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(BnHA OC) Aka Bitoru by juke-boxx (BnHA OC) Aka Bitoru by juke-boxx
Finally finished my BnHA OC, Aka. I opted for more flat shading since this is merely a reference piece. I based her design and abilities loosely off the velvet ant, the carpenter ant, and the red beetle.

EDIT: Revamped outfit --->

Here's some stuffs! (Subject to change and updates)

██████  G E N E R A L //  I N F O

“You’re gonna be a hero? How cool, I wanna be just like you!”

name : Aka Bitoru (別名ビトー)

nickname(s) : “Aka-chan”; “Roach” (Bakugou); “Baby Girl” (Kirishima, Shindo Yo)

hero name : Charlotte's Bite

age// birthday : 15 ll February 7th (16 in the Hero License Exam Arc)

gender : female

height // weight : 5'1'' [154 cm]

blood type : O 

nationality : Black (American)/Asian (Japanese)

██████ B A T T L E  // I N F O

quirk type : Insect

quirk description Aka's quirk allows her to do what an insect can (not including flying). This includes lifting between 10 to 50 times her body weight, running at a speed of close to 50mph, and climbing up walls. Her antennae are very sensitive and are used to heighten her smell, touch, taste, and hearing. It can also sense air motion and slight variations of heat and vibration. Her claws are primarily used for climbing, clutching, and digging; they are also highly useful in close combat. However, she must take good care of them and ensure to keep them sharp for they are prone to breaking. It can take up to three weeks or longer (depending on the severity) for a chipped claw to regrow. She also has six eyes- two between her main ones, and two on the sides that controls her peripheral vision and detect acute movement - so sneaking up on her would be very difficult. The ones between her eyes detect light levels and polarization. Her main two eyes serves as her general, high resolution lenses while the other four are not as clear. Aka has nonlethal poison that can be delivered by a bite or a scratch from her large claws that can stun an opponent for a short while. 

ability1: (Slash Barrage)- Aka uses her clawed hands to slash her opponents repeatedly. Great for close range combat, but very tiring. May add venom for extra effect.

ability2: (The Cow Killer)- Aka may deliver a nonlethal poison in the form of a slash or a bite that stuns her opponents for up to 2 minutes. The pain is very severe and may persist about 15 minutes after stun time. 

ability3: (Mimicry)- Less to do with her actual quirk and more to do with her talent, she is able to mimic the cries of many insects and the voices of others by picking up vocal patterns.

quirk drawbacks Drawbacks of this Quirk can be attributed to the overload of senses. For her senses to not be overloaded, she would have to zone in on one particular one while ignoring the others which could be bad when dealing with multiple enemies. Not to mention she can only deliver so much poison at a time before her body becomes exhausted. Her poison doubles as a vital source of her immune system, so over usage can make her more susceptible to sickness.

Her super strength derives from her neck muscles; any injury to that can severely put off any additionally weight she may be able to carry. Due to her blood temperature being subjected to the environment around her, she must also keep this regulated to avoid discomfort. One last shortcoming is that her Quirk is mainly useful for close combat and safety- anything else would be hazardous. 

stats :

[5/5] A
    speed  [4/5] B
    technique[1/5] D
    intelligence [3/5] C
    cooperativeness[5/5 ] A

██████ P E R S O N A L //  I N F O

personality :

Timid by nature, Aka struggled her entire life through school and trying to stand out from her siblings. She is the last child to be born in her family of city workers. She grew up destined to be one of them, but she wanted to be something more. Aka, like Deku, aspired to be a hero. Her family and many others such as her teacher doubted her because of her meekness and crybaby tendencies.

Loud noises and bright lights overload her senses and make her tear up. She also tears up at the slightest signs of yelling which is why she can't really stand being around the 1-A Class for so long. It was also a huge factor in why she didn't pass the Hero License Exam or the Hero Studies Entrance Exam.

Aka is also very shy and prefers to keep a small circle of friends. She finds a lot of the guys in her school very scary thanks to their abrasive attitudes and tends to keep close to female companions. There are only a select few of males she considers friends.

