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Chapter 2: (Seperation and in Toon Town)

During the storm, Ah Mah was playing checkers with Monroe. Both of them were still trying to figure each other out while a small tub that had Huey, Dewey, and Louie, coming back from their adventure, landed near Clam.

Clam: (showing them the apple) Bite for the road?

The three ducks, holding their beaks, looked seasick and went in the tub. All that while Lao Shi was trying to bring some hot coal to them, but one of them landed on his foot.

Lao Shi: Ow!

He clutched his foot as the coal landed near Kairi, trying to keep warm. Then, the ship tilted and landed on her hand.

Kairi: Ow!

She got up and was about to head back, but then was washed up toward Sora and his group.

Riku: Kairi, what are you doing?

Namine: It's time for bed. Can we play games tomorrow?

Kairi: Sorry.

Roxas: So...which part of Toomerica are we landing at anyway?

Sora: (smiles) A place called Toon Town! Home of Mickey Mouse and the place where rumored in the 1940s is where Roger Rabbit was framed for a crime he didn't commit.

Kairi: Sounds neat...I can't wait to see it. (notices something) Darn it, forgot my charm.

She got up and headed to where the stairs were to the outside.

Kairi: I'll be right back!

She ran as Sora, worried, ran after her.

Sora: Wait up!

He ran after the girl he hung around with. With Kairi, she looked up on the steps and saw her charm up on the outside of the ship. Then, a huge wave splashed as many Magikarp came down to her.

Kairi: Wow...

Sora's Voice: Kairi! Kairi?

Kairi: (to Sora) I need my charm!

She headed up the deck and hurried. Then, as she grabbed her charm, she looked amazed at the ship they were on. Then, the wind blew the charm to the "crow's nest" as she would call it.

Kairi: My charm!

She dashed quickly toward where the charm was, not noticing Sora behind. The two crawled up to the nest, then Kairi picked up the charm. Then, the nest began to break as she held on.

Sora: (gasps) Kairi!

Kairi: Sora!

The two tried reaching for each other as the storm grew worse. Then, just as they grabbed hands, the huge watery wave engulfed most of the ship. Then, when it all cleared, only Sora was left hanging on, shouting.

Sora: (coughing) Kairi!! Kairi!!!

The ship headed off to sea while Kairi, holding onto the floating board, coughed as she shouted.

Kairi: Sora...

But all that did was drag her to the sea more.

Kairi: SORA!!!!

The next day, the ship landed near at a town as the brown haired girl with her Pokemon cat looked.

Voice: Julayla, Meowth, the queen does not like for you to be late!

The girl, Julayla, turned to the cyborg, looking at her.

Julayla: Oh, sorry, General Grievous. (to the Pokemon) Come on, Meowth.

Meowth: I'm coming! Meowth!

On the ship, the passangers were leaving as the three ducks from before smiled to the older duck.

Huey: Isn't it great to be back, Uncle Scrooge?

Scrooge: Aye, but it will be more relaxing to get back home to Duckberg.

With the other immigrants, a blue snake slithered up to the counter. The snake was the Blue Racer.*

*A/N: If you can't tell which series he's from, try the Pink Panther and friends cartoons.

Blue Racer: Greetings, my snake lover. This is the friendly Blue Racer.

Clerk: Ahhh! Snake! (whacks him) Get off! Get off!

He was whacked toward the empty barrel as he hissed in anger.

Blue Racer: No respect for snakes...

Clerk: (to Sora) I'm, how many are there?

Sora: (sighs) Four...

Clerk: (writes the names down) Okay, next!

He began to leave with his friends as Roxas spoke.

Roxas: Hey, why did they changed my name to Rocky?

Meanwhile, near the beach on Toon Town, Kairi awoke as she saw a huge town filled with humans and anthro-animals alike. She smiled sadly, but sighed as a beagle and what looked like a Pink Panther came to her.

Pink Panther: Hey, Snoopy, looks like a new girl's just arrived.*

*A/N: I have decided to let the Pink Panther talk. Hey, if he could talk in a couple of classic episodes and the TV series, why not here?

Snoopy: Yeah, but she doesn't look so good.

Kairi: (coughing) Oh...hi.

Pink Panther: You okay?

Kairi: (nodding) Yeah...but where are my friends? Riku! Roxas! Namine! (sadly) Sora...

Snoopy: Hey, don't worry...I'm sure we'll help you find them.

Pink Panther: In Toon Town, anything can happen.

Kairi: (thinking) There might still be a chance to find Sora then.

A little bit later, Kairi, who had finished showering and changed to some clean clothes resembling her old ones, looked at Snoopy.

Kairi: So, what do you and the Pink Panther do?

Snoopy: We're constructing the greatest building Toon Town has yet to see!

Pink Panther: And it's going to be one of the best!

She giggled as she spoke.

Kairi: I never expected to find a beagle or pink panther that can build something great.

Snoopy: (looks at her) Did you say "never"?

Kairi: Something wrong?

Pink Panther: Well, it's like this..."Never" is a strong word.

Kairi: think I'll be able to find my friends?

Pink Panther: This is Toomerica, the place to find hope.

Snoopy: Yeah...and if you give up, you'll never find your friends. So, never say "never".

Then, Snoopy began to sing.

Snoopy: (singing) Never say "never" whatever you do
Never say never my friend

Kairi: Where are we-

Pink Panther: Shhh!

A little later, they drove to a place where the curtains were down.

Pink Panther: (singing) If you believe that your dreams will come true
They'll come true in the end

Kairi: But I-

Snoopy: Ah ah ha!

They went inside as workers, all dogs and birds, smiled as both the Pink Panther and Snoopy sang.

Both: (singing) Keep up your courage, don't ever despair
Take heart and then count to ten
Hope for the best, work for the rest
And never say never again

Kairi: (looks down) It's impossible, I don't think I'll ever find your family.

Pink Panther: You almost said never! Don't say it!

Snoopy: (gives her the hammer) Go on, Kairi.

She hammered the piece of wood down well.

Kairi: (singing) Never say never

Snoopy: (singing) Whatever you do. Again...

Kairi: (singing/hammering) Never say never

Pink Panther: (singing) To me. See how easy...

They then headed toward the top of the building as they continued singing.

Both: (singing) If you believe that you can come shining through

Kairi: (singing) That's (jumping)...that's how it's gonna be!

Snoopy: Perfect!

Then, Spike, the Big Dog, and Little Dog began to sing along.

Dogs: (singing) Now don't you go and give up
Without and within
When the going's rough just be tough
And just tell yourself you're gonna win

Then, the two were on the top of the building with Kairi as they continued.

Both: (singing) Remember to look on the bright side till then
And never say never again

Pink Panther: Ready to find your friends?

Kairi: (smiles) Yes.

Snoopy: Woodstock!

The bird flew down as it chirped.

Snoopy: Take the girl to the immigration. (to Kairi) You'll find your friends there.

Pink Panther: We'd take you there ourselves, but then we wouldn't be able to finish the place.

Kairi: You almost said never!

Pink Panther: So I almost did.

Snoopy: (singing) Never say never

Pink Panther & Kairi: (singing) Never say never

All: (singing) Never say never

Then, both Woodstock and Kairi left as the two waved goodbye.

Snoopy: See ya!

Pink Panther: Good luck!

As they were out of sight, Kairi smiled.

Kairi: Goodbye.

(End of Chapter 2)
A fanmake of an old fanmake starring Kairi, Sora, Axel, and others.
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