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Shiny friend

By Jukad
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He has shiny friends yay

And I started to do this "one month - one drawing" thing ewww

I wish I had the will to draw more lol

Anyway, enjoy! 

Stealing is a crime! wanna use my art? Ask permission!

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sorry to be the unwholesome bitch in a room full of wholesome, but he looks awfully permiscuous, like...... what's he planning to do with that lum...

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he half closes his eyes because the light is too bright. there's no hidden message.
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This is super wholesome and super beautiful

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Thank you UwU

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oof your style is gorgeous as always❤️ I love how you draw Ray's expressions
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Awww Thank you :heart:

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Very nice work, especially with the glow of that lum. :D

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Not to mention that there are a lot of lums on the Glade, Rayman actually has many shiny friends!Kao emoji  (yay smile-02)

This drawing is awesome! :D

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ahh Rayman where si Rayman4? :(
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Impressive work you made. ^^

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That Lum looks too Bright for Rayman's Eyes! Dragonkekeplz

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careful Rayman, you could blind yourself :giggle: nice work.

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Lol i could swear this was a fanart made by EarthGwee when i saw it in my inbox XD

Nice job made, the lighting effects are really good and i like Rayman's expression.

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She Is one of the artists my style was growing up with since I was a kid.

And Thanks! I had fun with this one, playing with the lighting Is very calming

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Now Rayman it's rude not to look your friends in the eye ;D

So cute ^-^

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Thank you haha :D

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I love your color choices!

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Thank you! I tried my best on it

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Your art reminds me of animated TV show or movie clips!

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