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(Cereus) Ryomen Sukuna X Reader IIWarnings: Hint of gore, curse words, deathAuthor's note: Over the next few days, I will be trying to update more TT College is really hard these past few months, so yeah, I can't really update much. I still haven't thought how long this would be. If you have any ideas I can add to this fic, feel free to leave a comment :')))) Oh, I won't be able to do requests for a while since I can't really commit to anything rn. Apologies :(((, There wasn’t anything peculiar for Sukuna that day. A bunch of sorcerers at his back, three gushing wounds in his limbs and string of curses leaving his mouth. The skies are a little cloudy but not enough for anyone to think it’ll rain; Sukuna didn’t care whatever happens regardless. But then, it was difficult for him to care for anybody.That afternoon, however, turned different; a man named Sugawara had tailed him. Of course, it didn’t go unnoticed, but still quite unexpected for the sun hasn’t even set yet. The sorcerer wasted no time and even though Sukuna had defended himself quite well—the sorcerer still did a number on him before letting him go. Although his pride won’t let him admit it out loud, he lost to the sorcerer.He flew to the mountains, knowing there’s a cabin out there that had been used by the now deceased group of sorcerers as a hideout. The shamans are only a bunch of weak idiots, so Sukuna didn’t need to worry about their residue energy and techniques. He only wished there was at least bandages lying around and clean rags. However, before Sukuna could reach the cabin, he could already smell blood from far away. There are also leaking cursed energy in the space, it wasn’t actively destroying its surroundings, but it wasn’t exactly peaceful.He notes that it is calm, yet violent one. Angry but a little terrified. And finally concluded, that it was nothing but a weak sorcerer. A good meal, or a good f*ck. And if both, then heavens must still haven’t abandoned him.Sukuna approached the cabin calmly, before aggressively slamming the door. Much to his surprise, a shikigami went for his neck. Sukuna easily subdues the dog before launching himself in front of the sorcerer. “Domain Expan--…”Sukuna only chuckled at the woman’s futile attempt; her techniques vanishing into thin air before spitting blood. His hands quickly finding each other before he heard some rustling sounds outside. He could only scowl as he anticipated whether they’re going to the door or will be kicking the windows. The intruders knocked the door over and before they can fully step inside—their heads had already fallen off before they had even realized. It was an inglorious sight, and just Sukuna’s style. He quickly shifted his eyes to the woman before him and saw her surprised orbs just in time before they turned blank.“So?” Sukuna asked unimpressed by the woman’s expression. In his dictionary, he just saved this poor woman’s ass. A thank you would not be enough, but isn’t it at least worth an effort?“What?” The woman scoffed at him. Sukuna only responded by walking closer. He noted that the woman would be dying within an hour. Her face was already beyond pale implying she had lost too much of blood. It is interesting that she’s alive, but Sukuna isn’t stupid to mistake it for physical endurance. It was simply because the woman refused to die, and her will had successfully pushed her limits. But then, it has been just a futile attempt. “Shouldn’t have saved you, you know? You’ll still die.” His smirk evilly plastered on his face, however this time, the woman didn’t respond at him and only closed her eyes. “Already kicked the bucket?” “For a man, you talked too much, don’t you?”“For a woman…” He tried thinking of another word. “Weak?” And the woman closed her eyes again, a faint smile dancing on her lips. “Will it be too much to ask if I tell you to just eat me instead of doing whatever men do?”“Do you want to die that much?” Sukuna took one of her wrists and pressed it to his teeth. “The weak doesn’t decide how to die.”The woman only smiled once more, before she opened her eyes and searched for Sukuna’s orbs. Sukuna could only curse.That night, Sukuna scrammed in the place looking bloodier than when he went in., Two years later, terror had fully spread in Heian. Some clans had openly declared war, while some had opted for peace in insinuating violence in nearby villages. Others fled to the strong sorcerer families for protection while a few tried to leave the lands, and only tenths of them had managed to survive. And there are the creams of the crop, just fighting and mostly watching over the scenario while looking for possible threats and trying to defeat them before they even reached their full potential. It was this time greed had fully devoured their souls, and none of them realizing what’s going to happen soon.“Uraume.” The man clad in light-colored robes lined with black called to the white-haired sorcerer. His tongue swiftly licking the blood in his fingers, before smudging the remains in the side of his lips. “Bring the next bodies.”“As you wished, my King. But since the bodies are already low in numbers, should I go for the hunt instead?” Uraume asked, their head bowed slightly, a gesture that they are the only one allowed to do so.Sukuna raised his brows before tossing a child’s arm in his floors, causing a woman to squeak before clutching her lips in desperation. Tears streaking in her eyes, and if she could even cry blood—the woman would be doing so just to escape from this hell.“I heard a new sorcerer emerged, although her techniques are a little clumsy for someone from a great lineage—it seems like she has a lot of fight. It will be an honor to offer her to you.” They continued.“You, woman, come here.” Sukuna almost looked like he didn’t care in the news, but he felt a surge of excitement in his veins. The woman quickly scrambled to her feet and before she can even take a step—Sukuna already cut her into pieces. The rest of them followed her, creating a cold atmosphere in the shrine.“Take these bodies and display them in the gates of nearby villages.” Sukuna ordered as he grimly grinned. “I will go for hunting for a little while.”
