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(CLOSED) Commission Information!

Sun Sep 17, 2017, 4:02 PM

Terms Of Service l To-Do List

Please comment or send this form through Notes:

Type of Commission:
Paypal or Points:
Character(s) Ref: Please give me visual refs. If you decide to give me written ones, please be as descriptive as possible.
Character(s) Personality/Dynamic: Here is where you can totes geek out and tell me ALL you want me to know about your character and/or pairing. It gives me a better idea on how to draw your character(s) in-character.
Keyword: (Written in the TOS link)

Price: $5.00 USD/500:points:($3.50/350:points: per extra character)

:COMM: Reina Shimizu by juke-boxxCommission: Abby by juke-boxx

Just a little detailed sketch of your choice from yours truly. The same price applies to all sketches whether it be a headshot or full body. Just be specific of what you want.

Price: $8.00 USD/800:points: ($4.00/400:points: per extra character)
BreakdanceBae and BitchBuggaBoi by juke-boxx  :COMM: Hiro x Tuya by juke-boxx :COMM: Kit x Mimi by juke-boxx

This is for the ones who want their characters in a cute, adorable chibi form! :heart: This is personally the most fun commissions for me to draw, so don't be afraid to ask!

Price: $15.00 USD/1500:points: ($10.00/1000:points: per extra character)
Ponytail Boyfriends! by juke-boxxS-Shinsou!? by juke-boxxHAP Transfer Student Squad by juke-boxxTrip to the The San Fransokyo Bridge by juke-boxx

A character of your choice from the shoulders/waist up.

Prices: $20.00 USD/2000:points: ($15.00/1500:points: per extra character)
Out on the Town by juke-boxxThe City Through New Eyes by juke-boxxFingerguns! by juke-boxx

A character of your choice from the hips/thighs up.

Full Body
Prices: $35.00 USD/3500:points: ($20.00/2000:points: per extra character.)

Shinsou Plush by juke-boxxStarshopping by juke-boxxYa gurl Aka B. by juke-boxx

A character of your choice, full body. You may add up to 5 characters max in one piece.

---->Special Commissions<----

Prices: $7.00 USD/700:points: ($3.50/350:points: per extra character)

A fake "screenshot" of any characters of your choice.

Here are some examples below:

Character Ref Sheets
Prices: $50.00 USD/5000:points: per ref sheet

Just a character reference sheet highlighting its body type, clothing, and etc. Please specify what information you would like me to add. 

Here's some examples below: 

.:Working Boy:. Chase Machalle Ref Sheet by juke-boxx:Working Boy: Samuel Champion ref sheet by juke-boxx

Skin by SimplySilent
Skin by SimplySilent (modified by juke-boxx)
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KittzyTheNinja Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Are you still doing commissions?
If so, could you do a sketch of my BNHA OC?
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
Sure thing! :nod:
Will you be paying in points or Paypal?
KittzyTheNinja Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018  Student Digital Artist
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
kk, note me the reference
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