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Kiss the Go Goat

Also part of Yuki's crew, Hemingway is a shapeshifter whose ability is limited to "switching" between races. His eyes however cannot be changed while shifting - they consist of three layers which move independently, allowing him to focus on 3 points at once. Able to process three times the amount of visual data a regular person can, this ability makes him a perfect multitasker. Add to this his knowledge of how to find obscure or illegal things on websites deeper than the deep web goes, some hacking and scripting skills and we've got ourselves the perfect candidate for the team's main researcher and data analyst. And also an immense asshole with overly sensitive eyes (hence the shades. Also to hide the eyes from humans while he's shapeshifted).
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Hemingway's smug smirk is killing me. But the shirt makes the whole drawing complete.

Also, I enjoy seeing nerdy-looking goat anthros get more love. <3
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aaaah thank you!! ♥

Nerds and goats are cool and together it makes... a whole new level of cool!

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i need to know - is that a Ghost reference? 
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Of course it is :D I'm glad that somebody noticed!

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aah good because I love that band :3c 
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