(Cereus) Ryomen Sukuna X Reader IWarnings: Cursed words, angst, death,Theme: Heian Era, either before or after Shibuya incident, Sukuna being soft, SPRINKLES OF ANGST, Fluff ofcAuthor's note: Welp, seeing that I was running out of choices for wordables--I thought of another thing I could do. I had a thing with flowers since I literally stayed in high school for the sake of studying and learning more with Biology. So yeah, I decided to do this because what could I ever lose? And yeah, I want to begin this collection with a series about Sukuna. Which is kinda a bad thing because I sucked at updating. But, I am going to try my best to complete this. I will probably begin another character fanfiction after this from an anime which I still haven't wrote anything at all.Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story. Gege-sensei owns this masterpiece, Jujutsu kaisen. If you're free, read or watch this piecee <3“Is goodbye a little more than I deserved?” Yuji hastily throws his head in the direction of the voice. He took a deep breath as he searched again for the cursed spirit. It didn’t help that the place is in ruins, and the sun is gone. Honestly, Yuji didn’t expect to search for the cursed spirit this long. He has been already out since three in the afternoon, and it was already past six, and there are still no traces of the cursed spirit aside from the little mumblings here and there.To say he was frustrated is an understatement. This is his first solo mission and somehow, he just kept failing at it. He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew that he’ll do much better in a fight rather than locating the Cursed spirit of the Cereus. According to Satoru Gojo, the cursed spirit is as rare as its name—the night blooming cereus which only blooms once a year for only a single night. Legends say it only appears on the worthiest person, someone with a genuine heart. And maybe that’s what frustrates him more, because if it wasn’t really a cringy tell-tale, then maybe—he isn’t really the person his grandfather wants him to be. But still he just can’t fail the mission, after all the Cursed spirit of the Cereus is a keeper of one of Sukuna’s fingers. So, no matter how helpless he is and hopeless the mission is, he just can’t give up.“Kuso ̄gaki.” A mouth appears in his cheeks which he covered in reflex. “You are really doing poorly huh? Can’t even catch a simple spirit?” Sukuna reappeared in the hand he used to cover his cheeks, and although Yuji wanted to punch the parasite inside his body, he managed to keep calm.He needs to be worthy of the Cereus.Sukuna only rolled his eyes as he heard the thoughts of Yuji. He readjusted himself in his throne, contemplating whether he should take over. It has been a thousand of years already, and he had already forgotten her name. She is nothing but a mistake to him. He closed his eyes, lips twitching sadistically while thinking he should give it a chance. After all, a visit wouldn’t hurt him.“Enchain.”, Eyes getting drowsier as she struggled to climb the mountain. There’s a gushing wound in her abdomen, but that’s the least of her concerns. Even if she managed to stop it from bleeding, there is still no guarantee she can survive. If she decided to stop even for a second, they will catch up to her. However, she’s aware that she can’t last for long unlike them. If it’s about endurance, she will surely lose her life.She isn’t a full-pledged sorcerer and isn’t fond of her clan. Still, a part of her hopes that they’ll find her or will avenge her death. How she wished heavens will have mercy on her. She’s only a young woman and dying without even proving anything is such a shame. Maybe, it is only a worthless pride for others—but in Heian, it is something that keeps them in staying alive. The hope that someday, somewhere—they could be so much more than a woman and a wife. If she died here, a rebel from Zen’in, all the dreams of the women that died before her will be buried along her grievances. Their traces will not be recognized, and they will only be remembered as the women who refused to be wed.She is already mewling in pain when she reached the mountain tops. Although aware that she could get caught because of her noises, she can’t stop screaming in pain. She can barely even move. Her legs had given up on her the second she reached the top. She had no choice but to crawl. She no longer cares if her hands are covered in mud or if her fingernails are breaking from the force. She knew it hurts, but she can’t die here yet. She kept moving until she arrived in front of a cabin, and she passed out., Yuji leapt as he found himself near a cliff. His eyes scanned the surroundings, confused at the sudden change. Realizing Sukuna had taken over, he quickly inspected the scene to look for any signs of one-sided battle.After running laps around the vicinity, Yuji sighed before silently thanking heavens. He didn’t know what to do if someone is injured once again because of him. When assured that nothing bad happened, Yuji decided to look again for the cursed spirit.As he was searching for the spirit once again, Yuji finds the forest strange. Usually, curses are attracted to gloomy places since they are created out of negative emotions. But if anything, the forest despite it’s already nighttime, is almost glowing. Fireflies are roaming and illuminating the area, and the canopies allowed the light from the stars and moon to break through. Moreover, Yuji hadn’t been attacked even once. It was almost like the cursed spirit isn’t malicious or ill-will and was rather simply existing. He finds it even stranger that there are no curses around the area aside from the Cereus itself when there’s a finger located here.If Yuji didn’t have it tough, he’ll think that the Cursed Spirit is keeping the place safe, and he at the same time. It can’t be the case since curses don’t have the will to protect anyone aside from themselves and their motives and assets.Yuji decided to stay until daylight, but after that incident, he no longer heard the voice of the curse. Unbeknownst to him, Sukuna is filled with resentment as the events of this night unfold before him. He cursed the spirit again and again as he destroyed and rebuilt his shrine.Letting a mere pathetic sorcerer hear her voice, without having the stomach to let a fraction of her be seen by him isn’t just debilitating and humiliating. Sukuna swore that if he catches a glimpse of her next time, he’ll end her here and then. Annoyed and can’t be in the same place as the spirit for the time being any longer, Sukuna called to Yuji.“Brat.”“Did you hurt anyone?” The strawberry blonde sorcerer asked, his fists clenched at his sides.“Is there anyone around? Look, just leave.” The cursed groaned in frustration in his throne.“I can’t.” Yuji protested. “I still haven’t--.” “You won’t be able to find her, that woman disliked daylights the most.” Sukuna reasoned out.“You do know her?” Yuji asked curiously. He looked over to the mouth in his right cheek when an eye popped in just for it to roll in annoyance. “So, you do know her? Did you meet her then a while ago?”“Still not leaving?” The curse threatened and Yuji immediately shut up and started moving. Just when Sukuna started to enjoy the silence, Yuji spoke up again.“Which way?” After finally convincing Sukuna to help him begrudgingly, Yuji reached the site of extraction. He was immediately sent back to the college dorms. Yuji was silently thankful that Ijichi didn’t ask anything and just let him have a feast in the backseat. Realizing that Megumi should be back from his solo mission too, Yuji headed to the medical bay. He was greeted with a scowling Megumi and a gleaming Shoko. He was about to tell them what happened to his day when the doors opened again.