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SDHL Daredevil: Wyatt (Glitch) Kramer by juke-boxx SDHL Daredevil: Wyatt (Glitch) Kramer by juke-boxx
Heya, Nomz here! So I've been getting super into Danganronpa, so I just HAD to make my first Danganronpa OC, Glitch. I wanted to share him with you all and possibly give me some pointers (that’s if you’re willing to sit through a long block of text xD). I tried not to tamper too much with the canon universe and tried to avoid the seventeenth student trope. 


Age: 16
Height: 4'10
Weight: 98lbs
Birthday: August 17th
Gender: Male
SHSL: Ultimate Daredevil
Nationality: American

Wyatt “Glitch” Kramer is a boy who’s known as the Ultimate Daredevil. He obtained his nickname from his family and childhood friend who would poke fun at his small size and heterochromial eyes. In addition, he was born with organs that was located on the opposite side of his body (ie: heart is located on right side, not left), so they would joke about him being born with a glitch.

Glitch grew up in a single-parent household in America due to being born out of a one-night stand. His mother was a very wealthy woman who’s trust fund rivaled Bill Gates thanks to owning various hotels. However, she wanted nothing to do with him after he was born (for he was not a girl and figured that his strange organ placement would be too costly to deal with), so she passed him on to his father who continued to raise him with his family up until he died. Despite this, she still continues to pay child support for him.

Glitch discovered his talent when he was very young. He always participated in risky behaviors and took up many sports like skateboarding and the like. He would sometimes be dubbed as “The Boy With No Fear”. His willingness to try any and everything, no matter how dangerous the circumstance, was what made him the Ultimate Daredevil. Using his YouTube account (dubbed “GlitchDidIt”) and having Kaiden as his cameraman, he would record himself doing various stunts, including the ones he made up on his own. This talent not only emphasized his athletic ability, but also his creative thinking.

He enrolled around the same time as the cast from DR2, but managed to not become influenced by Junko due to him being pulled from Hopes Peak Academy during his second year after his father heard about the riots from the Reserve Department. Around that time, he moved to another town with a close relative while his father was drafted overseas to combat the Tragedy. His father was fatally wounded while trying to restrain one of the Ultimate Despairs and bled to death. His sergeant managed to find his dog tag among the rubble while searching for casualties and sent them back to Wyatt’s family. Glitch still wears those tags to this day.

His father wasn’t the only person he lost- his close childhood friend, Kaiden Maverick, had been among the 2,357 Reserve Course students that committed mass suicide per Junko’s influence. To this day, he still blames himself for leaving Kaiden. Despite not being under Junko’s influence, the ideal that the truly talented must not mix with with the talentless was always subliminally taught in each class he went. However, he was truly the closest friend he has ever had and regretted the day when he left him in favor of the other talents. In mourning and rememberance, he tattoed Kaiden’s initials on his right chest.

Three years after the tragedy, Glitch was contacted by the Future Foundation to recruit him upon them finding that there was another talent that went to Hopes Peak prior to the Tragedy. He agreed to meet them at the Headquarters in which they gave him the run-down on the details of what happened to the Academy and the plans. After, they asked him to become the back-up overseer of the Neo World Program just in case things went awry. But when the virus infected the program, they decided that weren’t going to project him into the world for it was far too risky to lose another talent after Chiaki and Monomi’s death.

Glitch is a level-headed, down-to-earth male. He is often chill, but can also be goofy when he wants to be. He’s very social, having absolutely no problem striking up conversations with a random stranger. This, combined with his charisma, is what granted him a strong fan base.

He can also be very flirtatious, often seen flirting with Mikan. He has a strong preference for tall females and often pushes aside any interest that comes from those 5'5 and below. (He’s only 4'10, so 5'5 is considered tall for him xD) His flaw however, is that he is very superficial. 

Despite all of this, he does harbor some insecurities. Trigger points for him would be mentioning his father, mother, and Kaiden; things that he would often scold anyone for even bringing up those subjects. Although he’s made peace with it, he still doesn’t like being made fun of for his height. He doesn’t like his actual name either; if one calls him by his first name, he would firmly “suggest” for them to call him Glitch. He feels it doesn’t fit him at all. He also constantly gels up his hair for he feels he looks too feminine with his hair down.


Kaiden Maverick
–His close childhood friend. Glitch's father and Kaiden's mother ended up paying for Kaiden to go to Japan with Glitch so they can go to Hopes Peak together. He was among the 2,357 Reserve Course students to commit suicide.

Mikan Tsumiki
–Mikan’s personality, beauty, and height was what attracted him to her in the very beginning. He is often very forward with Mikan, making suggestive jokes towards her just to see her flustered. Though it is mainly one-sided, he often defends her against Hiyoko and covers her naughty bits when she falls (despite her doing it on purpose).

Hiyoko Saionji
–Though they initially picked at each other when they first met, Hiyoko began to develop a crush on the pint-sized daredevil. Glitch would lightly push her away, but continue to be kind.

Hajime Hinata
–Hajime bore a striking resemblance to his late friend, Kaiden, which drew him close to Hajime. Because of this, Glitch would often drag Hajime around with him as his camera guy when he did his stunts. He also comes to Hajime to help him out with things from time to time.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
–His bro. They had similarities dealing with getting teased for being short and babyfaced, so they hit it off well.

Gundam Tanaka
–His go-to guy when he runs out of gel. (lol)

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Haha..well, I'm tall. 5'7 is quite tall for my young age. Yeah...
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