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I should open commissions to get Sai

Thu May 24, 2018, 12:53 PM


It really isn't an expensive program and I like it a lot (way more than Krita or Fire Alpaca) but it's still a lot of money to me. Would anyone be interested in commissioning me like next month? :0 Maybe busts/portraits like the ones here:
idk for how much tho ?? Maybe $10~15? or maybe simple icons for $5? :0

anyone ???
(polacy znicha!)

Resin on cardboard? HELP

Tue Mar 6, 2018, 11:51 AM
Does anybody know the difference between different types of resin? I want to make small elements like mask parts or small to medium props, out of cardboard, and then cover them with resin to make them stiff and more durable. They don't need to be as sturdy as armour parts, but I want them to survive for a while, like during conventions.

I've heard the terms: epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resin, and I find different types in online shops and auctions and it makes me miiighty confused ;n; I would really appreciate some help!

Badass rock music?

Sun Feb 4, 2018, 1:20 PM
I'm looking for some cool rock music, can you share a title or a link if you know some good songs?

In particular, something heavy/slow and badass at the same time would be best, but anything really cool will do! I love discovering new stuff. I don't mind if it's electronic either! Some nice energetic synthwave would be cool too~

I felt this need for more awesome music after remembering this:

EDIT: more badass music from me, if anyone's interested :v and I'm still open for suggestions! Looking for stuff similar to this...

...and lots of "epic" stuff like these: [link] [link][link]


Wed Dec 27, 2017, 10:28 AM
Anu Reflection by JuKii
a cheap sketchbook is somewhat motivating
here Anu is gazing into a bottomless reflection
is it a dream? a destiny? or nothing at all?
or is it the void


Question for coffee/tea drinkers

Sat Dec 2, 2017, 10:17 AM
What text (a word, a saying, a quote, anything!) would you like to have on a mug? Something related to coffee or tea? Something else?

I'm looking for ideas but I'm also curious what other people would like to have on their mugs :'D I might be a little bit obsessed with cool cups and mugs... sorry! At least I'm easily amused when it comes to gifts lol, I like getting cool or cute mugs, as well as cute or crazy socks hahah

also, found some old stuff on my phone:

Stuff1 by JuKii
Stuff2 by JuKii
Stuff3 by JuKii


Mon Nov 27, 2017, 2:56 PM
Is anybody else having problems with Sai? It's messing up my files whenever I overwrite anything. Usually it says that "saving canvas failed" but this time it didn't, so I thought it's alright but then realised I can't open that file (says opening the canvas failed). I just lost a bunch of doodles and luckily it was just doodles, but, GEEZ. Anybody else having this problem? Any tips?
If this continues I'll just go back to PS... or try something else ;n; I really like painting in Sai though...

I came across this

Tue Oct 24, 2017, 2:55 PM
Somebody posted their progress over the years
(stunning, BTW *^*)

2013 vs 2017 redraw by GureeOokami


Ja2008 by JuKii

just an update

Sat Sep 30, 2017, 4:33 AM
Hi, I'm slowly recovering, just in time for the start of the next semester but because of that I didn't really do anything I planned on doing, like visiting friends in other cities and stuff. I also caught a cold yesterday so I'm feeling pretty miserable but it will pass. I really want to be active again ;n; and draw... and stuff...

BTW, look at this kitty cat I met on my way home. My bus had to stop for a while at a gas station and I saw it from the window. I just had to come out and take a closer look. The kitty had no tail but was so cute ;w; Other people tried getting close to the cat as well but it cautiously avoided being touched. Still adorable and I loved how even tough looking guys tried to pet it.

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Sep 3, 2017, 5:53 AM
I thought I had everything under control. I probably overdosed on caffeine a little and had some sort of attack just as I returned home with my dad, in our car. My heart was racing, I felt like I was going to pass out, my hands were getting numb and I felt waves of heat and adrenaline. They were physical symptoms and I was seriously scared but it turned out my heart rate, blood pressure and sugar level were all fine. It was yesterday. Today I feel constant dizziness and waves of fear for no reason. I'll be seeing a doctor this or next week. Until the symptoms go away I don't feel like I can do anything so I'm sorry for my inactivity, if anyone is expecting anything from me. I'm not even sure why I share this all here, guess it's better when I let it out somewhere. I feel lightheaded and slightly unreal, scared of moving and afraid what might be causing it. Could it be simply some sort of anxiety disorder? A reaction to the stressful events last week, even though at the time I didn't feel stressed at all? I'm always cold blooded and the one to act sober when something's happening but maybe it has a long term effect on me?
All I want is to feel ok... physically, because I can work on the rest.

