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Aquaman by Rudesenhos coloured

By Jukkart
Pencils by: :iconrudesenhos:
Colours by: :iconjukkart:

You can find the original lineart at --> [link]

Was trying to splash my colours in a cutting-manner and Rudesenhos' lines of Aquaman looked really great, so I decided to colour it.

Why he has silver armour instead of gold you ask?
Well my girlfriend prefers silver instead of gold, so I went for the "variant" look on Aquaman. (well it became a blueish metallic silver in the final end..)

His had should be blue I guess, but I haven't read the comics lately so I don't know about the storyline regarding it, so his hand is normal for now.;)

Aquaman (c) DC Comics 2007
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© 2007 - 2021 Jukkart
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minarho1's avatar
I agree. The silver looks great!
mightybuck's avatar
i like how he looks with the silver. i always thought the gold looked kind of tacky with the green pants. this doesn't clash like his traditional costume colors, not to mention it looks more, i dunno, "aquatic"
NewGirlComic's avatar
very nice work. I don't really like aquaman but i love this!
JiNxSrinity's avatar
Excellent coloring style! It all turned out great, good colab.
ninfadelmar's avatar
thinkbomb's avatar
blue looks better anyways. the yellow and green (imo) looks gaudy. =O

but yeah, tight work! love the shinies!
AngeloftheInfernal's avatar
Great job, and the silver does look better (guess it just suits armour better... eh that's not meant to be a pun).
PatCarlucci's avatar
Dang Jukka... this is really terrific coloring!
Fantastic collab!
Charly-chan's avatar
Looks awsome honey! :) :heart: the hair kinda makes me think of you ^^
ComfortLove's avatar
BAMU's avatar
aquaman looks... gay

but cool drawing!
silversister's avatar
:O Oooohh, young and handsome! :slow:

Swell colors mate! ^.^
TheBoo's avatar
nice one mate
CGartisticgraphics's avatar
Like the color and the pose rocks...:) great work...:)
CheungKinMen's avatar
Impressive coloring, me likes.
RNABrandEnt's avatar
Looks great, definitely high quality work :-)
Rudesenhos's avatar
VERY NICE! I like the colors! So bright, congratulations and feel free to take any other drawing for coloring. Thank you
thawk's avatar
I never thought that I would say this but Aquaman looks very cool. Wow. Can't belive I just said that. *looks at pic again* Yep. He's cool.
Sebs-DA's avatar
Looks really nice, beautiful cooperation ;)
jasinmartin's avatar
Awesome colors bro!
(I much prefer the silver ;))
SplashColors's avatar
Bellevue-DarkKnight's avatar
JamieFayX's avatar
looks great jukka
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