“YUJI.” Satoru barged in the room; hands filled with a souvenir he just bought overseas during one of his missions. His face sporting a scowl and despite trying to look disappointed, his eyes were gleaming.“I am sorry, Sensei, but I just can’t seem to find the Cursed Spirit.” Yuji reasoned, bowing his head in apology. Megumi only watched them as his injuries get tended by Shoko. “Did you try your best?” The blindfolded man asked while opening one of his snacks.“Yeee-ss?” Yuji answered, eyebrows raising because of the change in the tone.“How about you Megumi?” Satoru shifted his eyes to the brunette.“It’s fine.” He answered which Satoru only nods into. Biting the opened junk food, he tugged on Yuji’s jacket leading him outside. “Wait, Sensei…”“Try again next week.” He suggested as he gave a final push to the freshman out of the room. Yuji’s protests weren’t heard as he sighed defeatedly and could only retreat to his room. Megumi, as a considerate friend he is, offered his help but Satoru already deafened his ears. The man only puts his airpods on and just blasted his playlist. This only irked an injured Megumi as he was about to call out Satoru again, Shoko stopped him.“It’s okay, Megumi.” Shoko said without looking at him before gathering the materials and equipment, leaving a confused Megumi and a satisfied Satoru behind.
JUJUTSU KAISEN: NHG - Croissant and Coffee (pt. 3)JUJUTSU KAISEN - NOT HIS GIRL,PART 3 – Croissant and Coffee“So… tell me, what have you been up to lately? It’s been a while since our last meeting,” I said. I opted for casual conversation. Those kinds of conversations were the safest… and the easiest to manage around him.Kento kept his cold demeanor despite the friendly atmosphere. But again, it was Kento. I didn’t exactly expect display of affection.“Well… nothing has changed much for me. It’s the same old routine. Going to work... earning money… occasionally wondering about what truly matters in life.”I took a sip of my cocktail, thinking about it.“Well… I could use some wisdom regarding that topic. Did you have any luck in finding the answer?” I asked. Nanami sighed.“Hardly. For a while, I found the idea of retirement quite stimulating. You know, getting enough money to spend the rest of my life somewhere warm, preferably next to the ocean, being carefree, reading some books… that sort of thing. It seemed like a solid plan. Those small pleasures seemed like the right answer. Obtaining a lot of money seemed like a valid reason to keep working in a conglomerate company. However, since I opted to return… I highly doubt that retirement will happen. Unless if I get lucky, of course.”If we don’t die before that, he wanted to say.“Since we are at it… why did you choose to return?” I was rather curious about his motive. His real motive… and not just the fact that he had enough of being a salaryman.Nanami played with the glass in his hand, letting ice cubes clash against one another. Then, he took a sip of his whiskey.“Let’s just say that I had an encounter that put things into different perspective,” he was somewhat secretive about it.“Must be some encounter,” I’ve noted. “So… was it a curse?”“It involved a curse, yes. It made me change my… viewpoint.”“So, there was a person as well,” I said.The waiter brought us the bill, so I didn’t get a retort on my remark. I reached for my purse, but Nanami shook his head, putting his hand over mine to stop me.“This is on me,” he insisted. His hand felt warm. His touch was brief, though. I wanted it to last a bit longer.“Kento, I…”“Mayumi, please. Let’s not argue about trivial things.”Always a gentleman, he paid for our drinks, and then checked his wristwatch again. I didn’t like that development, though.“I wanted to treat you to a drink since we are colleagues again,” I protested. “The whole point was in me treating you, not vice-versa. Would you like another one?”“No… one will do for today,” he slowly rose a glass to his lips, taking a sip over the ice. “By any chance… are you trying to get me drunk, Mayu?”Just like that… the atmosphere changed.“Would that be a bad thing?” I asked, though he already knew it wasn’t my intention to get him drunk.“Who knows. Drunk people tend to be unpleasantly honest,” he said, returning the gaze over his glass.“You are bluntly honest even without the drinks. I can always count on the truth from you, so I don’t need to corrupt you through alcohol,” I smiled.“I am sorry,” he said.“Whatever for?”“For I know how my honesty hurts you from time to time,” he admitted. There was a brief pause after that statement.“I wouldn’t like it any other way. Honesty is always better… even if it hurts,” I ultimately said.“Indeed,” he agreed.“I know you must be getting this a lot recently… but… I am happy you are back. However… it must be really hard for you… becoming a sorcerer again.”He thought about it.“Not hard, per say. Not as much as I expected it would be, anyway. I guess time does fix things… up to a certain level,” he said, reaching for his whiskey.“Certain level of it, surely… but not fully,” I got that sensation all too well.“Never fully. But again… you know it well too,” he stated, and the only thing I could do was to agree. He was right. We were opening painful themes.“I really looked forward to working with you, though. I missed it.”“I am glad you feel that way. I’ve missed working with you too,” he said. “While I am not so sure that it’s good to return to being a sorcerer… it’s still better that having to deal with other people’s capital.”“Only with their curses?” I said. He smiled. It was a short, sincere smile.“True. Just their curses,” he repeated, looking at the whiskey at the bottom of the glass. “It’s slightly less idiotic than dealing with their money.”He was good in whatever he choose to do, so it didn’t make much of a difference.“Dealing with curses must be more exciting… and hence more rewarding,” I said. He glanced at me.“Speaking of it… you have improved greatly, Mayu. That level of skill you demonstrated today… was quite impressive.”Coming from someone as good as Kento, it was a high praise. Also, coming from someone who didn’t think being a sorcerer was particularly wise, and was reserved only for lunatics, he didn’t quite respect the profession in general.“Thank you,” I said, flattered by his words.“It’s good to see you evolve in such way. In fact… I do believe that you could have dealt with those curses without my help today.”“You are flattering me.”“No, it’s my honest opinion. Do you still train with him?”It was my turn to look at the glass in front of me. Gojo indeed used to train with me in order to help me fully release my potential. Even before high school, we used to occasionally engage in sessions or sparring and curse-controlling. It’s not like I expected I would ever beat Gojo… it would be crazy to even hope for that… but I knew training sessions with him would help me gain more control over my own powers, and also with developing and honing my skills.