How it was (why I was away)

Wed Aug 30, 2017, 9:49 AM
Incoming a long a pretentiously written summary of my recent break.
TL;DR: planned 4 days, on the 3rd my dad goes to a hospital and I sleep in weird places while he's being checked. I also need money because we had to spend a lot on hotels and meds and dad can't work for 3 weeks so maybe commissions?

1. We had planned vacation from 22.08. to 25.08. (a friend of a colleague of my parents had a summer house and they rented it super cheap to us so it was a perfect occasion for vacation and an opportunity for me to see the sea for the first time).
2. On 24th my dad had an attack of something resembling an epileptic seizure so we called the ambulance.
3. He ended up in a hospital about 40 min by car from where we were staying. 
4. I had to pack our stuff, take only what was necessary for a few days and leave the rest in our car. 
5. The colleagues drove me all the way to the hospital because they are nice people. 
6. My dad looked bad and was lying in a room with groaning old men. It was not the first time he had this attack but no hospital was able to make a diagnosis for over 15 years.
7. We were short on money but needed some to pay for a room to sleep in with my mom. It was Friday afternoon and banks and transfers would soon close but with the help of my friend and a very nice lady at the bank we managed to get just enough for a hotel, food and gas to get back home.
8. We found the cheapest place. Very bad idea but we had no choice (the other hotels were very expensive, had no free rooms or were closed). I woke up before 3 am and couldn't sleep until 4 because someone was fucking loudly in the corridor and the common bathroom. Luckily my mom slept through it because she hadn't slept for 2 days and was super tired.
9. We found a phone number for the closed hotel and a very nice old lady gave us keys and we were to pay later when we move out. 
10. A very bad old lady at the first hotel argued with me on the phone that we can't get a refund for the second night which we payed in advance (and she was wrong but we were too far away to come and shove the facts in her face) so we had to spend another night before we moved to the other hotel (which had the same prices BTW and looked like a 5 star hotel compared to the dirty den we had to sleep in).
11. At least no sex noises this night. Also my dad was moved to a room with a young dude who also had an epileptic seizure.
12. We got out of that god forsaken hole in the morning as fast as we could and went to leave our stuff at the other hotel. OH BOY A CLEAN SHOWER.
13. My dad was looking a lot better and the other dude was nice. It was my dad's birthday so we got him something cheap and funny, and a piece of cake with a single birthday candle in it. It was a nice day.
14. There was a pizzeria in the same building as the hotel so we got a pizza and the people in there were super nice.
15. We slept well, ate at the hospital and it was another nice day (though my mom was constantly worried about all the stuff but I was there to support her).
16. It was also the other dude's birthday so it was extra nice because the room was lively and crowded (two families) and we had a cake.
17. Another good night at the nice hotel.
18. We packed our stuff and rushed to catch a bus but there was no one we could pay for the stay and leave the keys to so I called the nice old lady. She told me to go to a person. She called that person so the person knew how much we were supposed to pay. 
19. The nice old lady told the person a lower price. We paid less than expected and even less than that cheap dirty hole. The lady's kindness was a real highlight of our stay there. She's a blessing to this world.
20. We caught the bus. Then we caught another to the main bus station, but this time with my dad. We caught another bus to the place we left our car at. The bus was not listed on the internet where we checked for buses. We caught is just as it was leaving, even got a small reduce in price and we made it much earlier than expected. Then we drove home with our car. We were afraid the car might get stolen, robbed of things or devastated because it was left for so many days. None of this happened.
21. THE END.

My dad was finally properly diagnosed. After 15 years. They even told him he had this condition since birth. Now he got proper medication and will have to take it every day for the rest of his life. I hope it was really just meant to be this way and that finally he won't have any more problems with his condition. Which has put his life at risk several times.

We will have less money not only because we had to spend a lot during this time but also my dad can't get back to work for a while. But health is the most important thing and I'm happy we are where we are now. I will be open for commissions soon too to maybe help my parents a little (anybody interested? :0).