She is also very impressionable and is a bit of a follower. She breaks out of this when she transfers out of Yuuei away from Mina and with Kokuzoku’s absense. 

likes :
tick Sweet pastries. Apple-cheese danishes are her favorite~
tick Head pats! Although she initially gets flustered, a good rub always makes her feel better.
tick Social contact. Despite her quiet demeanor, she's actually an extrovert and likes to be surrounded by friends, so talk to her!
tick Hip-Hop and RnB music. Mostly influenced by her mother since she it was all she listened too.
tick Dark/dimly-lit spaces. Thanks to the nature of her quirk, she tends to be drawn to places like these which isn't always good. But its comforting.

dislikes : 
x Loud and sudden noises. It overloads her senses like crazy!
x Boys. Thanks to her past, she doesn't think too highly of them at the moment- but things can change. 
x Bright sunlight. Too much of it agitates her.
x Her fangs. She feels like she scares people with her smile.
x Being yelled at. It makes her cry.

history : 

Growing up as the youngest child in her family was very challenging for her. She was the meekest one out of everyone and was often forgotten in the family oddly enough. Her entire family is made up of varying insect qualities that were suited for city work and construction due to their strength and intellect (though Aka got the shaft of the latter). They pushed for Aka to be a secretary out of fear of following her brother's footsteps, but she was far too determined to become a hero instead.

Her initial reasoning for applying for Yuuei wasn’t just for the admiration of her older brother, but also to pay Mina back for always having her back and standing up for her. She always felt weak compared to her and wanted to also be her hero and her sidekick, however childish the reason was at the time. When she announced that she was going to apply for the U.A Hero Course, many, including the teachers and her family, laughed her off. 

Aka spent time in the General Education department during her first year attending Yuuei. On her off time she’d train with her older brother in secret, polishing the fighting style, Systema. However, as Kokuzoku slowly began to lose himself in his vigilante work as he became a notorious underground for-hire killer, the reputation began to negatively affect her, for the public expressed many concerns of having the sibling of a killer attending the top school for heroes.

To alleviate the tension and sway public opinion, Principal Nezu offered her parents to transfer her to Shiketsu High if she can pass a Heroes placement exam with two weeks to study. But upon passing the test, Shiketsu rejected the recommendation for they didn’t want their reps to be tarnished as well. 

Aizawa, who oversaw Aka’s exams, was very impressed with Aka’s abilities used his connections with Emi Fukukado to recommend her to Ketsubutsu Academy in the spring of her second year. She is currently a student.

██████ R E L A T I O N S H I P S//  I N F O

Kokuzoku Bitoru : Her very protective older brother. He tries his hardest to be a good example to her and instill good morals. He practically served as a secondary parental figure to her thanks to their parents' busy lifestyle. He is fiercely protective of Aka and will not hesitate to intimidate and/or harm anyone who dares to make her cry. 

Kokuzoku was one of the two (the other being Mina) that encouraged her to follow her dreams regardless of his experiences. He did warn her to exercise caution and suggested her to apply for the General Education department just in case. 
Aka is like the Thor to his Loki; her being the more likable powerhouse, and him being the more sly and cunning sibling. He trained her in secret and taught her the fighting style “Systema” which is a Russian martial art not limited to hand-to-hand combat, grappling, knife-fighting, and fire-arm usage. 

Mina Ashido : Her and Mina were childhood friends who grew up together in the Chiba Prefecture. Mina always stood up for her growing up and Aka always admired her strong abilities. When Mina announced to her that she was going to train to be a Hero, Aka vowed to join and support her in any way possible. In many ways, Aka relied on Mina to be her shield to an almost unhealthy degree. Mina never realized it, but Aka definitely did and felt horrible about it. She spent most of her life attached to Mina and Kokuzoku, never really having an identity of her own outside of her relationships.

Shinsou would often point this out, yet she didn’t realize it until midway through her first year that she wouldn’t be able to make it through school with that kind of mindset. 

Whenever she had the time, Aka always tried to visit her class which is how she got to know the others of Class 1-A. Mina always tried to get Aka out of her shell to socialize more and build up her confidence. 

Since Aka has transferred, they still keep in close contact, but she has learned to develop her own identity outside of Mina. 