“Sometimes. Not as much as I used to, though.”Being around Gojo had its perks, but also… some predicaments.“It shows,” he said, looking at me. “So… did you manage to produce Black Flash?”He didn’t ask because he held that skill in high regard. He asked because it was important to me. Ever since high school, I was trying to produce it, but never gotten to it. Until recently, that is.“Two times in a row,” I said. I was sort of proud of it, even when I knew Kento didn’t think highly of Black Flashes. Still, as someone who managed to produce four consecutive flashes, he must have validated it - at least - to some extent.“There’s an increase of energy around you. You got more precise… more stable. Like I said… that’s some impressively good work, Mayumi.”Our meetings rarely involved the talk about work of sorcerers. I was under the impression I should avoid talking about the job since he went to become a salaryman. This was a welcoming change.“Thanks. It truly means a lot to me when you say it.”It was slowly getting awkward. I didn’t like when things would go that way, but more times than not… the silence would crawl in between our limited conversations, as if we were trying not to get too deep. Deep conversations brought much sorrow to the both of us… so we kept it casual.However… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ruin it.“God, it’s so hard to speak to you this way,” I murmured.“Isn’t it?” he seemed a bit stern too.“Listen… regarding Satoru…” I started, wanting to clarify any sort of confusion he might have had so far. Kento immediately reacted:“Mayu, I get it. You don’t have to explain anything.”“If that’s the case… may I ask you something?” I was building up the courage to speak further.“You can ask me anything,” he said. “That hasn’t changed.”I had to give myself a moment.“Can we ever go back… to what we used to be?”Wooden texture of the table danced in front of my eyes. I wasn’t looking at Nanami, but I felt his gaze on me. He didn’t ask whatever I meant, he wasn’t second-guessing my intention, for he knew exactly what I was referring to.I wasn’t sure I was ready to hear his answer.--------back then-------“We have a new student! Will you please introduce yourself?” professor Yaga encouraged me. I was a bit nervous despite there weren’t many other students in the classroom. In fact… there were only two, and both of them were guys. Dark-haired one seemed cheerful… and blond-haired one seemed serious.Given how rare jujutsu students were in general… I was glad to have any classmates at all. I cleared my throat.“Hello. My name is Ueno Mayumi.”Whenever I had to present myself… my last name would cause reactions among people who knew about sorcerers and curses. And most of the time, there were whispers such as…‘Ueno? Like, those Ueno’?‘Ah, Ueno. Such a tragedy.’‘Ueno? Stay away. Nothing good comes from that family…’‘Shush, don’t say that in front of her’.Mostly, stuff like that. This time, there was a single eye-contact, exchanged between those two students. However, no one spoke, so I continued:“I’m fifteen years old. I want to become jujutsu sorcerer. It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance... I hope we can work well together,” I said, bowing my head down as per protocol.I was never good with introductions, mainly because I didn’t like approaching people. And I think it showed. There was a brief pause after my short monologue.“Hi! I am Haibara Yu! Pleased to meet you, Ueno-chan. I hope we get along!”“Y… yes. Me too,” I mumbled.I was still a bit stiff, but relieved by his positive approach. Haibara Yu was cheerful and energetic, ready to make instant connection with people… i contrast to the tall, blond guy next to him, who seemed to have the opposite sort of personality to Yu. He looked too serious… too reserved… uninterested… and unfazed. I was under the impression that he was going to be difficult to get along with. A tad arrogant, even.Just as I was about to say something to him… he surprised me by speaking out first.“Nanami Kento.”The color of his voice was a bit different to what I was expecting from the guy.“Nice to meet you,” I bowed down once more. Out of some reason, this boy was making me even more nervous than I’ve previously been.“Nanami isn’t particularly talkative,” Yaga smiled, “but I am sure the three of you will get along well. Now when the ice is broken, figuratively speaking… you may take your seat, Ueno-chan.”I obeyed. I wasn’t sure if the ice was really broken, though.-----------------------------------------------“Wanna join us for a lunch-break, Ueno-chan?” Haibara offered after the first set of classes ended.“Thanks for the invitation… but I already have plans,” I said.I didn’t have any, though. I was merely guarded. It just felt awkward to join them since they were already friends. I didn’t want to be one of those students other pupils call out to hang out of pity. I also didn’t want to interrupt their already established arrangement. Guys often have things to talk about; personal stuff they can’t share in front of girls. I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I had just arrived; I couldn’t butt in like it was nothing.Those were my reasons… or excuses, really, depending on the view. I was always a loner type, always more comfortable on my own then being around others.“Oh… well, too bad. Join us anytime you feel like it, though! Classmates should stick together!” Yu said, making me feel tad guilty for rejecting his offer. But well… there was time for some other lunch break with the two of them. At least… I hoped there would be.“Thanks, Haibara-kun. I will keep that in mind.”Nanami said nothing, and somehow, I didn’t expect him to either. He just followed Yu.Instead of going to the school’s cafeteria, I opted for the nearby patisserie. I ordered coffee, pretzel croissant stuffed with vanilla-cream, strawberries and cherries, all decorated with chocolate topping. I took the tray and sat outside to enjoy the sun before returning to classroom.“A girl with taste, in Jujutsu High’s uniform no less. This must be my lucky day!”I would recognize that voice anywhere.He was leaned in the chair too small for his long limbs; his legs stretched out since he was too tall to sit normally. His spine curved in unusual position. White hair, dark shades. He had his characteristic grin, and laid-back composure. There was no person in the world of sorcerers… who would mistake Gojo Satoru for anybody else.Since I didn’t respond, he smirked.“Or your lucky day, given how star-stricken you look,” he continued, moving the chair next to him by his foot and opening the seat for me. He was finishing his meal… and by the looks of it, he ordered more than one delicacy as a desert. He was inviting me to his table.