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Kaira's Aspirations by juke-boxx Kaira's Aspirations by juke-boxx
Here's a little screenshot featuring Kaira and :iconthecurseddragon:'s Alyssa having a meaningful conversation by the water. In case if you can't really tell:

Kaira: When I get that star fragment, I wanna go down in history for being the first female legendary blader.

Alyssa: Well that's going to be tough considering the competition out there.</i>

Now I'm not a hardcore feminist, but I do find that a bit unfair that none of the legendary bladers are female. None! I mean, they could've switched it up and had Sophie or even Mei-Mei as a legendary blader. (It would've been cool if Hikaru was one of them, and the star fragment could've inspired her to get back into beyblade. :iconhurrhurrplz: ) But hey, that's just my opinion. ^^;  

Anyways, enjoy the picture!! :)

Kaira (c) :iconthenomzmonster:
Alyssa (c) :iconthecurseddragon:

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Leoni-Fang02 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014   Digital Artist
Awesome drawing!
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Thanks!! >w<
Leoni-Fang02 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014   Digital Artist
You're welcome! :)
Alorous Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh look at those two ~ da teamFab is finally here :giggle: 
Talking about how Kiara is gonna get that star fragment while ma baby is being a bit negative...but honest XD
dont ruin Kiara's fantasies , gurl! :XD: 
i really adore the way you drew both of them, you made Ally pie staying in character, the colors on her looks very nice :heart:

However, i do agree with the unfair part with that there was no female legendary beyblade... they could have atleast giving it to Hikaru... like you explained in the artist comment, oh well ~ i was thinking on making up OC's for the for elements (water, Fire, earth and Air) and i thought it would be awesome if it was females... or maybe not, Ryuuga might would had been jeloaus that his 'lover' has a star fragment with that awesome power..conserdering he gave his up for Kenta xD anyways! i was also thinking on asking to add Kiara but then i find out that her element is Ice and snow T^T why wasn't your cutie tigress having Air element?! xD would had been perfect ! if you would accept it o.o 
but then again this idea was just being a thought and has been in my mind for a while :aww: 


so, did Kiara become a legendary beyblader after all? ovo 

anyways you did an awesome job here ! well done with the characters and the coloring and the background looks great to =v= 
thank you so much for accepting with adding Alyssah in here :iconaawplz::heart:
they look awesome and lovely :aww: am sure they can become good friends ~ allthoguht with a little time.. sense alyssah has trust issues but am sure Kiara will be fine as long as she stays honest and that ~ 

well done with the work i talk way to much OTL so sorry about that haha :heart: 
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
D'aww, I'm really glad you liked the picture! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz: I sorta figured that Ally would be more on the serious side, lol. ^^; 

I believe your idea is actually pretty fantastic and I would be honored to have Kaira included in your idea. The whole White Tigress bey idea was actually in the ref that was quite old :). In my more recent one, her bey was changed to Rainbow Iris. (You can read it in the description here:… I wanted to make it more "unique", lol. In case if you're wondering, Iris is the goddess of rainbows. There's a legend that states that everytime you see a rainbow, she's delivering a message from the heavens above. :) She's also the nymph of the sea and sky, so her attacks would be mostly water/air-based. So I guess air would fit right in with her. ^^;

To answer your question, unfortunately no, she never became a legendary blader. HOWEVER, she did earn the respect of King (since they both shared the same love of fighting.) and the Coach of Dungeon Gym. Despite her being a female in an all-male gym, she was invited to come train there whenever she felt like stopping by. I guess it was a win-win situation, lol. :shrug: 

Well, like I said, I'm very glad you enjoyed the picture. Alyssah was a pleasure to draw. :aww: I do look forward to drawing more pics like this in the future. :D Hopefully, Kaira and Alyssah could probably go on a few adventures of their own. :iconcutelplz:

