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Demodemopan by JuKii Demodemopan by JuKii
I can't get to drawing anything lately so I challenged myself to draw in squares, then took a break, played a round of TF2 to see how it works on this computer, got back to drawing and made this spray. Because apparently I can still top the scoreboard with demo :0 and I only use grenades and melee. So yeah. Here's a funky demoman!… aaaah old mems

... does anyone even play TF2 anymore? 

I'm including a .zip of two .tga files ready to use as a spray in game - one for RED and one for BLU version - downloadable for 10 points (or at least I will try to set it up so, I've never done that so it's kind of a test :v )
Shyga Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
ja chcę grać w tf2, ale ostatnio jak weszłam to poszło mi tak żałośnie... a potem zobaczyłam, że się leveluje??? D:
JuKii Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nadal nie wiem co te levele dają xD
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