“If you truly believe this is how star-stricken looks, you must really check those eyes up.”“All six of them?” he boasted.“If you think it’ll help. Or maybe you should reconsider your perception in general instead.”Gojo smiled.“So harsh. Come, Ueno, relax a bit. Sit with me,” he said.“I’ll pass. Why are you alone, though? Geto finally decided he’s had enough of you?”“He got an errand to run. Still interested in Geto?”“Drop it, will you?”Geto Suguru was handsome, though… and I did have a bit of a platonic crush. Gojo was right about that, but there was no point in bringing it up.“If you join me, he might show up.”“I thought you hated weaklings? I’ll pass, I don’t want to be seen hanging out together with you. I don’t want be mistaken for one of your… fangirls.”He chuckled.“How about one of my girls instead, then?”“Is everything a joke to you?” I wasn’t amused.“No. But I am glad you asked.”I sighed.“Forget it.”“How should I call you in front of the others then, missus ‘Not A Fan’?”“However you like,” I’ve responded, and then sat at the table I’ve previously chosen. It was supposed to be a hint. He completely disregarded it.“Miss… Antisocial? Miss… Uptight? Miss Sharp? Guess I’ll have to work on that,” he said.Usually, people back off when I get unpleasant. I was told I looked intimidating and that I exude certain attitude that sets animosity in people. However, this was Gojo. He knew me too well to back up when I made a certain glance.“Work hard, senpai. In the meantime, just leave me be.”“Is that how we should act from now on? Like we don’t know each other?”“Well, we don’t. Other than a few training, we don’t know each other. I prefer for it to stay that way.”He grinned, and rose from his seat. He walked over towards my own and casually sat next to me. I hoped my gaze would make him feel at least a bit uncomfortable. People also tend to point out to me that I have a sharp, nasty gaze that puts them off. People always like to remind me of how much they don’t particularly like me.“So, this is about that debt, huh?”I was even more triggered comparing to before.“I will pay…”“I know. This is not about the money, Mayumi. Don’t be so worried over something so insignificant.”“Insignificant to you, maybe, but not to me. I don't want to owe you anything.”He was too close.“What are you doing?” I asked, hoping that at least the tone would put the necessary distance between us.“Just socializing… and you? Playing hard to get? Nobody likes that, mind ya,” he leaned on his arm, looking at me through his shades. I felt blood rushing into my cheeks, regardless of my previous stance. Stupid, arrogant…“What gave you that impression?” I asked, still staring at him despite wanting to avert my eyes with everything I’ve got.“Come, now. Everything between us has been one big game ever since we’ve met. Hasn’t it?”If anything… that made an impression. His blunt, direct response left me speechless.“It hasn’t been. I don’t play games.”When I first went to see the famous Gojo clan… I went with my mother. Meeting his family genuinely shocked me. And although the encounter was brief (and by the looks of it, insignificant to Gojo), I was overwhelmed.Even before we’ve officially met, he was known as ‘the ultimate sorcerer’, ‘the chosen one’, ‘the miraculous child’ and everything else. Meeting Ueno clan members was boring to him. We were of no more interest than some passing ants were. He barely even looked at my mother or me. It pissed me off back then.It was very different to how he was looking at me now… and similar to how he started acting around me since we got better acquainted. It was mostly teasing… and borderline flirty. But that was Gojo. It was his natural state. He enjoyed teasing people, both friends and enemies.Seeing my evident train of thoughts, he smiled.“Look at you… getting all flustered,” he said, blissfully unaware of the extent of my never-ending animosity towards him. But he was aware of something else, though. Something he picked up early on. I didn’t like it. But he still felt it… and I still felt it. And I despised him for reading me that well.“I'm not flustered. What’s this all about?” I decided to be blunt in return.“Oh, I think you know,” he slyly stated.“Do I?” I challenged him.“Since the day one.”He was still looking at me. And so, I stared back at him.“You are so full of shit, Satoru.”“The sooner you admit to yourself what this is… the better for the both of us, Mayumi.”He was so sure of his charisma, that idiot.“Cocky bastard.”He paid no intention to insults. Instead, he was thinking about something.“You were always like that. Even the first time you arrived at the temple. You had that same look in your eyes.”I sneered.“Oh, so you remembered?”His look became more intense. His blue eyes were visible behind his shades, studying my expression in amusement.“How could I forget? Ueno Yuka, the widow of Ueno Yomo, presented their only living daughter to the Gojo clan. Offered their humble service and devotion… in exchange for protection and help,” he summarized our first meeting in such a simple statement… but it was a bitter reminder for me.Ueno clan was heavily disgraced in the past… when one of my ancestors assisted curse-users and had a deal with the King of curses himself. Rumor has it… that a young sorceress from our lineage fell in love with Sukuna. For years, they worked against sorcerers before another member of our clan decided to clear up our name and redeem all the evildoings of Yumena, who protected Sukuna with everything she had - up to her last breath. Her own brother had to kill her. He also participated in Sukuna’s demise.After helping higher-ups to bring the active curses down, after helping in disposing of Sukuna… the name of our clan was finally cleared. Despite killing his sister, Rei was celebrated as a hero for many years. From that time onwards, the family produced only sorcerers who served as exemplary shamans. But, the stain on the name was always somewhat present. And since the fate has a dramatic sense of irony, our bloodline suffered for Rei’s own actions.A curse formed not long after he killed Yumena. And that curse was so powerful… that it coursed in blood of Ueno descendants for generations. Of course… Ueno clan protected humans. Protected our realm. My own father, Ueno Yomo… was one of the brightest examples of how sorcerers should behave, operate and protect the innocents.He was widely respected, truly appreciated, and insanely powerful. But sometimes, that wasn’t enough. Sometimes, curses just prevail, and there’s nothing one can do about it, despite dedicating lifetime to battling curses.The particular curse that killed my father… was a Special grade type. It was born out of pure envy.Mom always held her composure. The one and only time she lost it… was once upon hearing how my father died. Her scream scared me more than seeing curses, and more than any of my uncles.Long story short… my father had