale begins in the morning @ 6am(est) - the sale ends @ 6pm(est) in the evening
Take 35% off your cart with promo code ITZBLITZ

plan accordingly: (est) is Eastern Standard Time zone.  

After the Black Friday Sale ends Holiday sales will continue thru Monday. 
Beginning Friday evening - Small Biz Saturday - Sunday - ending Cyber Monday.

free gift!

For those who spend $100 or more 
you will receive a complimentary pair of Silver and Swarovski Heliotrope or Bermuda Blue
Heart Dangle earrings. These earrings retail at $29.00
[Supplies limited]

i feel like i need to make a journal to get rid of the sale announcement [for the b-day sale that has ended;].

so maybe i should use this moment to explain my activity:

i realize i haven't been attentive to my dA almost at all this past year; i've realized this every moment dA came up. in fact, there were times it would occur to me i hadn't been on dA for weeks [for me that's unusual].
2013 in general has been "bad". not tragic, but difficult. i'm hoping [for now] the tide has turned; difficult periods are inevitable so for that reason i [we] must make the most of the good.  

in light of my absence i'm sure there are many new deviants who have no clue i exist and several more veterans who have forgotten my art... i must change this; i look forward to meeting you, and i look forward to hearing from you again^_^ 
as usual, i have no idea what i'm doing, but i hope i will at least have new and exciting things to present. i apologize for simply throwing the same old things into my gallery again and again. i have my reasons, but art is only good when it's innovative and evolves; this quality has been left to be desired in my work lately. i want to make up for that.

off to make the difference in my small world:)
peace out, 

  • Drinking: mochas for everyone!!
Sale @ Harlequin Romantique
Begins in 29 hours and counting...
shipping is $0 at Harlequin Romantique
Now thru Sunday, July 14 (Midnight)

In the meantime, I will be managing a fair solution for 
shipping charges when they are applied (as the gap between domestic and international 
charges for shipping services has become ridiculous thanks to USPS). Until then, 
enjoy paying nothing for shipping when you shop with me:)


updates and news

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 7:00 PM

yeah, they and it have been scarce (very) this past year. 
i find my priorities constantly changing recently and dA hasn't been anywhere near the top of that list for about the past 7 months.
life has been eating a lot of my time.

i'm hoping to have so much more to share with you (beginning this month), and am determined this won't be one more idle promise.
it will be close to the end of the month when i have produced anything, but i'm working and am planning for a summer sale.

the sale will begin june 21 and run through the end of the month. so keep an eye out for the event @ harlequin romantique

you will find updates on facebook, as well.  

one more thing, i'm planning to answer the so many kind and thoughtful comments you've taken the time to leave. 
until then i need express my appreciation here, because i wouldn't want anyone to believe their kind regards
were left in vain. so thank you! you're all what brings me back for more:)


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Happy Birthday Sale!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 24, 2013, 8:30 PM

Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of the 3rd Annual Harlequin Romantique Birthday Sale.
Harlequin Romantique is 3-years-old Wednesday, February 27.
Take 15% off your entire order with promo-code BDAYSUIT Monday, Feb. 25 - Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Lady of the Ocean by JuleeMClark Many faces of Mariah by JuleeMClark Lady of the Ocean by JuleeMClark rainbow by JuleeMClark

Sale begins Monday @ 8am(eastern standard time)
Sale ends Wednesday @ Midnight(est)

[harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique]

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SALES Continue

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2012, 10:24 AM

[harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique]

Holiday Sale @ Harlequin Romantique thru Thursday, December 20!

Everything is marked down 10% ♥

maelstrom by JuleeMClark Lady of the Ocean by JuleeMClark affinity by JuleeMClark

Thanks everyone! Have a wonderful holiday season!!

[harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique]

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Black Friday Sale

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2012, 8:13 AM

[harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique]

Harlequin Romantique's biggest sale of the year is going on right now.

You can take 35% off your entire purchase when you use coupon code ITZBLITZ @ the checkout

This sale lasts until 5pm this evening. After 5pm you can still take 20% off with coupon code SHOPHANDMADE.

The Shop Handmade sale lasts through 8pm Monday.

Water Elemental by JuleeMClark lady of the ocean by JuleeMClark Lady of the Ocean by JuleeMClark

Everything is on sale for the Holidays!

Thanks everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!!

[harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique] [harlequin romantique]

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facebook nonsense

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 11:09 AM

    Hey guys!

    Facebook has begun to ask page administrators to pay to promote their pages. This means only about 10% of page fans receive the updates that we post. To keep my posts coming through your newsfeed this is what you'll need to do:

    • 1) Go to my page

    • 2) Hover your mouse over where it says LIKED and click on Add to Interests Lists

    This should correct the situations.
    And this applies to every page you/we follow.
    If you would like to keep up with what I have available @ Harlequin Romantique for the Holiday season (and the sales that come with it) Facebook is by far my most active feed.

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things to come

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 6:28 PM

    thank you everyone who took advantage of the sale and thank you everyone who wanted to take advantage of the sale.
    if you didn't get to, have no fear, there are more sales (even better sales) to come this fall :) ... and maybe, just maybe a giveaway

    • commissions
      commissions are currently closed. i have a lot to catch up on and when i do begin accepting commissions it will be a different formatting than what is expected. you'll see what i mean when it begins.

    • lady of the ocean BRACELET

      here's a fun one. during the holidays i will be making a limited number of the [lady of the ocean] bracelet.
      it went over better than i had anticipated. i feel obligated to make at least a few more... share the love a little :love:

    • future giveaways
      when i do giveaways in the future. the good news is, i can no longer hold them at facebook... unbeknownst to me i couldn't hold them at facebook all along :shrug:... but now i know. they are moving elsewhere. the potential not-so-great-news is that the new location will most likely be [my blog]. who knows though, there could always be a kiriban giveaway here at dA ;)

    • i think that's most of it.... expect lots of new stuff :aww:

    i'm going to bed :|

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Sale Today

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 31, 2012, 10:03 PM

Next Monday (Sept. 3) take 15% off your total purchase when you shop at
Harlequin Romantique.
Sale lasts from 8am-11pm (EST).

-Use coupon code LABOR15-

~Find the goods here Monday~

    Edit:a few things i want to add.
  1. i apologize for spamming that sale announcement last night. my facebook was a lil buggy. however, i will mention it again today and monday.
  2. i have one mariah aquamarine and silver necklace left, but will make back-order listings the day of the sale if more than one person wants it at a sale price. for more info contact me.
  3. i won't reserve anything during the sale.
  4. if you have any further questions ask away ^.~

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