Now as I'm typing this, we had been to another doctor and it turns out there's more stuff my dad needs to have checked but now he's got the time for it. So I'll help him get it all done and hopefully it's all gonna be better from now on. Too bad it took an accident to realise how important it is to live a healthy life but since it's already happened... We need to get the best out of it.

Juz jest ok

Fri Aug 25, 2017, 4:06 AM
Już wszystko okej, zdarzył się mały wypadek i trochę nie wiedziałam jak to będzie, ale jest dobrze. Tylko trochę dłużej jestem na wakacjach niż planowaliśmy xD 

Pozdrawiam z zachodniopomorskiego

Img 20170826 190025 607 by JuKii

Just a tiny update

Sun Aug 13, 2017, 12:45 PM
Not much have happened. I am now in Berlin and I'll stay here for a while, with one or two trips to Poland during this time. I have quite a lot of freedom but still not much will to draw. I do, from time to time, I even worked on two personal projects but apart from that I am not feeling very creative. I don't feel like going out either, even though I love the parks here and the city is actually pretty nice. I just don't like walking alone. 

I'll be here during Eurofurence too but I'm not going to attend. Hopefully some fursuiters will be seen around the city center lol, I'd love to see some.

I added some answers to the last journal: Wanna send me anon message? [ANSWERS] (Yes you can still send me the messages!)

idk, I feel completely out of energy most of the time. No inspiration or will to do anything either .-. sorry

There's this website where you can get anonymous messages from anyone. You only need an account to receive messages, not to send them. No, not tumblr. I don't even know when and why this has emerged, but it's there alright. So if you want to tell me something anonymously, do it here:

No consequences! I won't share the messages either.

... unless they are funny, like I just got one about pizza. Sorry bud, this is not Pizza Hut :v but if you get that pizza, I want a slice! I haz pizza 

my avatar on the site done by lovely Mayocat Tiny Heart 


I will add more as I get more messages :0

little star Someone mentioned World of Warcraft! I am currently playing on a MoP private server, Tauri, so if anybody wants to join me, I'm on the Evermoon (English) realm, in the guild called "Cash Flow". It's a pretty decent server! Constantly worked on to introduce more content and fix bugs. I haven't run into any game-breaking bugs and maybe 2 quests were not working for me and I'm 50 lvl (yea still questing, I'm only playing during this summer break to see the new content added since TBC because that's the only expansion I played on).

13.08. ANSWERING MADNESS (newest first, each in the language of this question)

little star Ładne koniki

little star Powiedzieć, że lubię kawę z mlekiem, to stanowczo za mało.

little star I am no life.

little star Fievel Mousekewitz comes from a movie I haven't really seen, but as soon as I watch it I'll try drawing some characters! And thanks! <3

little star Nie będę się pukać w łeb (to jakieś konkretne nawiązanie do czegoś czy spam?)

little star Realistka.

little star Nie zgadzam się z tym japońskim powiedzeniem.

little star Oda była cudowna <33

little star Wybieram przyszłość.

little star THANK YOU to whoever send the message saying I shouldn't stop drawing (and gave me a cup of coffee), that was so sweet ;v;

little star And for the equally nice, shorter messages :heart: because I got a few, they were lovely!

little star Po polsku też kilka krótszych wiadomości dostałam, bardzo miłych, o mnie i/lub o moich rysunkach i bardzo za nie dziękuję <333

this is terrible

Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:42 AM
I don't have a place I could call home anymore. At my current place I feel anxious all the time and I really can't get into drawing when someone's around (hence the poll I made a while ago, I was wondering if I'm some kind of freak or if it's a common thing) and at my parents' place... I have to be super quiet and turn the lights off at 7 pm (because of reasons). Even clicking of the mouse is too loud. It's a one room apartment......... so I really don't have much time if we go out for the day, come back and soon after dinner the day's over. We have to go out because it would be weird if we went abroad and didn't see the city. And I love it! But as the time goes on, throughout the last few years I'm thinking more and more that I just... don't like drawing anymore. It's especially hard because it's always been my favourite thing to do, the ultimate way of spending time, expressing myself, fighting my own demons and coping with emotions. It was just me and the pencil, us against the world, and it worked! Now my thoughts are my own doom - "it's ugly, I don't want people to see my failed sketches" and I can't draw in public. "It's pretentious", and I gave up the coolness and badassery because I constantly feel it's too silly. "Nobody would like this", and I forget why I draw in the first place... that I've always been drawing because I wanted to. I can only draw good when I'm really feeling it, when I'm not thinking about anything else, I can spend hours trying to get the drawing to look as much as I imagined it as possible. It's when I draw good. When someone else wants me draw or I'm distracted by others, it's... whatever I think it should be, instead of what I want it to be. 