three younger brothers. Two of them turned on him, grabbing his possessions, money and titles shortly after his death, leaving my mother and me in the utmost poverty and disgrace. The third one remained indifferent, acting as if it wasn’t his matter to get involved with. We were shunned by the rest of the clan.And as fate would have it, the wheel of fortune turned, and the great shame for the great clan came once again. My uncles started murdering each other for the sake of inheritance and influence. As father’s only child… I was about to be targeted sooner rather than later.Being a fourth grade sorceress herself… my mom had two choices. To try and let other clans bind my cursed energy… enabling me at least an illusion of normal life… under a changed name… under the pretense of being a normal human… or the alternative: negotiating a deal with the Gojo clan alone. Their protection and support… for our servitude, loyalty, or whatever they required of us. Mom would have offered anything.Although of noble origins, mom never shied away from working hard. Ultimately, she opted for the second option. With the risk of having such powerful opponents, it was risky to bind my cursed energy. I had better option with training and becoming a sorceress instead of shying away from my own cursed ability and capacity.Knowing how unpleasant it was for my mom… I wasn’t fond of that visit. I wasn’t fond of the young, cold, scornful boy who believed nothing and no one could reach him. Even when he had all reasons to behave that way.Humiliating as it has already been to come and beg our former ‘equals’ for support… for it was already stressful enough… I didn’t need someone of my own age to look down on my mom as the young Gojo did. I held a significant resentment towards him for his demeanor.Since we were reunited in Jujutsu Tech, I was going to tell him anyway. There was no need to mince words.“You were rude,” I reminded him of it.“Was I?”“Mom was really nervous about having an audience with such a powerful clan… and with the wonder-child whose birth alone affected our universe itself. To look down on us like that…”“Weak people are weak regardless of their ancestry. But that aside… Yuka didn’t seem offended to me,” he said.“Doesn’t mean your behavior was forgivable. You were disdainful.”“The audience was boring as Hell to me, so why would I have bothered? Does it matter? You are in Jujutsu High. We are students in the same school, you should try getting along a bit. Not take everything to heart. It’s unprofessional.”“You were scornful towards us,” I insisted.“I was uninterested. There’s a difference. But the fact that you are so worked up by my reaction, or the lack of it… tells me something about you,” he said. He straightened his back, leaning closer towards me.“Oh, really?” he struck a nerve again, so I had to play it cool. Cooler than I actually felt.“Mama’s girl, protecting mommy’s pride. Yuka wasn’t all that bothered. You were. You still are. You are over-protecting type. Word of advice – don’t be. It’s not desirable in our profession. Also… the reason you are so butt-hurt over it is because it wasn’t your mother’s pride that was wounded… but your own. You hold Ueno clan in high regard. You wanted me to show that I respected your family. You were pissed because I didn’t. Makes me wonder why my reaction meant that much to you.”I clenched my teeth.“Until the moment you laid those eyes on her… I admired you. Hell, I even wanted to be like you. But seeing how you look down on people made me realize that you aren’t all great as people presented you to be. You are just a bully. Strong, powerful bully who knows his strength is immeasurable… and hence looks down on the weak. Everyone is weak comparing to you. It’s known. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an ass over it.”He smiled. “Maybe it does. Weak are still weak… and it’s tiring to protect the weak. You would have known why it’s so frustrating if you were half as strong as I am.”I was very ticked off with that statement. Words just flew right out of my mouth.“Fuck you.”Gojo grinned.“Sure, we should try it someday. We did have a good time while training. We already get along so well.”The silence was uncomfortable only to me.“If you liked me that much, you just needed to say so, Mayumi. It’s ridiculous and tiring to play long games,” he mocked.The trouble about that statement was… he didn’t sound entirely as if he was still joking.“Jokes are jokes, but you’ve taken this too far this time,” I grabbed his shirt, pulling him towards me. I didn’t care if it was Satoru Gojo. I didn’t care he was the strongest, singularly most powerful shaman that ever existed in this world. I grabbed his shirt out of rage.“Look at this. It’s practically a confession,” he teased. “Do I have to answer now?”When he put his hand around my wrist, I felt the surge of power. So intense, so potent, so infectious that it confused me.That’s when I realized what true power looks like. Every bit of his energy sent shivers down my spine. To make things worse, he didn’t even do it to scare me. He just did it for the fun of it.One thing became painfully clear in that moment. I wasn’t a threat. I was ridiculous. And he demonstrated me just how big the gap between our cursed energies was.“Let go, asshole. I wouldn’t like you even if you were the last man on Earth,” I stated."Keep lying to yourself, Mayumi."Something in me snapped. Something was triggered. My own energy coursed through my veins. He felt our energies merge, his was overly dominant, but there was something else in it too.“If I have to put you at your place… just know that I will,” he said, still with that smirk on his amused face. “After all, it’s a job of a senior… to discipline his junior when it’s required of him.”Discipline me… how?“Don’t bother,” I pulled my hand out of his grip. The surge stopped. The intensity between us stopped as well.“I have to admit… I didn’t take you for a hothead. This is a pleasant surprise,” he stated, as if it was still amusing.Only then… I realized that we weren’t alone anymore. My classmates were standing near our table, looking at both of us.“G… Gojo senpai!” Haibara Yu spoke first, as if he interrupted something just by appearing there.I turned my head towards Nanami Kento, whose face gave nothing away. He was just as serious as when he was before.“Ueno-chan! Could it be?” Yu couldn’t help himself but just ask. “By any chance, are you…”Oh, I know how this looks like. It's not the first time people make this assumption.“I’m not his girl,” I responded, to what Gojo laughed loudly. Because of that, I also had to add:“Also, I’m not a fan of his. We just happened to meet here.”“Ueno – chan is an acquaintance of mine. One could say we are… old friends,” Gojo said, explaining this misunderstanding briefly to my classmates. “Care to join us? Have a treat. I’m buying.”Out of some reason, I was embarrassed. Really embarrassed. Something about the whole thing was really unpleasant... especially since Kento was there.If it had been just Haibara... I wouldn't have cared as much. But, since Nanami was there too... I realized I didn't want him to think how I had anything to do with Gojo, given his reputation.I didn't want to be known as 'his girl'. I wanted to be known as... well... me.