Shinsou Hitoshi : Aka met Shinso during the Hero Entrance Exam where they were all competing to get into the Hero Studies Courses. She thought he was very strange, but decided to save him anyway when one of the faux enemies tried to attack him. Shinso was a tad moved, but moreso resentful. So true to his aloof nature, he said nothing. They would meet each other again in class and finally speak after they both lost the Hero License Exam, though Shinso was still a bit disgruntled after his loss.

He initially didn't like her, though, and felt that her quirk was wasted on someone like her so he would often insult her intelligence. But with some gentle persistence from Aka, he finally caved in and got to know her. He was impressed by her determination given her demeanor and opted to support her. Nowadays he still picks on her a lot and treats her as if he's her dad. He's often her voice of reason and the source of her undying embarrassment.

When she transferred out of Yuuei, he was very disappointed but respected her choice. They date after graduating from their respective schools.

Kirishima Ejirou : Her, Mina, and Kirishima all went to the same middle school hence why she knew of him but didn’t recognize him straight away because of his sudden outgoing personality. He was one of the first guys she befriended and became close to. 

He was often super physical with her, carrying around, jostling her and such; though he’d often treat her as if she was a fragile being made of glass. She entertained the thought of being with him at some point, but quickly put it aside to work on herself. They still speak after her transfer.

Shota Aizawa : Due to his negative views on her older brother, he doubted her skills of becoming a hero and assumed that she would be just like her older brother. He would often comment on Aka’s crybaby and babyish tendencies and question how she was able to get into Yuuei in the first place. But upon overseeing her Hero Course written and physical exam, he was impressed with her abilities.

He was slightly more merciful due to the unfair negative press she was getting from her brother’s notoriety, so he recommended her to Ketsubutsu Academy.

Emi Fukukado : Her current homeroom teacher. Aka was recommended to her by Shota Aizawa in which she accepted without hesitation. Her and Aka have a strong aunt-niece relationship in which she constantly checks up on her student’s well-being. 

April Munroe (c):iconshurple:: One of Aka's greatest role models and her senpai. She often follows her around the school whenever she's around and asks a lot of intrusive questions about her work and All Might. xD

Kuiru Yamarashi (c):iconmimimatsu:: Aka originally found her punk rock aesthetic very cool and was taken aback over her affable and approachable personality. She was very surprised and flattered that Kuiru decided to befriend her and welcomed her with open arms. Kurui supports her, shall we say "fascination", with Shinsou and was actually one of her motivating factors to contine to push to talk to him. 

██████ T R I V I A L //  I N F O 

"Ch-Charlotte's Bite? Really? B-But I'm not a spider!"

trivia : 
Bullet; Blue   Bitoru, Tetsugami (52) - Alive 
  Quirk Type
      Insect - Tarantula  
Bullet; Pink   Bitoru, Naomi (48) - Alive 
  Quirk Type 
      Insect - Praying Mantis 

:bulletgreen: Bitoru, Kokuzoku (24) - Alive
Quirk Type
    Insect - Assassin Bug

:bulletgreen: unnamed 4 brothers and sisters

  Mina Ashido, Izuku Midoriya, Shinso Hitoshi, Ochaco Uraraka, Ibara Shiozaki, Toru Hagakure
Pink Flower  Voice Actress(JP)- Yuki Matsuoka (Alisa Bosconovitch)

 Pink Flower  Voice Actress(ENG)- Christina Valenzuela (Alisa Bosconovitch) *skip to 1:00*

Pink Flower  Theme Song- Lenka - Blue Skies (REVOKE Remix)

hobbies : imitating the voice of her favorite heroes and friends 

fun facts + headcanons :
1) The fur around her neck, her ankles, and her wrists are actually a part of her body. They absorb shock and protect them.
2) Her strong admiration for Mina along with her anti-men tendencies led many to believe she was a lesbian for a while.
3) Shinsou has a bad habit of staring at Aka for a long time which makes her feel insecure. Though he initially did it to analyze her quirks and how he could take her down for the next exams- he now does it just to get on her nerves and just because...
4) Aka was pushed to attend martial arts classes for Systema at the early age of four because her parents were afraid that Aka’s demeanor would make her a target for assualts and kidnapping. Her entire family knows some form of Systema, but her and Kokuzoku are the only ones out of the family that has polished the fighting style to the T.

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