I wish I could explain it better... I just feel like I'm losing my imagination. I'm trying too hard to be logical and do the right thing just because it should be done and not because I want to. Watching movies, especially animation, seems to help a little but I have a hard time getting to watch anything on my own, and if I watch with someone else then I can't fully experience it, like... emotionally? Jesus I am such a wreck....... 

Does any of you have any tips for... for this? Whatever it is? Something that boosts your imagination, productivity, confidence? something to fight anxiousness? 

I had to take a day off living :'D

Thu Jul 6, 2017, 3:22 AM

though I don't feel it at all. It's like even though I don't have anything to work on, no projects, no exams, I feel like I'm wasting time anyway??? Because I could ALWAYS do something better, more productive, more creative, more educational. I've stopped being ambitious a long time ago so why is it still a thing in my head? It makes me feel bad to just sit and stare at a screen watching a movie, but instead I would do literally nothing like browsing the web and looking at memes, which isn't better than that at all. It's similar with drawing - I feel that I should draw more but if I force myself, nothing good comes out. Darn it brain, gimme a break .-.

- I've finished Owlboy though. I need to go back and make it 100% because I know there's more stuff to uncover. (guys you should play it, it's soooo gooood)
- I'll share my last game project here as soon as I get it to work properly on the web (I messed up some files and now it's a glitch fest)
- I'm gonna get back to the folks I promised some ATs!! very soon!! 

One last thing

Sat Jul 1, 2017, 12:12 PM
... and I'm done with the semester. Unfortunately it is equally as stressful as exams. I have to finish our mobile game project and it's not helping that I'm not entirely familiar with the Clickteam Fusion software. I think I'd rather spend this summer learning C# or java instead of taking on another project in Fusion ;-; It's easy and useful for quick prototyping but when something's messed up in the way the program handles a specific thing, there is no way of fixing it (except for ridiculous workarounds that take too much time). OR I'm just too stupid and doing things wrong x) Either way I need this done by Tuesday, whatever happens on that day I will be free for the summer.

hahah check out the style I went for in my game project:


Mon Jun 26, 2017, 2:34 PM
Thank you all so much for the 1k watchers milestone <3 I'm both surprised and amazed *-*

ALSO I passed another test today! Only 2 remain + a mobile game project I have to hand in before the end of the month. And then I'll be freeeee and finally drawing more!!

I was feeling really, REALLY down lately, probably because of all the stress over how unpassable some of the tests are. We even got busted for downloading complete codes via ftp during some tests. It was impossible to cheat in any other way and it seemed impossible to do on our own. For the longest time the dude thought we have hidden folders on the comps somewhere and was furiously looking for them on every PC... until he found the ftp history today lol. But guess who just DID pass the test on their own!! I tried cheating but the program didn't work, I learned the patterns along the way and just coded that shit from scratch. Apparently you CAN program a parking gate system without even knowing why it works  Beast *Shrug* Icon   



Chrome 2017-06-23 00-31-09 by JuKii

Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited

Chrome 2017-06-23 00-31-092 by JuKii

excited happyexcited happyexcited happyexcited happyexcited happyexcited happy

I'm in the middle of a quite tiring exam session... while the actual exam session hasn't even begun ´w` and it won't be over until the end of this month so I'll be inactive for a little bit longer and then I hope to retuRN AND FINALLY  GET TO DRAWING STUFF AGAIN!!! ònó
when you can just take your online friends and go to the zoo I am a dummy! 
1 by JuKii
3 by JuKii
8 by JuKii
7 by JuKii
2 by JuKii
6 by JuKii
5 by JuKii
4 by JuKii
I also went to the petting zoo for the first time Love I'm totally not 24, naaaaa-ah. 
ONE CLICK LLAMA BUTTON. EVERYWHERE. How could I not know about this? ò_ó
One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria
Also, if you want a llama just give me one too - I always give back!