JUJUTSU KAISEN: NOT HIS GIRL - Token of Gratitude PART 2 – Token of GratitudeIt’s been about two weeks since Gojo told me Nanami returned to work as a sorcerer. Nanami didn’t call, and I didn’t meet him at usual places... so it felt a bit awkward to ask him out on a coffee since he must have had a lot of work to do and I didn’t want to bother him. I was getting a bit anxious.“Ma-yu-mi!” Gojo, who just finished his lecture, joined me in the hallway. “Done for the day?”“No, I still have work.”“Wanna go grab a beer somewhere?”“No.”“Wanna watch a movie at my place?” he leisurely walked by my side, firing his questions away.“No. Is there really no one else you can ask? One of our students? Shoko? Utahime? Anyone?”“Everyone else is busy… but at least, Nanami will come.”I turned towards him, looking at his cheerful grin. I was fool for whole two seconds before I realized he was screwing around.“You are such a jerk, you know that?”“All it took was one word and your entire expression changed,” he laughed. “So, it’s still Ken-chan. Do you still keep his picture in your wallet or something? I bet you do. So lame.”“Mind your own business, will you?”“Well, I know for a fact that he still likes you too, so it’s okay I guess.”I froze on the spot, Gojo stopped walking as well, but he didn’t stop being annoying. What did Kento say? More importantly… what did Gojo say to Kento? Does Kento even know that I am working at Jujutsu Tech now? Did they even discuss…“What are you talking about?” I asked, unsure whether I really wanted to hear the answer. Gojo got all serious, as if he was remembering something. It took a few moments. I was on the edge.“Well, he said he wants to retire to Bali with you and have a ton of babies. He is planning your wedding as of now.”I gritted my teeth as he started roaring from laughter, pulling his phone from his pocket and snapping a few pictures of me, who was so shocked that I couldn’t react immediately. Once I did, though…“Gojo, you are a shithead.”“Your face is all red, ahahahah!”Sadist. ‘S’ in ‘Satoru’ must be self-explanatory, he is definitely a sadist. I grabbed his collar, pulling him down towards me since he was so fucking tall. He almost dropped his phone. I hoped it would break.“You. Fucking. Lowlife. Do you want me to smack you?” I asked. I twisted the fabrics between my fingers. He lowered his head down, smirking. Damn, the height difference… I felt like a midget next to him.“You will rip my collar, Mayu-chan. So aggressive. Your approach isn’t feminine at all.”“Let it rip. In fact, let me rip you to shreds. I don’t want to be feminine around you,” I said, emitting waves of my cursed energy. I didn’t direct them, I didn’t form them into physical weapons, or used them to create barriers. They were just there as a sign of how much he pissed me off. However, since he allowed me to touch him at all, it just meant that he didn’t feel threatened by me in the slightest. I wasn’t worth of him lifting one finger to protect himself.“Such a deadly intent. Don’t let it become a real curse,” he mocked me in addition.“If you keep this up, it just might turn into real one,” I spoke an empty threat. His zipper opened a little, revealing part of his neck. Guess I grabbed his clothes too roughly. I quickly let go.“Ah… could it be… that you are trying to undress me, Mayu-chan? You only needed to say.”“You’d now even strip for me, Gojo? How generous of you.”“I would do so much more,” he laughed. His long, slim fingers closed around my wrist, and even through his blindfold, I could tell he was looking at me.“Stop fooling around or I will kick you in your balls instead,” I said, pulling my hand back, but Gojo refused to release it, making me outraged.“Aren’t you all feisty today?” he asked. His hand felt warm, his grip was strong, and suddenly, me blushing had nothing to do with what he said about Kento.“Not feisty. It’s more like you are pushing all the wrong buttons.”“Doesn’t this remind you of something?” he asked, evidently remembering the same thing that I recalled in that moment.“I’ve got to go,” I said, shuddering a bit. His grip made me feel things that were supposed to be buried. Deeply and distantly.“No, you don’t, little coward,” Gojo said, his expression was now quite serious, “… not yet.”His face was too close to mine, and it wasn’t only the breach of personal space that made my heart stop. It was a distant memory, and not the one I was particularly fond of.“Back down,” I warned him.“Or what?” he asked, still serious. Serious Gojo wasn’t someone I was comfortable with, out of few reasons.“What do you want?” I asked, mustering the courage for that question. I felt it would backfire somehow. And, like I assumed… it did.It wasn’t that unexpected as it was sudden. His hand closed around my waist, he pulled me close to him, and his lips got so close to mine they were practically brushing. I could feel the warmth… the softness… and the electricity.“I want you to be honest,” he said. I had both of my hands pressed against his chest, I was breathing slowly, taking deep breaths. My heart was beating too fast.“Don’t do this to me,” I almost plead.“Do what?” he asked, his hand was warming my back, and I was getting flustered because of the whole thing. I realized… I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to do it because I couldn’t.“Don’t tempt me, Satoru. You are attractive, you are sexy, you are all what you want me to say… but don’t tempt me. There’s only so much I will take.”It wasn’t a big deal. Not to him. But to me… it meant a lot. I don’t need him to disturb my peace like this… I don’t need to be one of those girls that swoon over him.“Fine,” he said, releasing me, almost making me regret it. “Your wish is my command, my little coward.”He smiled as if nothing happened. He hugged me too.“Don’t be so serious, though. Honestly, Mayumi… you aren’t my type at all, so don’t stress over it.”“Fuck you.”“There, see? Nothing like girls that I like,” he grinned. I pushed him away, sighing. I took a look at my wristwatch, checking the time.“Crap, I’ve got to go!”“Excuses…” he uttered, as if I wouldn’t hear.“No, I really… really have to be somewhere. See you tomorrow at the lunchbreak or something.”With that, I left him, rushing towards the location that elders sent to me. I had a mission outside of the faculty, and I was late. All because of the stupid Gojo.Little did I know… that my mission would require help. And that the said help would come in form of person I was least expecting.