Lol, it's okay. It's better than a one-word response. xD

Alorous Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Tee hee yeah thats ma baby alright XD 

oh thanks then am not crazy XD 
ooh i see o.o so i assume the water is like for.. rain or something like that? sense she is the goddess of the rainbows and thinking 
something in the line XD however the link didn't work but am sure the idea is awesome. But Kiara's personality is still the same? or has it some changes? o.o 

haha i changed Alyssah's bey many times, first it was a Tiger then Calypso, Poseidon and then i googled and i found Ceto(Keto) the goddess who created sea monsters and went powerful from that ovo and sister to medusa and i just felt it suited Alyssa so well so i made up my mind to have Keto and tada ! Forbidden Keto ED145S was invented XD 

oh i see :giggle: glad to hear that she got King's respect then :la: 
and then she marries masamune later in the years? :flirty:

aww good to hear, that makes me blush x//D yeah am sure they would want to :giggle: 
da teamfab wont ever die ;D 
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Whoops, sorry about the link. ^^; I'm sure you've seen it, you commented on the pic before. And of COURSE, her personality is still the same. She wouldn't be my little Pinky-Pie if she did change would she? ;) 

It's amazing how the character creation works, eh? It's sorta like writing an essay. You come up with a rough draft first, then do some fine-tuning for the final draft! :iconiloveitplz:

And yup. King and Kaira becomes great friends in the end. (Then Masamuu-Muu gets all jelly, lol. :giggle:) King eventually gets Masamune to get over his dumb pride and actually admit that he likes her as well. Then, well, you know what happens next. xD

I wanted to make her and Masamune's relationship a bit complicated since he's never the "romantic" type. I sorta picture him being all fussy and Kaira treating it as a game. xD

But yeah, #TeamFab FTW!!! :dummy:
Alorous Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Ohh that one, yeah i remember ! i rereaded the quick info of her =v= 
such a cutie pie xD and no she wouldn't be haha ~ :heart: 

yeah it actually is, very true there XD 
but am happy with the desing and info of alyssah now =v= i feel it's so much better and fitting.. sad but oh well XD
i will be posting the bio and the basic info soon ~ so people can get to know her more ~ ovo 

oooh i see, i see yeah i can't really see Masamune being that over romantic...and Kiara makes him probably more comfy later on 
eh? ovo 
Ryuuga isn't very romantic either, he is protective and caring but do loves ally pie but he has it difficult to express himself in words and can be very jelly when he sees alyssah giving other guys her attention haha ofc, she also gets jelly but she hides it unlike Ryuuga XD it deffo wasn't love at first sight for those two. 

yush :iconyayzplz: best team evah! 
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Awh, so it seems like Ryuga and Ally have a cute little relationship going on there? :heart: I really appreciate you keeping him in character-there's a lot of fans that draw their pairings and the canon character is SO OOC that it's hard to believe it's them.

And in regards to Masamune and Kaira, yeah, she does start to make him a bit more comfy into their relationship. However, Kaira, being her, likes to mess around with him from time to time, but it's always just in good fun. :iconiloveitplz:

Well, I can't wait to learn more about Alyssa, she's interesting enough already! :lol:
Alorous Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh yesh there is deffo love in da air between those two :iconhurrhurrplz: 
aww thanks ~ i prefer when the canon's are in character neither do i like getting canons or OC's OOC OTL 
and becuase am such a huge fan of beyblade i just can't make the canons there OOC >w< 
oh yush, i have been watching the classic beybalde (Tyson, Kai, Ray etc etc) and ever sense i was 6 years old i have been a fan of it 
and i honeslty dont think i will ever leave it o.o 

oooh you know when i learn more about Masamune and Kiara, they just simply makes me say "I so ship them" 
i still dont know much about them but they are indeed cutie pies from what i have seen so far :giggle: hopefully Masamune wont 
kill me or anything.. am sure Kiara can protect me XD 

haha same about Kiara ~ i must add, i remember when i saw her in ma inbox here in DA. oh gosh how my eyes just stared, honestly! 
she is one speciall OC, it's rare for me to catch my eyes so fast. But am glad that i got to meet her and that da owner is one sweet and fun person to talk to :heart: 
juke-boxx Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Awh, thanks for the compliments!! It's super appreciated!! :iconkermityayplz: You're a pretty fun person to speak to as well. :iconcutelplz:
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BellaStar35G Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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