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I'll be here. + Drabble by juke-boxx I'll be here. + Drabble by juke-boxx

Let's take a feels trip today, y'all~
I wasn't originally planning to write a Shinsaka (YES I'M COINING THAT TERM) drabble, but as I uploaded it, I went eff it. Why not give it some context, right? So if you wanna read it, or not, great! But if you do, I'd appreciate some constructive criticism because one thing I wanna be sure of is that all canon characters are in-character. So if you feel that I'm making him or anyone too OOC plz let me know. Get it? Got it? Good. :nod: Hope you enjoy!


Aka fumbled around with her fluff cowl, making sure it wasn't caught between her skin and her hero suit.

Today was the day of her internship and she was nervous as hell. Normally someone from the General Education class would be unable to be chosen for any internships, so being the ambitious gal that she was, she sought out her own. It was hard work and she was turned down many times, but she finally was able to land an internship in a shady part of Tokyo, Kabukicho which was on the east side of Shinjuku. 

She sat on the bench outside the building waiting for her taxi. Since it was deemed too dangerous for a rookie like her to go alone, they opted to send someone to escort her. She bit her lip, squeezing her small fists on her lap in anxiety. She was about to work side-by-side with a hero. This was what she wanted, right? This was what all of the hard work was for, wasn't it? Then why was she so hesitant? What was her heart pounding for? 

So many thoughts raced through her brain, not even realizing the footsteps that were coming closer. 


Her head snapped up at the sound of her name escaping the then-stranger's lips.

"Shinsou?" she murmured, confused. Wasn't it the end of the day? "You're still here?"

"Mm," he nodded before taking a seat right beside her. Now she was really confused.

She scootched over to give him a little room, still eying him carefully as he pocketed his hands. She turned to face ahead of her, her shoulders still drawn up toward her neck. 

"You seem nervous."

Aka nodded in agreement, sinking her teeth into her bottom lip. 

"You have every right to be. This was a terrible idea. Probably the worst decision you've made this year."

"I know..." The girl groaned, slouching into her seat. When she brought up the idea to him, he was very adamant about not going with it. 

Ah... so that's probably why he stayed. Yet, it was odd since she never told him when or what time she was going. 

"Geez Aka-chan, why couldn't you wait until a slot opens like everyone else?" 

"I don't want to!" she pouted. "I wanna be a hero, Shinsou- just like them!"

He stared for a bit, then shook his head with a sigh. "You're pretty stubborn for someone so timid."

Aka gasped, her face turning beet red as she focused her gaze on the tiles of the floor. Geez, he's always so mean to her. Always shooting down her ideas and casting doubt. So typical. She wondered if he was still a bit bitter about losing to Deku during the exams. 

No matter.

"How... did you know?" she asked, peering up at him through her ebony lenses.

"Know what? When you were going?" 

"Y-Yeah!" she felt a sharp pang of anxiety in her chest. "You weren't watching me again, were you!?"

Now it was his turn to blush for he averted his gaze. 


He always had a habit of staring at her sometimes during class. Sometimes the other students and even the teacher would comment on it. Shinso didn't mind, he enjoyed the company anyhow yet it always made Aka feel subconscious. By just observing, he managed to pick up her manneurisms, ticks, and habits. 

"I told you not to do tha-!" Just then, a car honked outside. 

Her heart dropped. Oh god, they're here. She jumped up and tried to leave, her feet feeling like the weight of a ton of bricks. She was frozen, her chest tightening and her hands balling into a fist. Tears welled up in her eyes from the anxiety she was about to face. Maybe everyone was right, she wasn't ready for this. She couldn't even move to begin in the first place.

"Well, aren't you gonna go?" he moved beside her, crossing his arms. He cocked his head to see her facial expression which was full of dread. He looked ahead and sighed, moving to stand right in front of her. He knew he shouldn't be motivating her to do this, but he was going to anyway. 

"C'mon Aka-chan. You have things to do today," he awkwardly tugged at her arm which only made her glance up through her always-worrisome eyes. "You wanna be a hero don't you? Then you gotta go with them. And stuff." 

Still, no response. 

He sighed, placing a hand on her head and petting it gently. Her antennae twitched from the touch and signalled her to look up at him. Although she was still nervous, it soothed her enough to actually move.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." he smiled faintly, a sign of reassurance. 

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