-------------------------------“Well… that went well,” I said, looking at the empty spot where the last cursed spirit got exorcised just a moment ago. There were several cursed spirits, most of them were vengeful types and needed to be annihilated by professional sorcerers. The problem lied in their number, more than in their levels. Elders estimated I could deal with the initial number on my own, but then the situation changed and I needed help.The high concentration of accumulated cursed energy produced spirits who terrorized random citizens… causing the higher-ups to send me to the problematic area to deal with the issue. Supposedly… my upper management didn’t know at the time that the number of spirits was growing. As soon as I confirmed the gravity of mission, they sent help.So, the exorcisms really went well. Super-easy, one could say.“Well enough...” he responded, “… as long as I don’t have to work overtime, that is.”Nanami Kento put his slicer in the inner pocket of his suit. His spectacles glowed as he fixed them on his face, giving me a short glance over the frame. It was a simple movement, but he made it look attractive. Everything about him was. The way he was carrying himself… the way he was talking… moving… everything he did was just… perfect. And it was like that ever since I met him, back in high school. Suddenly, I wished my clothes were somehow… classier. That my make-up was stronger. But, there’s no time for insecurities.“It’s really good to have you back, Nanami,” I told him, getting more relaxed now when the mission was over. “You are still as sharp as ever.”Good reflexes. Splendid estimation. He exorcised curses like it was nothing. This man was a beast.“Can’t say I am thrilled to be back… but at least it’s better than working as a salaryman,” Kento stated, looking at his watch. I was really glad he gave up that job in the office. It did bring him money, sure… but it took away the sense of fulfillment that profession of sorcerer offered.Having Nanami actually work with me this time made me a bit tongue-tied. I tried to force conversation, just to avoid unpleasant silence. It wasn’t going as well as I had hoped.“I am glad you came. This… would have been difficult without you,” I admitted, dispersing my bow and arrows into thin air. I used the cursed energy to form my arsenal in battles… but would also make it disappear as soon as the fight was over and spirits were exorcised.I did have the same rank as Kento, being the first grade sorcerer myself… but sometimes, the level of competence alone wasn’t enough when the cursed spirits were numerous and attacked all at once, like it was the case with the group that we’ve just obliterated.Having Kento by my side made me reassured… and made things a lot easier. His presence was motivational. In front of him, I aspired not to lose face, and in front of him, I wanted to give my best. In a way… I wanted him to acknowledge me. To see how much I have changed… and how capable I became. It was silly, really.“You would have managed it just fine on your own, Ueno,” he said in his cold tone.“It would take longer, though. And the risk would be bigger,” I smiled. He looked at me, and I couldn’t read his expression. It got a bit awkward, like I expected.“Still as humble as ever, I see,” he said, checking the time agian. “Some things never change.”Silence followed that statement.“Nanami…” I started, but he interrupted me.“Kento. Just call me Kento. It’s already weird enough, addressing you so formally,” he admitted. I felt so relieved I laughed.It’s been a while since we saw each other, really. We didn’t entirely lose contact after he became a salaryman, but we didn’t see each other as often as we used to.“I am so glad I didn’t have to be the one to propose it,” I said.“Then… why didn’t you say something earlier?” he asked, as if he was curious about it.“You became… intimidating, Kento-kun. I mean… more than before. And since we didn’t hang around like before… I just thought you wanted to put some distance between former friends, and jujutsu sorcerers in general.”Even on our lunch breaks, I avoided speaking about curses, or my job. For his sake.“Still as honest as ever too, Mayumi. Intimidating how?” he asked, looking at me over his spectacles. He was so serious he was somehow cute.“Well… more serious… and more… stylish, I guess? You truly look like an elite,” I was looking for the right word, but couldn’t help but tease him a little. His suit alone was probably more expensive than my whole wardrobe.“How’s that intimidating?” he asked.“You are looking sharp. Like someone not to be messed with. I mean… more than usual.”He did look serious even as a teenager. I had a thing for those serious, silent types.“More, huh?” Nanami was looking at me, I could swear he’d smile but he didn’t do it. “You haven’t changed one bit, Mayumi.”Well… about that.“So… you think I am still bratty?” I asked, laughing. I used to be annoying… I used to be stubborn… and I used to be gloomy. I hope I matured throughout the years. Still… it’s always difficult to act as yourself around someone you like.“You were never bratty to begin with. You were strong. Self-assured. Beautiful. And you still are.”My heart was beating fast. I had to try and control my breathing. We were walking next to one another in silence for a bit.“Kento…”He wasn’t comfortable with that statement either, so he just switched the topic.“I heard principal Yaga offered you to teach at Jujutsu tech. Have you started?” Kento asked.“I did,” there was no point in telling him otherwise, Gojo probably informed him.Teaching kids only to have them die in front of you isn’t a job for everyone. I get attached to people. I tend to get overprotective. When I decided to train with students at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, I decided to be responsible for them. It was difficult enough being a sorcerer alone, having to teach others to do the same thing was even bigger responsibility. This topic was sensitive for the both of us… given the loss we suffered once our classmate died. It broke us in different ways.“Good. I am sure you'll do well,” he simply stated. We walked between buildings. It was my turn to change the topic.“Higher-ups will require a report. Do you think those spirits that we exorcised… had anything to do with…”“… special grade types of cursed spirits? I recon they had,” Nanami’s sharp instincts were rarely wrong. “Still… I am not sure we should mention that without being able to provide any sort of evidence.”“Right. Well… thanks for helping me.”Nanami nodded. Now, Mayumi Ueno. Come on, don’t be a wuss.“Listen… if you have time…” I started, on the verge to stutter, “... can I buy you coffee as a token of my gratitude?”It was a long day… a long mission… and the pause in a local cafe seemed like a good idea. Maybe the timing was off, though. Nanami checked his wristwatch again.“Well… I can spare about an hour or so. Let’s go. Choose the place.”
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